String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?

  • Published on: 01 March 2018
  • Is String Theory the final solution for all of physic’s questions or an overhyped dead end?

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    String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?
  • Runtime : 8:1
  • string theory string theory explained string strings quarks particle point particle quantum physics quantum field theory leptons bosons photon gluon electromagnetic gravity spacetime elementary particles Heisenberg uncertainty principle quantum solvent hadron therapy maglev train theory of everything true nature of the universe animation kurzgesagt


  • Samuel Choi
    Samuel Choi   14 hours ago

    The principle outlined in this video is actually not the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle but the Observer Effect

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  • Loui Throttler
    Loui Throttler   1 days ago

    This channel is basically the illustrated version of 'ELI5'

  • Silver Hawk
    Silver Hawk   1 days ago

    So is string theory just 1 string that is making up everything or each quark being it’s own string?

  • Bob Thomas
    Bob Thomas   1 days ago

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  • Frank DiMeglio
    Frank DiMeglio   3 days ago

    ON THE ABSOLUTE PHYSICAL EQUIVALENCY AND BALANCING OF E=MC2 AND F=MA:It is a very great truth in physics that the ability of thought to DESCRIBE OR reconfigure sensory experience is ULTIMATELY dependent upon the extent to which THOUGHT IS SIMILAR TO sensory experience, AS E=mc2 IS F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. (THOUGHTS ARE INVISIBLE.) INDEED, E=mc2 IS DIRECTLY and fundamentally derived from F=ma; AS time dilation proves that electromagnetism/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. Therefore, ultimately and truly, time is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. In fact, INSTANTANEITY is FUNDAMENTAL to the FULL and proper understanding of physics/physical experience; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. THE stars AND PLANETS are POINTS in the night sky. A PHOTON may be placed at the center of what is THE SUN (as A POINT, of course), AS the reduction of SPACE is offset by (or BALANCED with) the speed of light; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. E=mc2 IS F=ma. GREAT !!! BALANCE AND completeness go hand in hand. It all CLEARLY makes perfect sense. (Very importantly, outer "space" involves full inertia; AND it is fully invisible AND black.) The INTEGRATED EXTENSIVENESS of THOUGHT (AND description) is improved in the truly superior mind. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY.By Frank DiMeglio

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  • Zom Boy
    Zom Boy   4 days ago

    This isn't explaining, he confused me more.

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  • Einion Weekes
    Einion Weekes   4 days ago

    why did they not just settle with10 components, why did it need to be 4

  • Kindness through knowledge - Alexander Biebricher

    Ok, I'm halfway through this video and already love that you have taken the time to explain the "how it came about". Having seen the full thing, I'm almost in awe. You have achieved something I didn't think was possible: Putting the right perspective on the String Theories - and doing so in eight minutes towards an audience that doesn't have be string theoreticans themselves. I found the video somewhat late, but I'm glad I did. Thank you and thumbs up!

  • FlamingBunBun
    FlamingBunBun   5 days ago

    A lot of crazy shit happened this year. One thing that will always stick with me though, is when people tried to argue 2+2=/=4 because "racism" 😒

  • GokulKrish_M51
    GokulKrish_M51   5 days ago

    Teachers should recommend students this channel!!

  • Nine S
    Nine S   5 days ago

    How does String Theory NOT mean that everything is related?

  • Greg Preston
    Greg Preston   5 days ago

    Teacher: 'The test isn't that hard'The test:

  • Erik Liljenwall
    Erik Liljenwall   1 weeks ago

    This was so well written and narrated. Of all the times I’ve tried (and failed) to wrap my head around string theory, this is the first time I sort of began to understand it. Great job!

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    HsiuWu Huang   1 weeks ago

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  • Du Nhu
    Du Nhu   1 weeks ago

    ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    CLEMENT ABRAHAMS   1 weeks ago

    Or die trying....thank you for taking time to make and share. You awesome

  • Lord Whoops
    Lord Whoops   1 weeks ago

    4:41 "If we could marry gravity to quantum physics and the standard model, we would have the theory of everything."I got an ad immediately after the word "have". THE UNIVERSE DOESN'T WANT US TO KNOW!

  • kim anh
    kim anh   1 weeks ago

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