Man Spots Bigfoot With Weird Green Orb In California| Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 14 November 2020
  • The team heads to the mountain range outside Los Angeles, California to investigate the many bigfoot sightings documented by visitors escaping the big city.

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  • Runtime : 8:50
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  • Joshua moses
    Joshua moses   3 days ago

    If bigfoot exists, just leave them alone. They are not bothering anyone.

  • Angels Devils
    Angels Devils   6 days ago

    Look the Sasquatch are the original beings of this planet we humans are the after product from which the anunnaki came and altered the DNA to create us we were used to mine gold yes we were slaves for the anunnaki and that's what the pyramids were for we would carry the gold to the top of the pyramids so that way the ships can transport it away. Another thing that I will mention is that the Sasquatch is a spiritual being and has the ability to go invisible .

  • Lynn Allen
    Lynn Allen   6 days ago

    i lived in navarre fla. one night i had to do a turn around and i turned off into a neighborhood because hy 98 is busy. i drove up into the subdivision. it backed up on the military reservation. what i saw was a green orb the color of the night vision on time stamp 6.00 it was flying thru the tops of the mature pine trees. the orb was smaller than the size of a full moon ish. it was fast. yes i know it was a military reservation so maybe it was a drone. but are drones round like a basketball.. this was durning the time of gulf breeze and the sightings east of pensacola. i rolled the windows down and heard no motor noises. it was fast. it had hard edges not misty. don't know what i saw. but i did see something.

  • Vito Pasquu
    Vito Pasquu   1 weeks ago

    I don't agree with that guy's assessment, that footprint didn't have to be of a human, why!? Maybe it was made by another unknown species... Maybe by some unlucky bigfoot with really small feet. Imagine they were looking at the only bigfoot in the world with small feet! A nine foot tall creature with tiny feets.

  • mimi miller
    mimi miller   2 weeks ago

    Seems like with all our technology with drones we could spot Big Foot. I mean the guy is 9 feet tall. That is as tall as some trees. The people that believes in Big Foot probably would accept aliens saying they are from outer space. Green orbs and Big Foot? Getting into the paranormal don't y'all think? Even less believable.

  • Alan Clifford
    Alan Clifford   2 weeks ago

    I hardly recognize Bobo with a hair cut. All at once! You look great Bobo!

  • Happys :D
    Happys :D   2 weeks ago

    love the videos great content keep on make great videos for 2022

  • Happys :D
    Happys :D   2 weeks ago

    this always gives me chills and i am always soooooooo scared

  • Fede B
    Fede B   1 months ago

    I give them props for a making a show out of a creature that doesn't exist and all you dummies watch year after year 😂

  • Realist
    Realist   1 months ago

    There are hundreds if not thousands of reports where people encounter "orbs" when they have a sasquatch sighting. Not sure why this guy says it is not typical...? This show need better researchers.

  • Melissa Srebby
    Melissa Srebby   1 months ago

    Of course Moneyfaker not believes this guys story and says it's not "typical" to see orbs when sasquatch are around... SMDH People please don't watch this garbage or listen to anything that Clint or Moneyfaker has to say... Go to How to hunt on YouTube and you'll get real stories and even if they're not typical Steve reads them anyway, before there is so much we don't know about these People... And yes they are a People... Look up First Nations peoples and Native American people's stories about how before the white man came they used to live alongside them and trade goods with them... When the white man came the sasquatch retreated to the mountains and asked the Natives to not tell the white people in fear of being hunted... I only wish to educate people on this subject... Matt and Clint only want money... Thats all they care about...

  • cayden m
    cayden m   2 months ago

    all these sightings are in the day but still go out at night

  • MsLuminous1111
    MsLuminous1111   3 months ago

    He ran TOWARDS the fence? I would have run AWAY from it, Lol!!

  • Thessaly Meteora
    Thessaly Meteora   3 months ago

    My daughter and I have both seen orbs. We’ve never seen a squatch. One time in Laguna canyon, Orange County we were in a cave near a ranger station. All of a sudden everything went quiet. All the birds stopped chirping. We heard big foot steps. We thought a hiker was going to pass by but they never did. The footsteps stopped. We felt very scared and my daughter wanted to leave so we did. The more I learn about people’s experiences the more I wonder about what happened that day. It’s still a mystery to us. I suppose if there are squatches in Big Bear it’s possible they could be in Laguna? I never considered it before. I went to Big Bear once a few years ago. Nice place, didn’t see any squatches. Now I want to go back. I do believe they are real, I just haven’t seen one yet. My friends daughter lives in Northern California. She saw one. I believe her.

  • Margarita Varas
    Margarita Varas   3 months ago

    Chicos perseverancia y tendrá resultado cuando menos lo esperen. Y por fa. Subtítulos en inglés para entender q hablannn por favor gracias es interesante el tema. 😍👏👏

  • JAGDesigns
    JAGDesigns   3 months ago

    I understand it’s entertainment, but I can’t believe your immediate response to his encounter is to insult him and cast doubt because he saw orbs, thus calling the mans integrity into question. Nice! Train the masses to parrot your critical response when the encounter doesn’t fit the narrative your selling. Your doing exactly what the scientific, first responders, and generally everyone has done to people who seek help by reporting a Bigfoot encounter. You discourage people from making reports to your organization because it doesn’t fit into your view of the matter. Enjoy!

  • robert walls
    robert walls   3 months ago

    Take the predator out of predator movies and put Bigfoot in its place .

  • Arnabi Arnab
    Arnabi Arnab   3 months ago

    Witness gives a super non-sense story, with zero details and zero evidenceBobo - sounds like Bigfoot to me

  • Deni D
    Deni D   3 months ago

    Why they do not do all this during the day !!! It explains everything . . .

  • Just Jones
    Just Jones   4 months ago

    Bigfoot researcher: "These must be Small Sasquatches!"Normal person: "These are clearly human footprints" (paraphrased)Holy Confirmation bias Batman!The dumber these programmes get, the funnier they are! 🤣

  • Carol
    Carol   4 months ago

    How does this guy know a Bigfoot foot anatomy if none have ever been captured? For all he knows it could be

  • Jamie Cee49
    Jamie Cee49   4 months ago

    Maybe the Orb turns into Bigfoot. That's how they appear and disappear. 🤔🤔🧐🧐

  • Shelly Swedberg
    Shelly Swedberg   4 months ago

    These are evil fallen angel children the orbs are part of it and the UFOs are all fallen angel technology . They are not on mankinds side.God of Abraham and his son Jesus christ win.

  • Fatboy25
    Fatboy25   4 months ago

    Will you people stop this stupid nonsense they're are some people who actually believe these crazy lies and that is not good.

  • Tj Rizzo
    Tj Rizzo   4 months ago

    Bigfoot could be a demon or an alien. There’s no way 9 foot tall creatures are easily hiding out in the woods. And they’re only seen by surprise. They’re Never seen when people are looking for a them.

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic   5 months ago

    Its funny because the people who aren't looking for sasquatches find them and the ones who are looking for them dont find sasquatches

  • Michael V
    Michael V   5 months ago

    Matt Moneymaker and BFRO will actually censor the investigators reports if they contain info about ORB’s or paranormal info. If a witness and their whole family saw an ORB and then a Bigfoot. The BFRO will leave out the part about the ORB!!!! Shows you the ego on MM ! He wants to be the all/knowing authority on Bigfoot and his wee brain just can’t explain the ORBs so he thinks the people that see them are nuts. ORB’s are reported all the time, with and w/out BF in the encounters. Note to MM - Don’t censor your BFRO investigators. Leave the reports the way they were told by the witness. To mean censoring reports to match your narrative is just as bad as hoaxing a BF encounter !!!

  • Patrick Pelly
    Patrick Pelly   5 months ago

    i wonder if they could switch deminsions to be invisable