BFB 10: Enter the Exit

  • Published on: 28 April 2018
    Download the source files:
    Music by Michael @
    Additional Character Art by TopHatTheHat and TheEpicJames
  • Runtime : 11:26
  • math long videos enter exit algebra four animated show bfb battle for dream island bfdi


  • Astrid Beatrix
    Astrid Beatrix   3 hours ago

    Sweetest take all of them to be free physically is already break in up in she's gone

  • JIGZ
    JIGZ   9 hours ago

    Eww its a bunch of BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chella Whitney
    Chella Whitney   1 days ago

    GUYS stop voting.... the SHOW ITSELF had ENDED....

  • Bongs3030
    Bongs3030   1 days ago

    i would like you guys to stop voting rn

  • Ian Nalty
    Ian Nalty   2 days ago

    You BETTER vote me! Or, or, I'll CRUSH you!

  • sus
    sus   2 days ago

    Voting ended At Apr 30 2018