Discovering the Erebus: Mysteries of the Franklin Voyage Revealed

  • Published on: 05 February 2015
  • Seeking the unknown, braving the hardness of the North — the ill-fated Franklin Expedition has become an enigmatic part of Canadian national identity. Many have sought to unravel the mystery of what really happened to Sir John Franklin and his crew. Now, 169 years after they set forth, an exciting discovery — the ship Erebus has been found.

    On February 3, 2015 experts Marc-André Bernier and Adrian Schimnowski shared their experiences of the hunt for Franklin. The lecture explored recent discoveries and artifacts, underwater archaeology and what comes next in piecing together the real story of the Franklin Expedition.

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  • Runtime : 1:42:44
  • Franklin Expedition Underwater Archaeology (Field Of Study) Marine Archaeology Sir John Franklin Royal Navy (Armed Force) HMS Erebus (Ship) HMS Terror Artifacts Canadian National Identity History Canada Arctic Inuit Traditional Knowledge Oral History Arctic Field Work


  • ktmggg
    ktmggg   3 days ago

    As other commenters have stated, this lecture could have been about 35-40 minutes long but the speakers were rambling on and on. Still, it's an interesting subject and it's always good to hear the voice of Malcolm McDowell (my favorite actor) in the intro.

  • vân lê
    vân lê   5 days ago

    Aprenda sobre o conceito de anos-luz - Velocidade da luz

  • M'sheArt2
    M'sheArt2   1 weeks ago

    International Governance just what the mass population doesn't need.

  • SWL- 1
    SWL- 1   1 weeks ago

    Too much thanking going on. Get on with it!

  • Robert Santos
    Robert Santos   1 weeks ago

    Appreciated your required support of your supporters, but come on... half the program.

  • Carter Lee
    Carter Lee   1 weeks ago

    Cunts trying to impress twats(their worshipful masters.)

  • Greg Allen
    Greg Allen   1 weeks ago

    Marc Andre's every third word is ah, a pause ah, to say "ah," and "um" and I'm about to turn off this subject which has ah, very ah, much ah interested me. Fuck! Literally every other word in some sentences. Dude needs to work on his delivery which is freaking painful! I hope I can endure...

  • R Roulette
    R Roulette   1 weeks ago

    Man Made Climate change is a hoax, to Steal tax money from the masses .It's also a mechanism to which governments control the masses.

  • Ben Fyrth
    Ben Fyrth   1 weeks ago

    Sir.John Franklin extreme incompetence

  • voracious reader
    voracious reader   2 weeks ago

    Maybe it’s my headache, or maybe this is responsible for my headache, but I have rarely—if ever—had to advance past so many boring men whose only contribution was to say, “Hey! I was an executive who had nothing to do with the actual expedition, but I’m here to claim partial credit and to get an ego boost for doing nothing but making a few phone calls, attending a few planning meetings, and.....yeah! That’s about it!” It’s still going on 30 minutes into this video, WTF?!?!?

  • John Carter
    John Carter   2 weeks ago

    0:03 lights in Portugal are all wrong. The South is not more lighted than the capital, also the capital is not that big, does no go to the Atlantic coast. Just like Universal movies logo, fake AF

  • Michael Valentino
    Michael Valentino   2 weeks ago

    If this guy says “Uh or Um” one more time I may be put in a mental hospital.

  • ur2ez2011
    ur2ez2011   2 weeks ago

    The Mad Trapper of Rat River is a good Canadian documentary too.

  • Alan Bates
    Alan Bates   2 weeks ago

    Its a Lecture Presentation, not a documentary or entertainment film. All those complaining it is boring should watch the latter, or for those with a real short attention span, stick to cartoons. I guess the purpose of these lectures is one way to publicise their work, and with some many organisations involved , they want to demonstrate the levels of co-operation it took and pat themselves on the back - which granted is boring.However, academics often rely on this format to gain publicity, in the hope this will bring new investment and interest in their current endeavour, or future projects, they would like to undertake.

  • cat man
    cat man   2 weeks ago

    if they are showing me a round earth im leaving . if anyone believes we live on a ball , you need to regroup , prove to me how we live on a ball .its absolutly insane . no? think about it. whos at the bottom ? are they inverted ?

  • DDog52
    DDog52   2 weeks ago

    PoV - You fall asleep watching YouTube videos and wake up eight hours later.

  • Suomalaisia rukouksia

    The CCP tallmudder commies have started to spresd their biological weapons in Europe again. Into the grocery stores and probably also to other social places :/

  • Kirstin Bee
    Kirstin Bee   2 weeks ago

    I remember hearing about the Franklin in the past but never knew much about it. What a fascinating story. It's crazy to think that the standard for hundreds of years has been to underestimate the knowledge of First Nations Peoples the world over. The more we learn to value their stories and wisdom the more we all benefit. In Australia our Indigenous peoples continue to be doubted and dismissed on subjects they know more about than literally anyone else in the world. Since our governments are sometimes slower to act, it is so important that academics continue to push for these opportunities to collaborate and to listen indigenous perspectives.

  • gay_rtz
    gay_rtz   3 weeks ago

    forget the erebus, remember eragon: the failed 2000s fantasy tryhard franchise

  • robert gowling
    robert gowling   3 weeks ago

    Am i wrong in saying that it was a British exploration that just fell in Canada's back garden. Why is it you claim it was a Canadian adventure?

  • Cat Kola
    Cat Kola   3 weeks ago

    What a bunch of stiff, pompous, dry, old farts. Soooooooo dull!

  • Cat Kola
    Cat Kola   3 weeks ago

    It held so much promise... What a load of shite. Politics at its worst.

  • Ellie& Me
    Ellie& Me   4 weeks ago

    this is more like introducing friends, government, schools bla bla bla, tsk tsk tsk

  • Ahashdah Nagila
    Ahashdah Nagila   4 weeks ago

    I listened to this, once before: fell asleep from boredom, both times.(The 'tone' of it all seems/seemed self-congratulatory...)