my hair: a comprehensive tutorial

  • Published on: 11 January 2021
  • hello, this is my hair, and this is a video about what i do to it

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    shot by karen han:
    this is where brian david gilbert is:
  • Runtime : 14:46
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  • s76trombone
    s76trombone   47 minuts ago

    I want Brad Mondo to react to this

  • R.J. Dean
    R.J. Dean   3 hours ago

    As a bald dude this video upset greatly.

  • libby
    libby   4 hours ago

    ive watched this like 3 times in a week its becoming my new comfort video

  • Seth Forrester
    Seth Forrester   7 hours ago

    Does anyone else remember the old video of him doing a hair cutting tutorial where he says he’s just going to just trim a bit but then cuts off a big chunks and the video ends

  • caelifornia !!!
    caelifornia !!!   7 hours ago

    im so glad i found this video right after i did the exact same thing. keepin em on their toesssss

  • tori
    tori   8 hours ago

    “i look like man dark (pos)”

  • ashsweet
    ashsweet   8 hours ago

    god i could fix the back for him so easy. top 10 most frustrating things to watch.

  • ashsweet
    ashsweet   8 hours ago

    kinda wanna get a mullet, It unironically looks good on brian and we have similar hair.

  • Derpyxsnipz
    Derpyxsnipz   9 hours ago

    I one of the few people who this tutorial can actually help because I have your hair.I have your hair.I Have Your Hair.I H A V E Y O U R H A I R B R A I N !

  • Sarai Nicolette
    Sarai Nicolette   10 hours ago

    I really feel for Karen. As a Black girl with an Asian/White boyfriend, we thought it'd be fun for me to cut his hair, which was my first time cutting non-curly/thick 4C hair. I felt so bad about how the back of his head looked. I literally only had scissors so it was hard to make it even

  • Christopher Craven
    Christopher Craven   13 hours ago

    I too am a cis white man.It looks good bruh, I might start doing more for my hair.

  • Elle P
    Elle P   20 hours ago

    My favorite part of this video is how much you care about your hair

  • Addie Noel
    Addie Noel   1 days ago

    Okay but the mullet was low-key fire

  • gunrugger
    gunrugger   1 days ago

    Nice to see that you are still doing unraveled.

  • gio kiko
    gio kiko   1 days ago

    Just buzz it and wear a wig. No more bad hair day

  • i9incher
    i9incher   1 days ago

    4:18 "I'll never be a greaser, I'll never be able to slick back my hair."You literally did that in the "buy my bed" video and I think it's the best you have ever looked. Do it again!

  • D20Dominoes
    D20Dominoes   1 days ago

    Who is that handsome little green man on the windowsill? I need to know

  • Brandon Hilty
    Brandon Hilty   1 days ago

    your hair is greasy because you use shampoo and your hair makes too much oil to compensate for it drying out. so you stop using shampoo for a few months and your hair is gonna get real real greasy but will then self-correct and you'll have perfect hair. just brush your scalp and brush your hair every day. (this is true, my hairstylist made me and all my friends do it years ago and he was absolutely right)

  • Abbey Craig
    Abbey Craig   1 days ago

    You should consider scrunching your hair with some sort of curling product while wet because your hair kinda curls and I wonder if you could get more curls

  • Dinodogst
    Dinodogst   1 days ago

    i could never betray my hair spikes like that

  • grateshirt ironer
    grateshirt ironer   1 days ago

    Thank youI hadn't realized until now, but this came out on my birthday

  • Rajan Dey
    Rajan Dey   1 days ago

    the first video I watched was when you had long hair.. and then this came.. long journey I'd say

  • Ceres Azalia
    Ceres Azalia   2 days ago

    As a hairstylist: This video was a delight. I had too much fun watching this. I fucking loved the mullet and the bowl cut. Was it "how it's supposed to be done"? Of course not, but I'm not here to judge, I just think it's fun to watch people experiment with their hair. A lot of clients assume I'm going to judge them or kind of...look down on their efforts if they do their own thing with their hair. But I don't get anything out of critiquing it, and it's YOUR hair. I just happen to know how to do it professionally. But this was fun. You're the type of client I'd love to have because you're not uptight about your hair. "It's just hair" is the right attitude to have. EDIT: Also, the last cut is actually really easy to salvage and make look awesome. She snipped a bit of a "bald spot" in the back, but I would just do a fade with maybe a 1 or a 1/2 guard and fade that up into the top, and have it be disconnected. Finesse the top with a little more blending and trimming and It would look really good! Nothing to worry about at ALL.

  • RobotJonny
    RobotJonny   2 days ago

    I mean its not like I needed this video...But you do have really pretty hair.

  • Cly Marin
    Cly Marin   2 days ago

    I thought this said "A comprehensive history" and it was a video essay on how you did your hair in the past

  • Rachel Morgan
    Rachel Morgan   2 days ago

    I need a Brad Mondo reaction vid. Someone bring this to his attention.

  • Alex Shindelbower
    Alex Shindelbower   2 days ago

    Bro I have been trying to grow a manbun for so long but my curly hecking hair turns into a bob ross/rizzo from grease giant orb of curls. This tutorial actually helped me out quite a bit thanks dude keep up the great work.

  • Moony Moonzzi Moon
    Moony Moonzzi Moon   2 days ago

    Now I’m convinced there is no way to make Brian David Gilbert not hot

  • T M
    T M   2 days ago

    who is this man and why is he like that

  • Johannes Knieling
    Johannes Knieling   2 days ago

    Mullet Brian looks a lot like Guybrush Threepwood.Brian: "I'm gonna hit you with my rat-tail!"Me: "How appropriate, this is all very cheesy!"

  • Julie ACNH
    Julie ACNH   2 days ago I found one of his old videos it’s almost the same thing

  • Red Green
    Red Green   2 days ago

    Bdg be like I’m gonna get a mullet and a bowl cut and pull it off cute as hell and just act like I don’t know what’s going on