The Pun Challenge!?

  • Published on: 27 April 2018
  • Go and bother the youtubers that you think would be good at this Random Word Generator Pun Challenge or try it out yourself and tag me in it! Looking forward to cringing!
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  • Runtime : 10:18
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  • Gottado St
    Gottado St   1 days ago

    Are you all alright?:) YessssNo. You are all all LEFT 😢

    ENNAQ JEREMY   2 days ago

    Mateo more like meteorBts more like bee tsPun is tearablePun is unbearableBitch more like beachJimin more like what you meanHey more like hay ballNani japan more like nani grandmaI should be pun-ish

  • Me JANG
    Me JANG   1 weeks ago

    Subscribe to Anna and Cassie

  • B S C S
    B S C S   1 weeks ago

    I love the pun hub,Especially the noob

  • Rikki Liang
    Rikki Liang   1 weeks ago

    I got avenue. Im gonna do this a ven ue do that and then franchise and sued. So i met a franch guy and he ise on the other sued of the world. Deficit. Mooom!!! de ficit isn't working.

  • Noobity Plays
    Noobity Plays   2 weeks ago

    The puns inside the comment section are so good and bad at the same time...

  • King Ninja
    King Ninja   2 weeks ago

    Who else laughs real hard on puns

  • Dracorlock
    Dracorlock   2 weeks ago

    I wanted to dress up as a jack oh lantern last Halloween but then I realized I'd have no body to go with.

  • Jeff Jarecki
    Jeff Jarecki   2 weeks ago

    I knew the coach of the Michigan Wolverines in the 70s. One time, he went to a Three Stooges film festival and made fun of Moe and Curly's brother. That's the last time I ever spoke to Bo Shempheckler.

  • seema khanna
    seema khanna   3 weeks ago

    Ryan is a 🧞‍♂️ genie us that literally came out of a let down lamp to light YouTube with Hilary-ass things.

  • rubaisha khan
    rubaisha khan   3 weeks ago

    cant make a pun right now, i am not peeling well

  • Ayunie Nadia
    Ayunie Nadia   3 weeks ago

    Your funny mister oh and im 9 year old girls and i also has a channel but plz dont watch my channel 0w0 UwU

  • AwesomeGaming
    AwesomeGaming   3 weeks ago

    Did you know what the Masters used to tell the Knights before they slept?"Good Knight"

  • R3dPanda13
    R3dPanda13   3 weeks ago

    people when someone says a bad pun: 😬 me: 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomas Luong
    Thomas Luong   3 weeks ago

    Sabra still has 0g of Trans-Fat and 0mg Cholesterol!!!

  • Kaonashi Yakuza
    Kaonashi Yakuza   4 weeks ago

    I actually use ryan higa as a reference A LOT i quote him A LOT (now one actually get them) and I'm trying to show the original reference to ma fren now....n i got distracted n now I'm watching the whole vid....

  • Hazil
    Hazil   1 months ago

    What happens after an artist makes a wall painting out of mushroom spores without a mask?A Fume mural.

  • Kidale Smith
    Kidale Smith   1 months ago

    Whats the meme about a guy dancing in a leopard skin clothing

  • Jamie Leung
    Jamie Leung   1 months ago

    ryan has given me ppap........... he has brainwashed me