Did We Just Detect Life on Venus?

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
  • The announcement of the detection of a possible biomarker in the atmosphere of Venus has shook up the field of astrobiology and grabbed headlines across the world. Today, we explore why Venus could plausibly host life, how this detection was made, and whether it really means that we've finally found extraterrestrial life. Written and presented by Prof Kipping, featuring guest Dr Caleb Scharf.

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  • Runtime : 17:7
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  • LP GB
    LP GB   1 hours ago

    So did the soviets bring covid-19?

  • Pat B
    Pat B   2 hours ago


  • Samuelle Luna
    Samuelle Luna   8 hours ago

    the first time I saw you, you look like a comic book character because of your superman hairstyle. I am not complaining btw

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown   17 hours ago

    It's A LIVE!! IT'S ALIVE!!! [crazy gene wilder teary eyed laughter]

  • Baseonthemoon Andonmars

    What about venus life in higher dimensions? Is there a way to find out? Ancient astronout theorists would say yes. Kappa

  • Mca5517d Mca5517d
    Mca5517d Mca5517d   1 days ago

    "There are no Aliens" Aliens don't exist. "You can search a Billion planets, you'll never see an Alien." There is no other life, anywhere. We are it. The only life that exists are the 4 Billion human Woman, here on our Earth, each with 2 eggs, trying to fertilize them. Stop having Sex. Refuse to fertilize human eggs. Stop producing more drivers on our roads. Refuse to add to congestion, pollution, and traffic. Close your Legs. All children want to drive. Learn the violin.

  • Lexi B
    Lexi B   1 days ago

    so let me ask you conspiracy experts: ahaha huge question , its 2017 I STILL have several new channel videos on my phone deleted from youtube, asteroid 2018vp1 in 2017 discovered by nasa and THEY MENTIONED 6 miles , then several news outlets and papers kept track of this , 2018..6 miles 2019 6 miles...THEN COVID HITS and the asteroid went from 6 miles to 7 feet? greenland movie got canceled? US military people coming forward how it is 6 miles. help

  • Lyndon Burrell
    Lyndon Burrell   1 days ago

    There are real reports you can look this up that nikola tesla was a venetian

  • Bam Fish
    Bam Fish   1 days ago

    Vietnam flashback of Venus the garden planet

  • Federal Bureau
    Federal Bureau   1 days ago

    Seems like they should make venus rotate the other direction, huh. If they did venus would grow plants in years. Hech venus is more likely to have life under its surface rather then anywhere else. Crash our moon into venus correctly and in ten years venus would be livable!Which venus has moons that can crash into the moon just right too!

  • Federal Bureau
    Federal Bureau   1 days ago

    Seems like they should make venus rotate the other direction, huh. If they did venus would grow plants in years. Hech venus is more likely to have life under its surface rather then anywhere else. Crash our moon into venus correctly and in ten years venus would be livable!

  • MegaMark0000
    MegaMark0000   1 days ago

    How did the soviets get a camera on Venus?

  • MrOvergryph
    MrOvergryph   1 days ago

    15:53 why does it matter if the life on 2 planets each rose independently of one another, or, contaminated one another through panspermia? the fact of the matter is that stars formed from dust in space and that dust spread out to later create all the planets and all the asteroids and everything. it's all panspermia. earth is the son of the Sun, and the Sun is the son of previous dead stars in the Milky Way. Everything gets shared and recycled, and nothing is protected from panspermia. to suggest that we are not all the same exact stardust is ludicrous.

  • bradley clark
    bradley clark   1 days ago

    please note that einstien and wheelchair man new nothing compared to 5 years from now

  • bradley clark
    bradley clark   1 days ago

    ok people say that the earth is 14 billion years old so how han they see gallaxes 1 trillion years old when we didnt even exist, as for life on venus dont bother its not worth the camera footage lol

  • motocrosspk
    motocrosspk   1 days ago

    NATGEO did a documentary on this around 11 - 12 years ago.

  • Tex Leeger
    Tex Leeger   1 days ago

    "Moscow — If there is life on Venus, it might want to start learning Russian. The boss of Russia's government space agency has claimed it as a 'Russian planet'."- ALEXANDRA ODYNOVA , SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 / 2:43 PM / CBS NEWSI do not believe that this generation of Americans is willing to resign itself to going to bed each night by the light of a Communist Venus.- Ted Cruz

  • Q T
    Q T   2 days ago

    we cannot test people for covid but we can test venus for life ???? did u know 3 buildings collapsed on911 ? i heard it was israel ? is this true ?

  • taeda
    taeda   2 days ago

    2020: hold my Unpredictable event .

  • mdb123
    mdb123   2 days ago

    Multiple earth probes have tried to land on Venus (and a couple have). If there is life "detected" on Venus or more so on Mars, it is probably microbes stowing away (and surviving space) on the Earth probes and managing to survive for a while on Venus/Mars. Earth and human made probes are the contaminating spermia of our solar system. Life on Earth is incredibly resilient and will try to propagate on Venus and Mars.

  • INBCPC1994
    INBCPC1994   2 days ago

    I always liked Venus more than Mars, I mean what is cooler a cloud city or a dome city lol

  • CGK Ty
    CGK Ty   2 days ago

    6:52 loooool why is the first person referenced my year 9 physics teacher 😂😂.

  • Trent Richards
    Trent Richards   2 days ago

    15:44 "life on Mars one day"... pretty sure you mean to say life on venus?

  • Duncan Solo
    Duncan Solo   3 days ago

    What? They have cloud bubble islands?

  • Duncan Solo
    Duncan Solo   3 days ago

    I thought the weather is too extreme!!!!!

  • haven oludawole
    haven oludawole   3 days ago

    I’m not convinced yet. We would need a lot more evidence to confirm life. Ideally we’d send a probe and take samples, and directly observe life. In today’s funding environment, though, it seems difficult if not impossible to do this.

  • BlackGooGamer
    BlackGooGamer   3 days ago

    Who cares! You can’t go there anyway. And even if you could, they would never let you land. Focus on what is happening on the ground here first. Earth needs fixing. Then we can worry about other planets. Sheesh

  • Greg
    Greg   3 days ago

    There's probably more life in Your toilet after you push out that shit from Uranus lol than in the atmosphere of venus

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray   3 days ago

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