Did We Just Detect Life on Venus?

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
  • The announcement of the detection of a possible biomarker in the atmosphere of Venus has shook up the field of astrobiology and grabbed headlines across the world. Today, we explore why Venus could plausibly host life, how this detection was made, and whether it really means that we've finally found extraterrestrial life. Written and presented by Prof Kipping, featuring guest Dr Caleb Scharf.

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  • Runtime : 17:7
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  • Frenk
    Frenk   12 hours ago

    Earth is hellish too from a Alien point of view... low pressure, oxide of hydrogen everywhere, oxygen reacting with everything and maybe nitrogen is really toxic for some aliens life form.

  • skytastic
    skytastic   6 days ago

    Could intelegent life have evolved eary in its history ?

  • Ron
    Ron   1 weeks ago

    Nothing is going to live or survive after 130 degree surface temperature 😆


    😂😂😂😂this is true! This is old news to be honest! This video was sooooo soft tho. It's much deeper. Much deeper. Life is within Venus. Like we have life within Earth.

  • chris spere
    chris spere   3 weeks ago

    They have to try to keep the jobs they love with a big salary. Drag everything out for as long as possible and when exhausted find some new theory to waste money on.

  • Tony Midyett
    Tony Midyett   1 months ago

    Wouldn't it be neat if we could put permanent satellites around each of the planets in the solar system?

  • Hannah kitty leopard
    Hannah kitty leopard   1 months ago

    I don't know why but I always admired Venus, Mars, and the moon for many years. Ever since I was 9 or 10 probably and got into astrology and Greek Gods and Goddesses 😍

  • Brad Tryon
    Brad Tryon   1 months ago

    Sounds like a good idea, scoop up bacteria from clouds on Venus and bring it back to Earth. Maybe we'll study it at the Wuhan lab with Dr. Fauci. Seems promising

  • jeff shephard
    jeff shephard   1 months ago

    surface temp on venus can melt lead,ok, so how have the russians managed to land a probe = B.S

  • Star Scream
    Star Scream   2 months ago

    Milky Way timelapses are so stunning, especially when you look at the horizon and see the Earth rotating and hurtling through space like a spaceship with its little radio telescopes ..

  • M D
    M D   2 months ago

    Why do we assume that life on other planets would look anything like life on earth? Why do we assume that liquid water or other compounds essential for life here would be at all involved in life elsewhere? Certainly, life must, by any common definition, be complicated, and you would need to have molecules that can make multiple bonds like carbon - you simply can’t build enough different molecules to store information out of elements that only make one bond. It need not even be carbon though - silicon based life has been postulated.There isn’t necessarily anything special about water. So many other complex chemistries are plausible.This seems to me like narrow-minded tunnel vision on the part of astronomers. (I’m a biochemist/molecular biologist myself, so my perspective is different from that of physicists and astronomers.)Is there some reason I’m not understanding that these assumptions are justified?It seems almost equivalent to assuming that life on another planet would speak English. Aren’t these “choices” made by biology just arbitrary, a complex system that evolves, organizes, and replicates over time?

  • HascleAvrahm BenYoseph
    HascleAvrahm BenYoseph   3 months ago

    Thank you for helping to bring this matter to the attention of the general public. I think we should be exploring Venus more so then Mars. Immanuel Velikovsky's eight or nine books were the result of his effort to scientifically answer the question "are the stories of the old testament true, and based on fact?" He asked many questions such as "did the sun stand still in the sky for 10 days, was there a pillar of light in the sky at night, yet by day it was a pillar of smoke or clouds. Did the sun not rise for ten days in other parts of the world. He compared these 'reports' of the old testament with the writings from multiple cultures all around the globe; ultimately, he concluded that Venus had come very close to Earth, many times. I bring this subject up because information in his books has lead me to believe, for many years, that when Venus came very close to Earth, some of the Earth's surface experienced an upheaval and some of the 'Life' on earth may have wound up in the atmosphere of Venus. Of course it could not have survived in the same form as it had on Earth but it is possible that over the past few thousand years, some of that biomatter may have formed some kind of bacterial form that could subsist on other parts of the biomatter that didn't become bacterial. You reminded me about my study of Velikovsky when you mentioned that if there is bacterial life on Venus, then it may have formed on the surface of Venus. It is because of my understanding of Velikovsky's work that I would suggest that Life was first introduced to the atmosphere of Venus and if the planet ever cools down enough, then the life form could rain down onto the surface and, perhaps, diversify. Thanks again... I hope I haven't bored you too much.

  • Andrew 222333
    Andrew 222333   3 months ago

    I hate to tell you but you are absolutely wrong about just about everything there are butterflies flying around on Venus right now it's being terraformed

  • alex hernandez
    alex hernandez   4 months ago

    Life on other planets. We can’t even get along with different countries or people of different races here. Imagine if we had to worry about assholes on other planets. 😂

  • Lee Kirkman
    Lee Kirkman   4 months ago

    Life on Venus could live in a methane enviroment. And this condition of life has been replicated on earth in deep underground caves sealed off and opened where insects like the common woodlice amoungst other species and even algae in water have all been found thriveing and biologically different the woodlice are clear see through and have evolved to live in the high methane content in the caves. And with very little oxygen.. Thats what really makes this discovery exciteing.

  • TheAlexis4444
    TheAlexis4444   4 months ago

    Even though Venus is so hot today it is possible that millions of years ago it may have had a thicker atmosphere with a good ozone layer and could have had less hot enviornment, hosting a lot of life. It is still possible that there are some life still there...

  • Marcus Wilson
    Marcus Wilson   5 months ago

    I wonder if they will evolve to go back on the ground

  • Google User
    Google User   5 months ago

    You just now finding out? That's where Val Valiant Thor is from..

  • Norman Terrault
    Norman Terrault   5 months ago

    "Possible" evidence of life is not evidence , possible maybe but it ain't close to evidence. 500 degrees is too damn hot !

  • Suhplikeyt
    Suhplikeyt   5 months ago

    Hahaha, life is probably the most abundant thing , hell the universe itself is probably alive.

  • The King - TK
    The King - TK   5 months ago

    Watch YouTube in 2x speed for one day. You will get used to it and save so much time in life lmao

  • The Worst
    The Worst   5 months ago

    Maybe that little🦂scorpion is letting out poots or something...🤷🏻❓❓❓ When I first heard this news, I thought that perhaps some kinda plants might be growing somewhere...👌🏼

  • B P
    B P   5 months ago

    Can't do this voice

  • J C
    J C   5 months ago

    The thing is we need to invest in earth ships that regenerate in every sence. We have the tools. Travelling to the stars and plants will be a life time thing for selected individuals. But for every one on the outer rim of our earth will be able to travel to bases like a home away from home to look back at home.But for the selected families and individuals will have to take on board that space will be there life time experience. Unless we have self flying floating ships that only need our help from home base communications to give it a order. Integrated with regeneration tech that can repair its self. If breached. Starting with nano tech with mechanical based instructions. Like the ones designed for the human blood stream and body. But also coded with a command installations automatically and manually. I have ideas for earth ships. The outer layer must be composed with gold. Until we find alternative material's That will subpass what we can use.And going back to machines that move and look like us would be good idea. Except we don't want them controlling them selves. We want to in body our selves through the lenses of of their eye camera. Through all aspects movement and control. Virtual reality we are there but not there. In the same sence that we get from being in our own body's every day. But we do it from our stations in our own body's.

  • Chris MBA
    Chris MBA   5 months ago

    Nope, not incredible news; turns out it's just plain ol' Sulfur Dioxide; not a marker of life - just big nothing burger. Sorry folks.

  • James Pierce
    James Pierce   5 months ago

    Aren’t women from Venus? This is old news

  • adram3lech
    adram3lech   5 months ago

    Did anyone else detect a shift in accent when he was on skype? :D

  • Katia ZayATS
    Katia ZayATS   6 months ago

    I just have this strong feeling , that life was once on Mars and Venus , but there is evil , which destroyed it there . And trying to do the same here on earth ...

  • never mind
    never mind   6 months ago

    We found a bunch of pressure cooked chickens on Venus. Nice and crispy.

  • elvon sarza
    elvon sarza   6 months ago

    King Ghidorah destroyed the terrestrial life on Venus.

  • 11:11
    11:11   6 months ago

    can we call them venosaurs please

  • Aaron Loomis
    Aaron Loomis   6 months ago

    Love your channel. In another life I would have been an astronomer. Easily my favorite topic.