Skitzo News Live!

  • Published on: 03 July 2014
  • It's been a while, but the Skitzo team is back in their new show Skitzo News Live!

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  • Runtime : 7:5
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  • bok joo seyo
    bok joo seyo   2 weeks ago

    damn, Steven A. Johnson's BMI be high af

  • feddlebag
    feddlebag   2 weeks ago

    did everyone notice that regina was wearing a “stfu” t-shirt thingy?

  • youtube kasutaja
    youtube kasutaja   2 weeks ago

    👁👄👁 "It's one hundred per cent all green, meaning, it's gonna be a hundred degreens fear of heights all week" THIS IS SO STUPID BUT SO FUNNY AAAAAAAAA ROFL

  • Olly Prak
    Olly Prak   2 weeks ago

    Are we gonna ignore that the secret ninja lizards logo is itachi with a tail?

  • Nai
    Nai   1 months ago

    0:48 is that itachi?

  • Jesus saves
    Jesus saves   1 months ago

    Jesus loves you . Please repent and be saved

  • Eesh SinGer
    Eesh SinGer   1 months ago

    Steven's number has 90210 on it is that a reference to beverly hills 90210?

  • Freddy Green
    Freddy Green   1 months ago

    Stevens fears were skim milk, spiders and Elmo 😂😂

  • ben ryan
    ben ryan   1 months ago

    Itachi is a lizard ninja😂

  • Joaquin Dizon
    Joaquin Dizon   1 months ago

    I died when I saw Steven’s stats (Sean’s stats)

  • ZESTynator x
    ZESTynator x   2 months ago

    Ryan destroyed the career of STEVEN JOHNSON

  • Qazie Lynn
    Qazie Lynn   2 months ago

    United... Is quite the confident country

  • Happy Rotter
    Happy Rotter   2 months ago

    What if we read the title as 'Skitzone Ewwws alive'?

  • Ypstra Felix Gaming
    Ypstra Felix Gaming   2 months ago

    When you're seeing this but you actually live downtown la apartment 6bHOLY SHI-

  • Sampl
    Sampl   2 months ago

    this skitzo was a disappointment.i'm only seeing 90% ryan here.

  • N
    N   3 months ago

    Anyone revisiting old Ryan higa videos during quarantine?

  • Ahmed EM
    Ahmed EM   3 months ago

    Best of luck to you Steven A Jhonsonproceeds to tell his entire address😂😂

  • Coco and Muffin
    Coco and Muffin   3 months ago

    I tried the phone number 5:09It didn't work ;_________;

  • Confusings
    Confusings   3 months ago

    Oh boy its Saturday news liv- I MEAN SKITZO NEWS LIVE.

  • Blaze Morris
    Blaze Morris   3 months ago

    This Skitzo is so funny especially now that we in qurintine like if you agree or if you disagree with 2020👎

  • Bluetie2
    Bluetie2   3 months ago

    Chanel 6. 6 years ago. 7.5m views only one away from being 6.5 and how many of this video I'd there 1 so there for 666 ( the .5 is put into your IQ now your welcome) triangle with an eye in it confirmed.

  • Charles1601
    Charles1601   3 months ago

    Y’all be sleeping on the outro music. The harmonies slap.

  • Saranya Kari
    Saranya Kari   3 months ago

    I just caught that Illuminati reference at the end... whoa

  • Sunčana Planinsky
    Sunčana Planinsky   3 months ago

    So I guess he wants to say that all the news people are illuminati?...

  • audrey cho
    audrey cho   3 months ago

    Ed Sheeran seeing this like 👀👄

  • Kaidragonoffury YT
    Kaidragonoffury YT   3 months ago

    Ryan is wrong people actually think 13 is a Devil and unlucky number not 6

  • gtb C:
    gtb C:   3 months ago

    SNL - Store Norske Leksikon

  • Venom
    Venom   3 months ago

    Make a series of this.Seriously.Comedy. Simple comedy.Except it's so frisking funny

  • Melvin Harris
    Melvin Harris   3 months ago

    It’s gonna be a hundred degreens fear of heights back to school ryan