NFL Funniest "Hot Mic" Moments (2020)

  • Published on: 06 January 2021
  • NFL Funniest "Hot Mic" Moments (2020)

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  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson   11 hours ago

    alternate title: Derek Carr adding random basketball players to the audible tree

  • Form Swift
    Form Swift   1 days ago

    the one of jerry judy was so fucking funny that man looked so sad

  • Eren Jaegar
    Eren Jaegar   3 days ago

    “0:26” 💀💀💀💀

  • Luke Tran
    Luke Tran   3 days ago

    Bro you could hear Derek Carr on every play😂

  • Abrod 98
    Abrod 98   3 days ago

    Only Carr would do shit like that

  • TheAireaidLord
    TheAireaidLord   5 days ago

    That chiefs raiders Sunday night game was hilarious with all the call signs

  • Rezurrect x
    Rezurrect x   6 days ago

    Bruh no teammate should do that to anyone. Poor Jerry Judy. Mistakes happen and he's a rookie is he not?

  • Clara Garcia
    Clara Garcia   1 weeks ago

    OFFENCE number 16 WHATTTTTTTTTTTT LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trey Helms
    Trey Helms   1 weeks ago

    Mahommes standing at the sideline with the ball trying to draw a personal foul. He should have gotten blasted for that, but of course that would have drawn a penalty.

  • fruitcups
    fruitcups   1 weeks ago

    Derek Carr the funniest dude in the nfl

  • MyNinjaMike
    MyNinjaMike   2 weeks ago

    Lmao witten acting like he in motion

  • Zoe Samano
    Zoe Samano   2 weeks ago

    As of this comment, theres 699 comments

  • james
    james   2 weeks ago

    2:28 lil wayne lmao

  • Dylan Kelly
    Dylan Kelly   2 weeks ago

    3:27 Sounds like he talks in reserved lol

  • Chang Luckey
    Chang Luckey   3 weeks ago

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  • S Fenn
    S Fenn   3 weeks ago

    I wish they would keep the mic up instead of fake crowd noise

  • ARJB
    ARJB   3 weeks ago

    Ya forgot the Nick f bomb. But a very good comp.

  • clark loeffler
    clark loeffler   3 weeks ago

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  • Aarish Jamal
    Aarish Jamal   3 weeks ago

    2:15 some random person saying “what the fuck” after the eagles scoring a TD got me dying bro😭😂

  • Josh R
    Josh R   3 weeks ago

    No "Scary Ninja" ?

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard   3 weeks ago

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  • Pot
    Pot   3 weeks ago


  • DodgerDude26
    DodgerDude26   3 weeks ago

    3:34 my mans just speaking the language of the gods