Is There Evidence Of Alien Life Already? | UFO Conclusion | Spark

  • Published on: 27 November 2020
  • Is there anyone out there? What is the alien agenda? And why has the government gone to such great lengths to stifle the overwhelming evidence that otherworldly creatures exist? Some of our greatest minds ask these questions and more in a quest to unveil the truth behind this massive cover-up--and whether Earth can afford to ignore the extraterrestrial messages much longer.

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  • Runtime : 45:43
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  • Fasal Al Bana
    Fasal Al Bana   5 hours ago

    Load of rubbish. The only aliens on this earth are the elite devil worshippers who run this world and want to control your life. The ufo phenomenon is a figment of their imagination with which they want to control humans by creating a hype in the future that earth is being invaded and only America can save you. Well eff America and its fake American dream cos in order for you to be in the great American dream, you need to be asleep and that’s what these devil worshippers want.

  • Daniel Guo
    Daniel Guo   23 hours ago

    For entertaining is okay but ever treat as a serious thing. Just another conspiracy theory🤣

  • Zed
    Zed   2 days ago

    dislike -1765 from me.

  • Zed
    Zed   2 days ago

    come ON !!!!! crop circles? 1980s greer, please! ----deep sigh----

  • Zed
    Zed   2 days ago

    bettie and barny case was in the 50s. dang. New info please

  • Zed
    Zed   2 days ago

    freidman has been dead 20 years. info used ; A little bit old . lol

  • shortgeorge
    shortgeorge   3 days ago

    From Genesis to Revelation fallen angles have plagued us

  • Steve Chaplin
    Steve Chaplin   4 days ago

    Virtually every country on this planet has an army,navy and Air Force so any aliens that want to visit us need to realise we are not very friendly, we cannot even drive around our own planet without getting road rage with each other. We need another virus to get rid of us before we do something really stupid and destroy this planet for all life on it.

  • -RcStan- RC Stanley
    -RcStan- RC Stanley   4 days ago

    " Has the UFO phenomena always "bean" a fabrication of the human mind?" 01:02Well yeah, at least they admit it going in! This entire video is a fabrication.

  • trevor bolt
    trevor bolt   5 days ago

    If the military knows something, they don't have to tell anybody. The media can play with the ufo thing I suppose, to make money. Government is only concerned with collecting and distributing money. The aliens, if they exist, would not bother talking to us, as they are free to do as they wish. So, I don't think anything will be resolved. Maybe they are completely artificial intelligence, probes, that have as much interest in us as we have watching sparrows mating, or watching the behaviour of a cat taking care of her kittens.

  • Tomas Perez
    Tomas Perez   5 days ago

    These are fanatics that want to change direction of humanity, secrete Societies per se , etc, THEY ARE THE OTHER HUMANS, INTRODUCING THEIR UFO smart people, we are being fooled like ignorant..

  • Tomas Perez
    Tomas Perez   5 days ago

    The Ufo lobby is another big bussiness of higher authorities, money is the Real outer limits......

  • Official_ slp_
    Official_ slp_   6 days ago

    Astrophysicists and astronomers be like🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏽🤦🏿

  • Lee Clarke
    Lee Clarke   6 days ago

    It’s a interesting subject, but a intergalactic community is fanciful delusion. Yes there are older planets. Older planets in Goldilocks zones. However not in our neighbourhood. There is also the question of intelligent multi cellular life. It’s worth remembering humans are here by accident. We didn’t just evolve from day one 4.5 billion years ago. Dinosaurs ruled our planet for hundreds of millions of years before humans. It took a chance giant meteor strike to wipe out almost all life on earth for humans to evolve. It also took a moon at exactly the right distance to create a climate and gravitational pull to enable life to flourish. So many many factors as to why we are here. It’s pure chance, nothing more. Our telescopes in space have enabled us to identify thousands upon thousands of stars and planets. Many just like ours. However the reality is we have seen no signs of life. No signals radio waves , microwaves etc from anywhere in the universe we can see and hear that is artificially and intelligently created. Roswell was a media storm in a tea cup. Much like today’s media. Poor quality, Grainy videos both civilian and military that prove nothing. The narrative seems to be if it flys and can’t be identified it must be extra terrestrial. Which is laughable. It’s just like religious leaders say if science can’t explain something then it must be god. You see the similarities. I’ll leave you with this thought. Would humans with the technology to fly and land on any planet. Fly all the way there. Just to give a light show in the sky and return. No ofcourse not. The would land and make contact with any life that it there. Especially intelligent life. Even if it meant the human crew couldn’t leave the ship due to the planets atmosphere being toxic to humans. There is and never was past or present evidence that earth has ever been visited by ET. It’s only vivid imaginations of natural occurrences that can’t be explained.We are alone and that is not a bad thing.

  • Big Dan
    Big Dan   1 weeks ago

    The current political situation proves to aliens that , humans , in general aren't capable of complex self control . We are ZOMBIES . Brainwashed tools set against each other at the will of our current handlers . WE , are too fucked up to take seriously . No contact , YET !

  • Faylene Gostanian
    Faylene Gostanian   1 weeks ago

    Ets created us and put us here. They are not trying to figure out how we are made. This whole show has become stupid.

  • Faylene Gostanian
    Faylene Gostanian   1 weeks ago

    As for religion, it's time to realize that religion comes from Extraterrestrials. We had physical contact and stories were written and then the jews and Roman's turned stories into a belief system and hate has covered the earth ever since.

  • Faylene Gostanian
    Faylene Gostanian   1 weeks ago

    They have been here for billions of years. We are the temporary visitors

  • Clive Robert
    Clive Robert   1 weeks ago

    ET's Small Grey's have shown there's extra dimensions FACT I know

  • Duane Hicks
    Duane Hicks   1 weeks ago

    a bunch of nut jobs on here washiping satan

  • matteo cusumano
    matteo cusumano   1 weeks ago

    When we have a one world leader then shall contact follow..

  • Kings Knight
    Kings Knight   1 weeks ago

    I'm 35 and believe aliens aren't good I've seen videos on alien obduction the only way to stop it is by asking jesus Christ to help you and to intervene

  • Tinmania
    Tinmania   1 weeks ago

    There’s a problem with making the better more powerful technology to available to the public. There are evil people that will use it for evil intent! Every technology so far has been used to control the masses so greater power will just mean less liberty for the average person.

  • anthony hudson
    anthony hudson   1 weeks ago

    barney under hypnosis said they were dressed like nazis, make of that what you will.

  • Independent Graphic
    Independent Graphic   1 weeks ago

    1 procent of people knows there is, of wich this 1 procent 60 procent are hippys, that leaves 0.4 procent of people out of 8 bilion that has brains.

  • anthony hudson
    anthony hudson   1 weeks ago

    i dont need some debauched nonce from the gov to tell me whats what.

  • Bernie H
    Bernie H   1 weeks ago

    I'm not sure that the gvt is right or wrong to cover up the aliens thing.... I look at how people react to the covid thing around me.... I'm pretty sure that i'm surrounded by more idiots than smart people.

  • Wilfred May
    Wilfred May   1 weeks ago

    I would trust Marrs as far as I could throw the Fourth Bridge.

  • Chris Gregor
    Chris Gregor   1 weeks ago

    That lady 40mins in, is absolutely crazy. She reminds me of the mom on Meet the Fockers.

  • HellstoneVII
    HellstoneVII   1 weeks ago

    Sorry the one conflicting thing i keep hearing is that the Aliens are much more advanced and could wipe us out in the blink of an eye, but don't? because they think we are special or some shit?. you can't equate us to ants then turn around and consider us SOOO special that we are being garnished to the next step of evolution it contradicts itself on sooo many levels. point and case you wouldn't teach an ant about jesus would you.

  • Joo-foh
    Joo-foh   1 weeks ago

    The opening statement was hilarious. Basically saying that if the government doesn't confirm something is happening then everybody must be just making up stories.If ever there was a statement coming from an unthinking sheep it was that one. It's pretty sad when someone cannot figure out for themselves that 2+2=4

  • Pure Energy
    Pure Energy   1 weeks ago

    People having NDEs are aware of what are called aliens. They are all around us but in different dimensions.

  • Fırat Şanlıtürk
    Fırat Şanlıtürk   1 weeks ago

    Keywords: "Ufologist", remote location, Utah desert... This aint gon be good

  • L Teo
    L Teo   1 weeks ago

    stupid people believe anything they wanna believe.