The EPIC in Arrowhead! Patriots vs. Chiefs 2018 AFC Championship FULL GAME

  • Published on: 25 May 2020
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    00:00 - Start

    24:08 - 2nd Quarter

    50:58 - 3rd Quarter

    1:18:43 - 4th Quarter

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  • Runtime : 2:41:24
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  • James Chavis
    James Chavis   13 hours ago

    That was kinda sus when romo said all they need is a turnover and the crowd would get back in it “interception” ahhhhhhh!!!!!😂😂😂

  • Jeff Tatus
    Jeff Tatus   1 days ago

    I still believe that the Chief's biggest defect of "team character" is that they are always taunting/flaunting prematurely. Brady & New England gave them a taste of Humility in 2018's AFC Championship Game, but they still didn't respect Brady. Tyraun Matthew still hasn't learned.

  • Noah Simmons
    Noah Simmons   1 days ago

    that music at the start had me crying i was scared

  • gene bennett
    gene bennett   1 days ago

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  • Hailong Xiao
    Hailong Xiao   3 days ago

    2:32:11 Tony Romo said Brady did not have weapons and it is amazing Pats were in this position. Bucs gives him so many weapons and the game is so easy for him after enough practices.

  • Hailong Xiao
    Hailong Xiao   3 days ago

    Chiefs defense just likes holding. Look at the Dorsett’s TD at the end of first half.

  • Ninja Dog
    Ninja Dog   3 days ago

    Oh little did Mahomes know he would lose to Brady again in the Super Bowl

  • Ryan Uzumaki
    Ryan Uzumaki   4 days ago

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  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan   5 days ago

    Man... now I know why the country hates the Briefs... they have THE most annoying fans. Not to mention Mahomes and his big mouth girlfriend, mother and brother.

  • Real Is Real
    Real Is Real   6 days ago

    Andy Reid has lost all his post season games when Tom Brady is on the field

  • Scottie Pippen
    Scottie Pippen   6 days ago

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  • Scottie Pippen
    Scottie Pippen   6 days ago

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  • Keir Mardy
    Keir Mardy   6 days ago

    Could never watch an NFL game live. A 2010 research revealed actual ball in play averages 11 minutes.11 minutes out of 60 minute game thats spread over 3-4 hours. Jesus Christ no wonder the average fan is 300lbs.

  • Aaron Adams
    Aaron Adams   1 weeks ago

    This why Tom the goat. When the moment needs him, he shows up.

  • SherlockHomieX
    SherlockHomieX   1 weeks ago

    Who’s here after Tom just won his 8th and retired :(

  • Stacey McSharry
    Stacey McSharry   1 weeks ago

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  • Lola Jay
    Lola Jay   1 weeks ago

    This is the real Super Bowl LV

  • Titan Master Race
    Titan Master Race   1 weeks ago

    Man i hope the patriots get back into the mix next season AFC feels empty an lacks any real challenge for the chiefs😅

  • Chazz man
    Chazz man   1 weeks ago

    They are both in the same conference here, yet they played in the SB this year. KC must have moved.

  • dan Smith
    dan Smith   1 weeks ago

    If Brady had receivers kc wouldnt have a ring

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez   1 weeks ago

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  • harris nina
    harris nina   1 weeks ago

    love how roma explains every play and predicts them too for we dummies. really good game.

  • Ang
    Ang   1 weeks ago

    Dam, every ref hates the chiefs

  • DJ JDB
    DJ JDB   1 weeks ago

    Queefs fans with their "Kingdom" nonsense. lol. They were never a Kingdom to begin with. Never forget Queefies? When you go up against the GOAT, expect to get the horns.

  • James Chavis
    James Chavis   1 weeks ago

    Idc what nobody says nobody will ever break Brady’s records I thought Mahomes would have a chance but irdk because Brady owns Mahomes and I don’t think the chiefs will have a dynasty no where near close to Brady’s patriots Mahomes may get like 3-4 rings but that’s all I see he’s starting off just like russel Wilson did and that’s not bad cuz I love Mahomes and russel but with his contract he’s gonna eat up so much money in the future they want have enough to keep the weapons around him and have a solid line and defense he can’t throw to himself that’s what made Brady so great he took pay cuts just to be able to bring great players to New England he done it most of his career until this year and he deserves to be paid like the best qb in the league Because he is and has been since he came in the nfl until he retires he’s always best qb in the league people just say he’s not cuz it’s a trend to hate Brady. Mahomes haven’t came anywhere close to Brady but if they can make his contract work in their favor then maybe Mahomes can get 5 but that’s the roof for him no matter how great he looks now he could have a horrible injury and never play the same or he can flame out a little like Russell not sayin russel ain’t great but he was better in his early years and Mahomes is doin and looking just like Russell does but nobody in the near future or my generation that’s gonna come close to Brady maybe when I’m dead n gone it might happen but I don’t see it happening while I’m alive

  • James Chavis
    James Chavis   1 weeks ago

    LFG!!!! My boy Brady got number 7 right time he said he was leaving I called it and I’m calling next year we get number 8 n I herd the Bucs weee planning on giving him a 2 year extension after his contract is done

  • Javier Peña
    Javier Peña   1 weeks ago

    Never forget Brady is the face of nfl so rigged games

  • Larry Abbitt
    Larry Abbitt   1 weeks ago