I Made It For 3 Seconds in Will Smith's New Movie (Bad Boys For Life)

  • Published on: 04 August 2019
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    Thank you Will for bringing us onto the set and letting Thomas cross a huge item off the bucket list. Also, a big shout out to the directors of Bad Boys For Life, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah for being such great sports. We had a blast.

    ...And yes, Thomas is now convinced he is a famous Hollywood actor.

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
    Bonus thank you to Aidan Tanner for help filming this
  • Runtime : 15:50
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  • Aaron Hardy
    Aaron Hardy   11 months ago


  • William Mikan III
    William Mikan III   19 hours ago

    honestly ive always wanted to meet wil smith, isnt ever going to happen but hey getting to see him thru your videos is awasome im glad he seems just as cool when you meet him and see him as ive always imagined

  • The Keklord
    The Keklord   2 days ago

    2016 sneak into holywood primer2019 friends with will smith he put me in a movie

  • Singh
    Singh   3 days ago

    i didnt even know bad boys for life was out cuz of covid. just watch it pretty nostalgic movie

  • Tazki
    Tazki   3 days ago

    3:14 i just hearing beep

  • BotP4NDAZ
    BotP4NDAZ   4 days ago

    Bro I feel bad watch the movie and they cut his scene

  • ilyNoobz_
    ilyNoobz_   5 days ago

    Documentary link now leads to phishing scams, FeelsBadMan

  • Evo ulz
    Evo ulz   5 days ago



    I will be the next iron man:The end of the movie endgame: as if that’s ever gonna happen

  • Fernando Allen
    Fernando Allen   6 days ago

    Actually they didn't cut the scene they just use the different angle with other camera for the scene you still can see his back they just focusing on will Smith more for that scene

  • Leon
    Leon   1 weeks ago

    10:25 hahahhahahah

  • Aditya 17-348
    Aditya 17-348   1 weeks ago

    he's back is visible at 23:43 in the movie. bro u arent even in the movie. u wasted your ,there's and our time

  • jason6569
    jason6569   1 weeks ago

    I just love how they roll out the over the top treatment for him. All this just makes him even more nervous HA love it. Laughed the whole way through.

  • Nathan Mayfield
    Nathan Mayfield   1 weeks ago

    Only people who saw all the Bad Boys movies can like

  • Wasim Khan
    Wasim Khan   1 weeks ago

    The movie is Great, The main reason to was to see the CAKE BOY !! Bravo

  • Laura Treacy
    Laura Treacy   1 weeks ago

    What was your first cameo?Joey: Cake guy

  • Aidan
    Aidan   1 weeks ago

    Maybe he can be the legendary bartender in every movie that has a bar tender, he is there, shakin a cocktail

  • Vian
    Vian   1 weeks ago

    Was secretly hoping for a "piece of cake" joke. :(

  • Son Duong
    Son Duong   1 weeks ago

    When Adil complimented how Thomas was so good at cake delivery from other people he should've said: "Thomas takes the cake."

  • Tom Koszak
    Tom Koszak   1 weeks ago

    those directors were jokes, do more of these types of videos pleaseeeeeee

  • David Alex
    David Alex   1 weeks ago

    What s the movie from 3:53 ?😂😂

  • Sleez Trutz
    Sleez Trutz   1 weeks ago

    "Detail fucks up, scene fucks up, movie fucks up, we all fuck up"

  • Nerdchacho
    Nerdchacho   1 weeks ago

    Thomas still gets a credit on IMDB as "Jeffrey - Cake Boy (uncredited)" - so that's a win...

  • Ayaan Butt
    Ayaan Butt   2 weeks ago

    I watched the movie and he got cut

  • Efton
    Efton   2 weeks ago

    I'm gonna watch this movie just bcs of him