Patrick Mahomes: A Star is Born (Kansas City Chiefs Mini-Movie) ᴴᴰ

  • Published on: 03 October 2018
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  • Runtime : 5:54
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  • visionary.
    visionary.   1 years ago

    Patrick Mahomes MVP Movie coming Saturday Night

  • WolfHowler678
    WolfHowler678   1 weeks ago

    This should be a real documentary movie in any movie place because it’s epicPatrick is like doing lengendary veteran playsThis man is a god man, look at this dude with his plays! But doesn’t he look different when he’s playing in the cold but when it’s warm he looks normal but who cares what he looks like, he’s a savage lol, a really god QB, they are really lucky they drafted him on their teamBtw the music matches with the plays btw

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden   3 weeks ago

    Down 24 points and then Mahomes leads the rest of the Chiefs offense to 7 straight touchdowns.I was glad to hear that we drafted Mahomes. It seemed like Alex Smith never threw the ball past the line of scrimmage. Mahomes is throwing Patomic Bombs to 3 of the 5 fastest wide receivers in the NFL. Throw Kelce in the mix and you have 4 bona fide threats coming out of the backfield like a MIRV warhead. NO DEFENSE can cover everyone, and Mahomes will find the open guy and throw a laser guided artillery shot straight where the receiver needs the ball to be.If everyone stays healthy and football returns to some semblance of normalcy, the Chiefs will be the primary threat in the NFL for years to come.Our draft this season got us an amazing running back to go with the rest of the brutal offensive threats. As a KC native, I am tickled that the Chiefs have put together this team. It will be a glorious time to be a Chiefs fan.

  • Jace Ace
    Jace Ace   1 months ago

    He is so amazing the most entertaining QB ever I'm speechless🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

  • FancyPantsCrafts
    FancyPantsCrafts   2 months ago

    Patrick Mahomes is the greatest quarterback in the universe is best at football from Tyler NEYMAN

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper   2 months ago

    He’s two years away.....two years away from a being a Super Bowl MVP Champ and 450 million dollars richer😉

  • a k
    a k   3 months ago

    a closer look

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown   3 months ago

    We our witnessing possibly the best QB ever .

  • Jason Peters
    Jason Peters   3 months ago

    Chiefs? Lol, been a fan since 1990.Never thought a kid born the year I graduated HS would lead us to becoming a potential dynasty.Chiefs/Mahomes stay healthy? Without a doubt at least 3 AFC Championship games in nxt 5 years. Up to us to win and make more SBs.Whole team is Mahomes may actually have a true RB to work with now, and an actual top10 defense. Last 2 years, Chiefs defense has been shitty-sub par. That's how scary Mahomes is. (28-8) overall rec so far. (4-1) in playoffs..Has yet to not make AFC Championship game. 1×SB Winner1×SB MVP1×NFL MVP2×Pro Bowler1×All Pro1×AP Offensive POY1×Bert Bell Award Winner.Did all this so far with no true RB and a defense ranked #25 in 2018, #17 in 2019. So literally opposing defenses KNEW Mahomes was throwing 91.9% of time and still couldn't stop him. Just think when he has a true RB mix shit up? That is SCARY. Mahomes may be the potential "MJ of NFL." If he wins Back2Back SBs? Shits gonna get crazy. Scary part? Our Defense is improving each season with Mahomes.Chiefs did all that last year with at one point in 2019 season? 6 of our top10 players were out to injury. Including Mahomes. Somehow managed to still go (12-4,) (2-1) without Mahomes. While playing 3rd toughest schedule in NFL in 2019...Mahomes played the 9th toughest schedule in his first season as a starting QB in 2018, going (12-4.)Mahomes/Chiefs? On a current 9 game winning streak. That shit ain't easy in NFL.I Really dont think people are truly appreciating what their witnessing with Mahomes. The hate is real. Cant wait tell Mahomes/Chiefs are TRULY HATED!So now Mahomes has a versatile RB we drafted as our 1stRdr pick. A much improved Defense, arguably best O-line in NFL, arguably best QB&WR&TE trio in NFL as well. Then Andy Reid running show? Mahomes has next 15-18 years win 5 more SBs. You put it that way? Plus with all old guard great QBs either retired or on their way out?(Mannings, Big Ben, Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Rivers.) Winning 5 more SBs to overtake NFL leading Pats with 7? Isn't that far fetched with a 23 year old QB with one finger filled already.. So unless their are some franchise changing QBs in future drafts over nxt 5-7 years? Going to AFC teams? This may be easier than u think for Chiefs. Yes of course the time is now cuz Chiefs won't be able keep this current roster forever. But bottomline? Even after 3 years fr now, and we have rebuild around Mahomes? Lol. As long as we have Mahomes? We're gonna contend at very least for playoff spot.But Chiefs team for nxt 3 years? Should be #1 favored team win SB each of nxt 3 years.But even as good as u are, one off game and out of playoffs. So luck does have a major role in NFL postseason success.. Chiefs are playing with "house $$$" after being down a combined 44pts in their 3 postseason games last season. Hopefully football Gods will allow us to pay it back later down road in 10-12 years...One huge break for Chiefs is when Andrew Luck out of nowhere retired early. Yes, Mahomes destroyed Luck/Colts for his 1st playoff win, 31-13.... But Luck/Colts would've still been Mahomes/Chiefs biggest roadblock to future SBs. Lamar Jackson? Lol...not concerned at all. Mahomes is currently (2-0) vs him. Plus Lamar has an ever fast closing window. Last year should been Bal's year honestly. Imo? Mahomes/Chiefs were year ahead schedule. Of course I predicted them go SBLIV in summer19, but im a fan. I had them playing GB...But would been much harder to go to Bal and beat Lamar for 3rd time, if we wouldve had to. But Lamar? Hes basically a RB that throws for 2,500-3,000yds. He gets hit ALOT. Mahomes was least sacked QB in NFL last year. But Lamar is going get hurt eventually. RBs don't last long in this league. Just few rare ones do. So, Chiefs @ Bal week2 this 2020 season. If Lamar drops to (0-3) vs Mahomes? Its over. AFC OFFICIALLY on lockdown and KC has keys...Mentally will hurt Lamar in potential future playoff matchups vs KC. KC has #1 toughest schedule 2020 season. Its brutal. Play NE AGAIN, @TB, @Bal. @Buff, @NO, vsAtl. This schedule to me is no coincidence. NFL wants Mahomes vs Brady matchups till Brady is gone. (Brady leads h2h (2-1.) Easily could be Mahomes (3-0,) as Chiefs had the lead in all 3 games under 1:50 play in each game. Our Defense sucked, plus questionable flags favored Brady. Then Mahomes vs Brees (1st h2h matchup.) Then of course Mahomes vs Lamar.(2-0) h2h in favor of Mahomes.Mahomes also (2-0) vs that overrated bum JimmyG. Chiefs playing GB in SBLIV if not for SF rushing 300yds NFC Championship game.Then my fav Mahomes stats?Currently he is (5-0) vs Denver Broncos. (3-0) at Mile High Stadium. AkA "Arrowhead West Stadium." Mahomes could move to (7-0) vs Den after 2020 season, (4-0) at MHS. Chiefs on a current 9 game winning streak over Denver. Could move to 11 straight..Chiefs are (28-3) vs AFC West last 5 years. 3 of those 5 years Alex Smith took care of our "light work."Chiefs are slowly turning AFC West into AFC East. Chiefs going for Back2Back2Back2Back2Back AFC West Tiltes. 6th AFC West Title in last decade. 7th postseason appearance since 2010. Hate us or love us? thing is for certain. Better get use to us over nxt decade or more. Personally? My prediction for KC over nxt decade? 6 AFC Championship game appearances. 4 SB appearances. 3 SB wins. So Chiefs should have 5 SB Titles by 2030. Now, lol...Mahomes keeps doing crazy shitevery game, each season. I wouid not be shocked if he does just go out this world and makes AFC Championship games over nxt decade. Making 7 SBs. Winning 6 of 7 SBs. Now this isn't gonna happen. But I wouldn't be shocked at this point. But my original prediction of winning 3 more SBs over nxt 10 years is GONNA HAPPEN. At very least. Why? Yes its mostly cuz Mahomes. But main reason is AFC isn't as tough anymore. Brady is done, Mannings been gone,BigBen done, Luck is gone. Thats why really what Brady/Patriots did last 20 years was seriously amazing. Because of the great QBs that were in their primes throughout last 20 years. As of right now? Mahomes/Chiefs don't have half the potential roadblocks Brady/Patriots had. Even at end, 2018. After 18 years here comes Mahomes Brady/Pats had go thru. Cuz in all honesty? Mahomes should have 2 SB Titles already, going for NFL first 3rd straight SB Title. Mahomes was a late PI flag&offsides call away fr reaching SB in his first season as the starting QB. Yes we just won SuperBowl. But I'm STILL fucking pissed about that 2019 AFC Championship game. It just seemed no matter what Pats were "GOING TO BEAT CHIEFS." I mean forget the late PI call that would've been Brady's 3rd int and sealed game for KC. Dee Ford....You're telling me on that play, the most important down of Chiefs season Dee Ford lines up that offside? Meaning not even of the MANY Chiefs coaches, especially D-Line coach did not notice Ford lined up CLEARLY offsides? Can't remember, but I think we had a timeout left. It was crushing. Cuz I knew once NE won OT coinflip it was over. Our Defense was dead tired. But even then they got few 3rd&long situations for Brady. But refs kept helping Brady out. Welp, maybe we're even with football Gods. Because of how that game ended

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith   5 months ago

    Your choice of annoying Music ruined this Mini Movie..smh

  • RMC 1
    RMC 1   5 months ago

    Did anybody else get tingly?

  • TR Goohileshea
    TR Goohileshea   6 months ago

    You can tell he played baseball. In baseball, you have seconds to get the ball where it needs to be, no matter the execution. I have said this a thousand times; he plays football like a baseball player. Given the outcome, it should be required that quarterbacks play baseball. He is the most amazing quarterback I have ever personally seen. How many quarterbacks win a Superbowl at his age? Thank God for Patrick Mahomes; Go Chiefs for many years to come.

  • TheMrMurf
    TheMrMurf   6 months ago

    Doesn’t who your team is and he isn’t mine but damn he just make you love football and watching him play!!!

  • connie west
    connie west   6 months ago

    Oh Patrick! Didn't take you long to prove 'em wrong!

  • Harry Mills
    Harry Mills   6 months ago

    In his first preseason game, he'd worked the ball into the red zone, and he was scrambling outside the pocket, directing traffic, scoring a TD to a UDFA WR (Kemp), and I KNEW he was our QBOTF, without a doubt.

  • Douglas Lowry
    Douglas Lowry   6 months ago

    .."did you see that"! "Are you kidding me!? How many came Away From..some kindaEXPERIMENT🤔 the GREATEST since sliced bread!🤐🤗😅😍😌🙄😀🤣😂🤔

  • Douglas Lowry
    Douglas Lowry   6 months ago

    Wonderful trade😀Now what are "THEY" saying🤣🤔😂

  • Ashley Norton
    Ashley Norton   6 months ago

    Could’ve done without the Maroon 5 or whoever it is. Doesn’t fit and it’s distracting, annoying.

  • Abby Normal
    Abby Normal   6 months ago

    @4:22 Mahomes: I've got something to tell you. I'm not really right handed...

  • Pisces Aquamarine
    Pisces Aquamarine   7 months ago


  • Sanchez Sanchez
    Sanchez Sanchez   7 months ago

    Shannon Sharpe and Skip are bunch of sacks and now if you hear them on the talk radio when they're stupid TV show all that's my homeboy that's why I never listen to any of these clowns man then all can eat a fat

  • EM LR
    EM LR   7 months ago

    I love this,inspire me

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez   7 months ago

    The Kansas City Chiefs made one of The 🐐Pick in the NFL Draft and Kansas City Chiefs history. Now Patrick is a 2018 NFL MVP/NFL offense of player the year 2018 pro bowler 2019 Super Bowl 54 champions and Super Bowl 54 MVP He’s the now king of Kansas City on the Prairie

  • Doran Vee
    Doran Vee   7 months ago

    I think Patrick is simply the most electric/magical quarterback I've ever seen. And I've lived through all quarterbacks since 1960. I never thought I would see this young man. How can you not root for him? There is something so genuine and pure about him. My football addiction demands Patrick Mahomes!