AMAZING SINGER BLOWS judges AWAY! | BRITAINS GOT TALENT 2018 | @ZandarMile (Music : Gautier Abadie)

  • Published on: 05 May 2018
  • Aleksandar Mileusnic
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    Britain's Got Talent (often abbreviated to BGT) is a British talent show competition, and is part of the Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell. Produced by both Thames (formerly Talkback Thames) and Syco Entertainment production, and distributed by FremantleMedia, it has been broadcast on ITV since June 2007, and hosted by Ant & Dec. To accompany each series since it first began, a sister show is run on ITV2 entitled Britain's Got More Talent presented by Stephen Mulhern.

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  • Runtime : 5:24
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  • Ahmed Maan
    Ahmed Maan   9 hours ago

    The audience ruined everythingSo much screaming 😡Cant hear his song

  • Ahmed Salem
    Ahmed Salem   16 hours ago

    Without singing he is a star 😎😂

  • T Cash
    T Cash   18 hours ago

    Good voice but it easy to copy other singers. so HMM

  • Meri M
    Meri M   3 days ago

    Ex Yu, i am sure...

  • Admiral FurrPaws
    Admiral FurrPaws   4 days ago

    Ok we need Justin Timberlake and Aleksandar Mileusnić signing Sexy Back

  • Psycho_Maniac
    Psycho_Maniac   5 days ago

    Classic bgt every decent act has to have a depressing backstory with sad music playing in the background.

  • Darryl Hewes
    Darryl Hewes   1 weeks ago

    Like him.. But a postmodern jukebox rip off

  • The New Voice
    The New Voice   1 weeks ago

    Hello! Please check out my first song! Your opinion is very important to me ;)

  • koyayanyan
    koyayanyan   1 weeks ago

    just from that first line, he already got me clapping

  • Ava Zen
    Ava Zen   1 weeks ago

    Seven Nation Army -The White Stripes

  • james david
    james david   1 weeks ago

    I just don't dig the guy. others might

  • Marilyn Aplas
    Marilyn Aplas   1 weeks ago

    His voice !eyes !n Oooo & his smile! Should b in board shorts n flip flops👣 👀🧡🎼♨️

  • jen jurado
    jen jurado   1 weeks ago

    his voice is too sexy! 🥰♥️

  • sKyRyu
    sKyRyu   1 weeks ago

    mah man came straight from audition of peaky blinders

  • c c
    c c   1 weeks ago


  • ShinDig
    ShinDig   2 weeks ago

    I wanna hear this minus the Banshee's in the background...

  • C Rick Cruz
    C Rick Cruz   2 weeks ago

    2 years later, still cool, sexy, hot!

  • Yat
    Yat   2 weeks ago

    Gosshhhh he's lovely😻😻😻

    NOTORIOUS0604   2 weeks ago

    Why he look like weasel from mob of the dead in bo2 lol

  • Howie Grossman
    Howie Grossman   2 weeks ago

    Sweetheart you are beautiful talented talented sexy man

  • Nina Nina
    Nina Nina   2 weeks ago

    Me imagino em belo Pub tomando vinho e ouvindo ele cantar... show 🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️

  • Weltha Blunt
    Weltha Blunt   2 weeks ago

    Go on with your Jazzy self.Blessing on you journey.