• Published on: 23 July 2019
  • This is Grayson and he fell for it just saying he fell for it so yeah I got him and he fell for it.

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  • Runtime : 17:5
  • Dolan Twins diamond play button diamond plaq 10 million diamond ten million diamond ten mil broken smashed destroyed ethan grayson


  • Nia Brooks
    Nia Brooks   13 hours ago

    Did Ethan say the n word at 8:10??

  • Megan Kamler
    Megan Kamler   2 days ago

    E looks so tall compared to G in this video😊

  • Lexie Romeijn
    Lexie Romeijn   4 days ago

    So you think it should be in the lounge room after you loose. Not before

  • Roaring Tiger
    Roaring Tiger   4 days ago

    Am I the only one trying to find YouTube's comment?

  • Jojo Edits
    Jojo Edits   5 days ago

    Arrow pointing down, how many times did they f#*king swear

  • jasmine garzon
    jasmine garzon   1 weeks ago

    “But it shouldn’t of broken. I feel like it would of broke the floor” 7:20

  • Mia Clinch
    Mia Clinch   1 weeks ago

    I promise I’m not an Ethma fanatic, but like ethan going to sOul cYcle in the moRning, and Emma chamberlain also goes to soul cycle every morning 👀

  • Connor James
    Connor James   1 weeks ago

    Nice bio, ya he fell for it, beta cop dat merch

  • Connor James
    Connor James   1 weeks ago

    Really? When the king of random experimented with theirs, yt got them a new one, at least that’s what they said

  • rorys_lil_poltergeist

    “my thing was so nice looking too”“can i see it at least..”Grayson: p e r f e c t i o n

  • Leah Mansoor
    Leah Mansoor   1 weeks ago

    E: *Sees somethingAlso E: Can i eat it? Can i smell it? Is it edible?I am so literally him like i can't-

  • Tyara Oliver
    Tyara Oliver   1 weeks ago

    6:47Ethan: I don't think anyone has ever broken the play buttonMarkiplier: 0_0

  • Cierra Bocking
    Cierra Bocking   1 weeks ago

    Why does Ethan look sooo much taller than Grayson? That was a really weird question...

  • Grace Lewis
    Grace Lewis   1 weeks ago

    Ethan's like Stefan and Grayson's like Damon Salvatore from vampire diaries

  • Elena Sanchez
    Elena Sanchez   1 weeks ago

    It’s broken to 10 million pieces 😂😅😭 10 million subscribers play button

  • Lianny Rodriguez
    Lianny Rodriguez   1 weeks ago

    Question do you get another play button after 10 million

  • Isabel Fernandez
    Isabel Fernandez   2 weeks ago

    I just came back to this video but ethan was at soul cycleEmma goes to soul cycle

  • Janelle and Destiny
    Janelle and Destiny   2 weeks ago

    If a earthquake happen where there at the play button could fall and might break.

  • Arabella //
    Arabella //   2 weeks ago

    ‘Why would you need to figure out how to hold something Grayson?’ 😹💀

  • its racheal
    its racheal   2 weeks ago

    It's funny Gary looks more upset than Ethan is