trying to deep fry ice cream

  • Published on: 12 January 2020
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  • Boa-Noah
    Boa-Noah   2 days ago

    When I was young my Dad would always eat his bowl of cornflakes with a big scoop of ice cream (or 2) and it was sooooo good, I still eat it these days as comfort food, the ice cream chills down the milk and infuses it with this creamy sweetness and the rich flavors... Also, not sure if I'm imagining it, but I swear the cereal stays crispy and crunchy longer in the ice cold milk than normal.

  • EastonAlexa Walby
    EastonAlexa Walby   4 days ago

    Watching the intro in July if only things would have turned out decent instead of this bullshit

  • Charlee -
    Charlee -   1 weeks ago

    he was so positive at the start of the year

  • Patty Peterson
    Patty Peterson   1 weeks ago

    Cornflakes work great as breading for fish or chicken too. FYI I love Fruity Pebbles on top of ice cream. Must try!

  • Christi McCulloch
    Christi McCulloch   1 weeks ago

    When he said this is nasty i only thought that Kermit would be there looking ominously at the food

  • maria maldonado
    maria maldonado   1 weeks ago

    I wish I was back in 2019 with the oil, I was and still am not ready

  • Renee Major
    Renee Major   1 weeks ago

    Sad thing is this was not a good year.

  • drvgon wing
    drvgon wing   1 weeks ago

    The opening comment on this about 2020 being a good year to reset aged like milk

  • Superfammucon
    Superfammucon   1 weeks ago

    the chaotic energy in this video is waaaaay too much my guy lmao

  • ash
    ash   2 weeks ago

    looool why did anyone dislike this. i love watching you when im stoned. much love 🤘🏻

  • ragnarocking
    ragnarocking   2 weeks ago

    22:13 yes - most ice cream parlors that I've been to had select cereals for toppings.

  • Joshua Flagg
    Joshua Flagg   2 weeks ago

    i think u meant ROOFbas..........just me?

  • Cici Woods
    Cici Woods   2 weeks ago

    Julien, please never leave the disaster prone zone. we like it here

  • Aunt Bambi
    Aunt Bambi   2 weeks ago

    I used to put honey bunches of oats in my ice cream if we ran out of milk

  • Magical Lama129
    Magical Lama129   2 weeks ago

    Julian: We’re ready, that guy, that guy’s suck in 2019. Luckiest oil to ever exist..

  • Amber Something
    Amber Something   2 weeks ago

    corn flakes are great with frying other things, I use it when I make popcorn shrimp

  • Madeline Curry
    Madeline Curry   2 weeks ago

    The full on, whole cornflakes still trigger me to this day. 😑

  • Ayca Olgun
    Ayca Olgun   2 weeks ago

    My mom and I used corn flakes to fry chicken that we cut into strips and they turned out DELICIOUS! I highly recommend

  • j lirie
    j lirie   3 weeks ago

    You could just slice ice cream into thick slabs to make it easier. And you can buy cornflake crumbs, aka pork chop coating. Supposed to freeze again after coating, then fry.

  • Samantha Tozier
    Samantha Tozier   3 weeks ago

    When I was young I used to put a scoop of ice cream in with my cereal !

  • devyn adams
    devyn adams   3 weeks ago

    I see that this video was made in the before time.

  • Ashley Eickman
    Ashley Eickman   3 weeks ago

    try cinnamon toast crunch in ice cream !!! immaculate

  • Ken B.
    Ken B.   3 weeks ago

    It was a great start, I’ll give you that, but damn did the turns really tabled

  • Hope Undead
    Hope Undead   3 weeks ago

    wouldn't... you normally wrap the icecream ball in cake before coating? Or a crepe?

  • Gianna
    Gianna   4 weeks ago

    Captain crunch on frozen yogurt D E L E C T A B L E

  • teenvity
    teenvity   4 weeks ago

    the fact jenna asked if he already had some to make sure that she wasn't the only one eating it made my heart explode. thats love right there

  • Shelby J.
    Shelby J.   1 months ago

    He could save a lot of panicking if he coated the ice cream and refreeze it before frying

  • Amanda
    Amanda   1 months ago

    Looking back in June at how much optimism he had for 2020 is.... interesting

  • Nisø
    Nisø   1 months ago

    11:34 me, quarantined in 2020: i wish i was that pot of oil right now..

  • SinTanity
    SinTanity   1 months ago

    truly the only good thing to come outta 2020 so far lmaoAlso, Julien: I highly recommend some dutch Hutspot! It's basically mashed potatoes with carrots and onions mixed in. Or kale mashed potatoes. It's mashes potatoes with kale and hard boiled egg. Or endive mashed potatoes. The dutch eat a lot of mashed potatoes.

  • Hope Sunshine
    Hope Sunshine   1 months ago

    Don’t believe him there are still rules I’m 23 with a child and my mom still shows up to make sure I’m eating my fruits and veggies

  • Bruno Baker
    Bruno Baker   1 months ago

    wow first time ive ever seen a boys dont cry movie shirt

  • Non-stick Pan
    Non-stick Pan   1 months ago

    the first person to create deep fried icecream:*southern accent* I know this sounds stupid, but what if we made cold... Hot