10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!

  • Published on: 20 June 2013
  • Learn how to do 10 mind blowing things in a matter of minutes!

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  • Runtime : 4:59
  • 10 how tos that will blow your mind nigahiga how to ryan higa blow your mind


  • ullwy
    ullwy   18 hours ago

    He just blue my mind

  • JB of All Trades
    JB of All Trades   4 days ago

    If any body says what is the endscreen song and the song he used in this video I will subscribe to your channel from my 10 different channels

  • Scarlet anzu
    Scarlet anzu   5 days ago

    If roses are red, and violets are blue.Then by the commutative property, the color blue is actually violetAnd what 2 colors make violet? Red and blue.Which means you need red to make violet. And since violet is actually blue, that means you need red to make blue.But what makes red?The past tense of “read”.Because the word you read more than any other word so far in this equation?BLUEYOU READ BLUE, creating VIOLET.And because violets are actually blue,I proves that not only did i blow your mind,But everything you just “RED” (past tense) actually just “BLUE” your mind.

  • Borenya Boruah
    Borenya Boruah   1 weeks ago

    This video brings back old memories when I used to troll my classmates with these tips

  • Xian Kwon
    Xian Kwon   1 weeks ago

    the fact that this is 7 years ago but i can still memorize every single lines from this video

  • FB Kensar HD
    FB Kensar HD   1 weeks ago

    Who else is searching for the how to read mind book ?

  • rsqrtz
    rsqrtz   1 weeks ago

    im rewatching his videos and, i am just realizing the jokes he made. because i was younger when i started watching him lol

  • Rohan
    Rohan   1 weeks ago

    Damn, I used to memorize that last part. How long has it been wtf

  • Karthikeyan Ragupathy


  • Zyansheep
    Zyansheep   3 weeks ago

    How to blow your mind!Step 1: Hire a neurosurgeonStep 2: Have the neurosurgeon imbed explosives in your brainStep 3: Boom

  • Samuel Tayag
    Samuel Tayag   3 weeks ago

    oh my god after 5 yrs i finally got the “how to piss off a girl” joke

  • Jimcuchim
    Jimcuchim   4 weeks ago

    I just knew what testicals is like 2 years ago and this popped up, now I understand....

  • Morris Tsui
    Morris Tsui   1 months ago

    how to piss off a girl was the best puns Ive ever seen

  • Mr.morningstar
    Mr.morningstar   1 months ago

    Okay so at the last you were trying tell us to STOP watching your VIDEOS...right??!Lol!

  • Esmi
    Esmi   1 months ago

    How to blow someone’s mind: If roses are red and violets are blue, Then by the commutative property, the color blue is actually violet. And what two colors make violet? Red and blue. Which means you need red to make violet, And since violet is actually blue, That means you need red to make blue. But what makes red? The past tense of read. Because the word you read more than any other word so far in this equation? Blue. You read blue, Creating violet. And because violets are actually blue, It proves that not only did i blow your mind, But everything you just “red”(past tense) actually just “blue” your mind.

  • Blinded II
    Blinded II   1 months ago

    This is the science spaceX uses

  • A Viral Mushroom
    A Viral Mushroom   1 months ago

    The worst part about the stupid song is that I actually LIKED it.

  • DiPop
    DiPop   1 months ago

    So this is basically "Top 10 Dad Jokes"

  • かば
    かば   1 months ago

    honestly Ryan's old videos is better than the new videos from other youtubers now on youtube

  • Andrew Walter
    Andrew Walter   1 months ago

    I’m watching this vid in the future. We all know what i must say nextWhoS wATchInG iN 2o20

  • Patrick
    Patrick   1 months ago

    1:43Justin Bieber- Yummy in a nutshell

  • limsey
    limsey   1 months ago

    blowcny mind? my mom did that but not my mind tho

  • Devansh Chandna
    Devansh Chandna   1 months ago

    I don't need to type faster cuz I am already fast like I am typing this this is not taking me a lot of time it's just been 15 seconds till now yeah I am pretty fast like typing this feels weird. I am even faster than my brain can process and oh when I am typing fast, I also hit the space bar really hard but it's just a habit and if you are reading this you know I am a meme and sub to me on YT or I will delete your minecwaft account and yeah. That was stressful but I still keep going cuz I am insane and you probably wasted some time reading this and you kinda regret it but ok.