Among Us: The Hacker | Animation

  • Published on: 17 October 2020
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  • Runtime : 1:56
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  • Soe Oo
    Soe Oo   25 minuts ago

    dark green:yay i won but i’m the only one left

  • Jharana Mallik
    Jharana Mallik   29 minuts ago

    Does it takes money to be a hacker? Can they change colours? Can they disappear? Can they kill numerous PPL without any time limit?

  • surkid101 b
    surkid101 b   1 hours ago

    Today when I played among us there was this person who kept spamming these things I don't know what it was but it was kind of scary every time you joined a game it would turn black and you be kicked out I think it's all over the news

  • Eavy Eavy
    Eavy Eavy   1 hours ago

    The man behind the slaughter

  • shanelord doom
    shanelord doom   1 hours ago

    I met a hacker in among us game he was imposter every round he killed everyone instantly also when you reported a body it would just skip the meeting also he denied he was a hacker every time that we were back in the lobby

  • LG S
    LG S   3 hours ago


  • Mr. Epic Playz
    Mr. Epic Playz   3 hours ago

    SameThing in my game but the hacker did not get banned and the end was not the same it was just a no kill cooldown win at the end DID u hack in my game and animate about it?

  • The King Noob
    The King Noob   4 hours ago

    I found 1 hacker And the name is toast toast was changing colors in the game

  • SmolIdiot
    SmolIdiot   4 hours ago

    Among us hacks have increase a TON lately

  • Helos Piee
    Helos Piee   4 hours ago

    Among us despacito

  • سيستر
    سيستر   6 hours ago

    I faced a hacker today while playing the game lol he cut all of us at ONCE and he didnt get the 1 min time that all get after killing someone .

  • Pyroizm SC
    Pyroizm SC   6 hours ago

    I actually enjoy this, more animations like this!

  • Crystal Penguin
    Crystal Penguin   6 hours ago

    I like the idea black turned to purple so it would be like Thanos

  • Zeke Plays
    Zeke Plays   7 hours ago

    Maybe it should be called: among us: THE GOD DAMN ERIS LORIS is a buttcrack

  • pybro gaming
    pybro gaming   7 hours ago

    That is fakeHe haven't used the no cooldown hack to kill everyone one milisecond after the round started

  • Zen
    Zen   7 hours ago

    Imagine beans ?