BFB 3: Why Would You Do This on a Swingset

  • Published on: 09 December 2017
    Animation by Satomi & Michael: NOW OPEN SOURCE
    Music by Michael @
    Writing by Cary & Michael


    Battle for Dream Island.
    Battle for Dream Island Again.
    And now, Battle for BFDI.
  • Runtime : 12:36
  • animated show bfdi battle for dream island long videos


  • c
    c   14 hours ago

    Anybody gonna ask why voting ended way before the episode even got released

  • Ian Nalty
    Ian Nalty   16 hours ago

    Me: You guys were honestly a fantastic team and I'll miss all of you- THE SKY IS FALLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!(Four sucked me up in the EXIT)Firey: 😢SpongeBob French Narrator: Later inside the Eternal Algebra Class.(I started coughing)Me: WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?!?!

  • MinimystermonkeyYT
    MinimystermonkeyYT   18 hours ago

    Gelatin dies 1:18when four is tired and lazy but he has to do his intro anyways: 1:41

  • JayCuzzi
    JayCuzzi   23 hours ago

    I love that when it’s cake at stake, people were scared when four said this, “dodo duh do”

  • Hermilo Mateo
    Hermilo Mateo   1 days ago

    And book is that tacp is gone,but she's trap in the jawbreaker

  • Ink Bottle
    Ink Bottle   1 days ago

    2:11 "Well, I'm not the one who doesn't know their value." DANGGG

  • Bucket
    Bucket   2 days ago

    8:58 pencil is behind lightning even tho pencil was eleminated

  • Srk
    Srk   2 days ago

    Animations talking abou how nickel needs to win, didnt he leave the game?

  • Octo Man!
    Octo Man!   3 days ago

    1:22 4 has 5 fingers even though he should’ve had 4 fingers

  • Double AAA
    Double AAA   3 days ago

    i think this is the first episode that the art style changes to the one we have to the recent episodes

  • marcela gallegos
    marcela gallegos   4 days ago

    Gelatin: Waaaaahhh! Haaaaohooooaooo haaaaaX: it's hour the intro four4: .-.

  • SarimPlayz
    SarimPlayz   4 days ago

    MISTAKE ALERT: when 4 zaps gelatin he dosen't have the forks

  • Carson Sepe
    Carson Sepe   6 days ago

    Isn’t interesting that where balloons touched his finger on the Earth is similar to the pillery ruins

  • Koblac
    Koblac   6 days ago

    2:11X knows his value, and so does 4.X = 7

  • Wee Wee
    Wee Wee   6 days ago

    At first I thought lollipop was a male but I realized she's a female