7075, 7076... Whatever It Takes

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • Don't know if this was worth the effort, but was in a chatty mood. Come along for the ride as I sort out a few little things on a Factory Scorpa. We'll do bad things, I promise.
  • Runtime : 12:24
  • scorpa factory trials motorcycle welding aluminum CNC router motorcycle repair bad practices


  • The Browns
    The Browns   4 hours ago

    Trying not to sound to much of a smarty pants but could you not just put a bead of weld on the frame they sit against?Also,a "smidge" is a pretty inaccurate measurement - my dad always measured in gnats cock hairs. He'd be like "just move it a gnats cock hair to the left" etc.If something was a tight fit you could equate it to a gnats chuff apparently. Who knows what that is?!

  • Goearthtour
    Goearthtour   14 hours ago

    Why not just weld the bike instead?

  • Red ROCK
    Red ROCK   6 days ago

    Hahahahha that is to. Funny 🤣

  • Callum W
    Callum W   1 weeks ago

    Could you have not have added weld material to the other side of the foot peg stop? The motorbike side?

  • Henry Theroux
    Henry Theroux   1 weeks ago

    Would braising or soldering not be an option?

  • Peter S. Fam
    Peter S. Fam   1 weeks ago

    We only have your word that you are not a penguin, we've never seen your face. You may actually be a penguin.

  • Kevin Gaul
    Kevin Gaul   1 weeks ago

    How about putting a bead on the frame instead?

  • erikig
    erikig   2 weeks ago

    🧐 Watching this for the 4th time - so many hidden gems 😉

  • Lord Kiltridge
    Lord Kiltridge   2 weeks ago

    I don't even know why I find your videos so addictive. The first and last time I used a lathe, about 40 years ago, I ended up in hospital, To this day the ring finger on my left hand is about 2mm shorter than the one on the right.

  • NoGufff
    NoGufff   2 weeks ago

    5:38 'No other pegging permitted'. Oh my. 🤐

  • Scitch87
    Scitch87   2 weeks ago

    Wait... couldn't you have welded something on the part of the frame where the pegs are pushing against the frame?

  • spidy9237
    spidy9237   2 weeks ago

    7075 my ass...send it to the lab...

  • Daniel Kalston
    Daniel Kalston   2 weeks ago

    Machine a shim space are out of hardened stainless folded over the sides and stick it behind the bolt not a safety issue it's called a brilliance is you which you have not

  • MagsJu
    MagsJu   2 weeks ago

    So, since I'm kind of a scrap yard scrapper who welds "trash" into useful stuff, I'm gonna ask: is there actually something that will explode if welded AND how can I avoid the welding police?

  • Walker Jennings
    Walker Jennings   2 weeks ago

    leave to canadians to complain about nut shots on a bike with no seat just a spot for you nuts to be tapped, ball tapping bIke fun?

  • Lua Dipa
    Lua Dipa   2 weeks ago

    A new rod and method has been made to weld these materials. Just last year.

  • Alan Davis
    Alan Davis   2 weeks ago

    7075 is a zinc aluminum alloy, zinc melts at a significantly lower temperature than aluminum and firms zinc oxide which is naturally slick, at the weld/parent metal junction you have this microscopic zinc oxide which is where the crack develops. Since the weld is in compression you may have a mechanical adhesion that will prevent the weld from falling off. If replacements were available you have to balance cost with benefit and I'll bet you did all that for about $2.00 an hour and you still have worn holes.

  • Sany0
    Sany0   2 weeks ago

    locktite and some shims.....boring though that is, best solution,.....

  • captainboing
    captainboing   2 weeks ago

    Love the whacky production style of tot's vidz. I have formerly adopted "extremely danger" into my own vernacular

  • Alex K
    Alex K   2 weeks ago

    You to smart, to be human. Lizard people? 🤔😜✌️

  • IDEK
    IDEK   2 weeks ago

    220, 221; whatever it takes

  • jason donnelly
    jason donnelly   2 weeks ago

    Those are specially designed peg for pigeon toed people .

  • ratedRF
    ratedRF   3 weeks ago

    You are so weird. I love it!

  • Rune Kyndal
    Rune Kyndal   3 weeks ago

    That sh#$t at 0:20 was funny as he&%

  • its just me
    its just me   4 weeks ago

    3:37 congrats you've been demoted to the couch @This Old Tony

  • IceFalken Ace
    IceFalken Ace   1 months ago

    So the Scorpa brand name is for a mechanical proctologist? Hoping the bike removal was not as painful as the pedal breaking insertion process was.

  • IceFalken Ace
    IceFalken Ace   1 months ago

    I'll bet you can JB Weld them! See what I did there??

  • Dennis5150
    Dennis5150   1 months ago

    Are you a trials rider Old Tony?

  • Brendan Fraser
    Brendan Fraser   1 months ago

    Love the FOOT PEG CLEANER decal..... G'day from MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA