Matt's Thermal Camera Detects A Mysterious Creature | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 31 December 2020
  • Our experts team up with the Supernatural Bigfoot Crew to investigate a mountain in California. During their night investigation, Matt's camera records something incredible.

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  • Runtime : 8:42
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  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis   2 hours ago

    Rocket propelled grenade and I are bigfooting tonight..😆 🤣 😂

  • Lionel Baker
    Lionel Baker   1 weeks ago

    Oh dear!! I know that Telepathy is a science-based phenomenon, but if you can link with a Sasquatch via your mind, why haven't you got one to come up to the camera yet? You're still stumbling around in the dark watching where your feet are, and these guys are up in the trees looking down at you. I know this because I've seen how good they are at climbling them. Their safe place away from dogs/wolves/mountain lions etc is way up a big tall tree. Keep looking, and good luck.

  • Gregory Porter Loomis

    Of course when they spotted the mountain lion it was clear, but if it was a Bigfootit would have been a blurry infrared image.

  • Hangfire
    Hangfire   2 weeks ago

    Jump the fucking shark much guys?

  • Andwer Walton
    Andwer Walton   2 weeks ago

    Just been watching cameras around the world. Watching wild life. So why is the team not going down that path of placing web cameras around some of the bigfoot hotspots it's about time with all this modern technology .I like to believe in bigfoot and like many in the UK need proper proof so come on get the photos and not disturbed like many before give us some proof .are you just in it for making money off tv stations now the chance to tell and show the world that bigfoot does walk amongst

  • David Berry
    David Berry   2 weeks ago

    Interesting show, but come on... any serious attempt to document sasquatch can't be an overnight romp in the woods. 1. Find a hot location2. Set up a plan with the locals3. Strategically place the necessary equipment 4. Spend a few weeks at what is determined to be the peak timesThese drive-by adventures are theater...interesting, but hardly serious.

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1   3 weeks ago

    2:40 Bo Bo is in love 🥰 😂😂😂

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1   3 weeks ago

    Imagine your expertise is making Bigfoot noises 😂😂😂 how the fack do u even find that out

  • John From Scotland
    John From Scotland   1 months ago

    Oh god.....really, And you wonder why the Native American people don't talk to you in depth......its like how I lost my finger in a wild Haggis attack....I won't tell....🤫

  • Ray Simon
    Ray Simon   1 months ago

    If they have been around almost as long as man I don't understand why one hasn't been found dead they don't live forever do you think I have spent 50yrs in the woods hunting everything but bigfoot and always found what I was hunting right now I live in the middle of 200 acres right next to the ohio river still haven't seen or heard one yet so until I do I'm not convinced of their existence

  • Iron_ninja
    Iron_ninja   1 months ago

    i feel like these extra guys on the bigfoot crew are more nuttyer then squrrel shit... and i believe in bigfoots

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis   1 months ago

    The 1st black man ive ever seen that searches for bigfoot

  • J Slobo
    J Slobo   1 months ago

    "I speak bigfoot". Yeah, put that in your tinder bio.

  • Bobo TheGooseMan
    Bobo TheGooseMan   2 months ago

    the bigfoot wont response to the greeting because it is not fluent i was told..

  • Belen Cantu
    Belen Cantu   2 months ago

    Bigfoot is thinking these people are nuts! Super natural team? how about just leave them alone. Quit embarrassing yourselves super natural team.

  • M. GT
    M. GT   3 months ago

    Honestly, sometimes, this kind of thing can be fun. Provides effective entertainment. But nothing is ever conclusively demonstrated to, or not to, be a Bigfoot, and for more than eight seasons of a show, you think they'd have found something concrete if there was anything to find.

  • dec
    dec   3 months ago

    crazy people

  • saitama afton
    saitama afton   3 months ago

    I need sasquatch translate idk what the lady saying

  • bossofall nb
    bossofall nb   3 months ago

    Why would they lie to a couple of million people to get paid.. think that's wrong.. because there's a lot of fake bigfoot hunters

  • jabrinko
    jabrinko   3 months ago

    i thought she was going to howl or something; when I heard her say, "tia hia momo." I was like: get out!

  • Linda H
    Linda H   3 months ago

    Repeat three times, like Beetlejuice.

  • Adam Christie
    Adam Christie   4 months ago

    When that lady said she spoke Bigfoot, BoBo about orgasmed. Lol. But then he heard it and it was like where you see a hot girl from tinder and then you see her in person and she’s 50 pounds heavier lol

  • Leo Clássicos
    Leo Clássicos   4 months ago

    Algum brasileiro que acredita no bigfoot também? Se tiver deixa o like!

  • Jane Regan
    Jane Regan   4 months ago

    Dogman ........ or as it’s a full moon 🌕 maybe a werewolf

  • lolz0r16
    lolz0r16   4 months ago

    Sounds like she’s asking them over for Tea.

  • menatol
    menatol   5 months ago

    Missing finding Bigfoot ..anyone know whether they will come back or are planning on ...hope so ....

  • menatol
    menatol   5 months ago

    Bobo’s response to the lady’s Bigfoot language was priceless

  • Derry Jones
    Derry Jones   5 months ago

    People can't even get a clear picture of bigfoot yet some 1 has learned there language yeah OK I belive you 😂👍

  • Mr6wolfdog
    Mr6wolfdog   5 months ago

    Thank You for attempting to connect to any living thing Ranae .Yeah, right. LOL 🤣

  • Keith Folsom
    Keith Folsom   5 months ago

    This is absolutely hilarious...... What will they think of next.