Pathfinding Forest Roads 2 - Lost on the Backroads - Overnight Adventure

  • Published on: 12 March 2020
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    In this Episode :
    Luke is searching for an old forest road which he has always wanted to hike and things don't go according to plan. That night, a visitor of the forest arrives.....

    Thank you for joining for this overnight adventure.


    : Gear used in this Adventure :

    Warrior Assault ELITE OPS X300 Backpack
    OneTigris Bungalow 2 Tent
    MLD Groundsheet
    Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll
    Helikon-Tex Chest Rig - Firearm
    Helikon-Tex Woodsman Anorak

    Solo Stove Lite and 900ml Pot


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  • Runtime : 53:1
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  • Gönndalf
    Gönndalf   1 years ago

    Man youre production quality just took a quantum leap! awesome!its late now, Im gonna take my time and watch this one proper. :)

  • steven austin
    steven austin   2 days ago

    i think your tent will be waterproof luke well i hope it is for your sake lol great video by the way and i have to laugh at the don,t camp were there,s gun shells around lol. i went out on my first wild camp the day before new years eve it was just for one night but ended up camping for 3 days and 3 nights in my new 25 pound yes 25 pound eurohike tamar 2 man tent to see if it was a waterproof one and it was and im shocked because of what i payed for it. can,t wait to go on my next one as im waiting for the weather to warm up as it is only about 5 degree,s here in sunny england

  • Roux Chat
    Roux Chat   2 weeks ago

    Awesome video!!! I love exploring old service roads, finding a place to set up camp and spend a few days doing day hikes. I'm 72 now so no longer do overnight treks. Sometimes there is evidence of partying and/or spent shells scattered about. Nope, that's not a good option and, like you, I head off to find something safer further on down the road. If there is trash, I'll gather it up and take it out when I leave. Well, this is gross but here goes: my dog and I were doing a day hike out from one such campsite. He stopped and picked something up and was just so darn pleased with his treasure. Upon investigation, I discovered he'd picked up a plastic tampon dispenser. EWWWW!!! Seriously? Just how much trouble would that have been to take out? People can be such pigs. I always carry some zip locks to remove my own TP so had a safe place to store that and pack it out. Not much grosses me out but that kind of thing is a trigger for sure. I've learned to find places further and further from the main roads especially when a town is nearby. Oh, and, yes, most reviews are phoney. I don't shop Amazon. If I find something on Amazon I'll go to the company website and buy direct. Prefer American- or Canadian-made. An Oregon nomad 🌲💗🐶🐺💗🌲

  • John Wrinkle
    John Wrinkle   1 months ago

    you didn't mention how the sleeping bag did, unless I missed it. Maybe the howling was bigfoot, just kidding as always loved watching and listning to you.

  • Seamus McBride
    Seamus McBride   2 months ago

    I found a body hanging from a ponderosa in National Forest. " that's why that truck's been sitting up there along the road for a couple of days."

  • Brian Murdock
    Brian Murdock   2 months ago

    Would you feel comfortable using the chest rig in public and not just out hiking/camping? Thanks!

  • James White
    James White   2 months ago

    It's annoying the shots of coming n going. From afar. So the camera was set up. Just keep it with you. So much better, so much better, haha.

  • Phil Jackson
    Phil Jackson   2 months ago

    I do have a story, but it's not family friendly so telling it on a comment isn't going to go well but the other park staff and I still laugh about it. People never cease to amaze me

  • Pyrochase
    Pyrochase   2 months ago

    The Swagman Roll you are wearing in the Thumbnail doesn't look like the one you had with you, the one in the thumb had red or orange looking zippers. I been unable to find a Helikon with those color zippers, is the one from the thumbnail not a Helikon?

  • Markus Sallai
    Markus Sallai   3 months ago

    Hi Luke! I really like your way of thinking and your honest reviews! Cool Video, by the way! When it comes to wood stoves you really need to try the "BushBox" from Bushcraft Essential! It is a German brand and in my opinion one of the best wood stove you can buy! I have the XL Titanium version and its awsome! I also love to be outdoors and you are right, sleeping outside in the woods will change you forever! Stay safe and helthy, buddy!Greetings from Vienna (Austria)Markus

  • Kuro Wanna
    Kuro Wanna   3 months ago

    The beginning of this episode is almost like a horror movie. The three bikes were riding back and forth. Bullet shells were everywhere. The road sign full of shots. I got kinda scare for Luke.

  • MadScientistGarage
    MadScientistGarage   3 months ago

    More than anything, I like being lost. 😎 thanks for the videos!

  • IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought

    Really diggin your work. Retired field biologist, avid kayak camper, paraglider pilot. One thing I don't get, I know you are clever, is why you drive a rig with that kind of fuel economy. Now, before anyone goes off; me and friends regularly pack 4 or 5 guys with 50 lb glider packs into a suzuki vitarra and climb to the top of mountains to launch. For me, and some friends, we spend that savings on adventure! Don't get me wrong, back in the day I drove a K25, a lifted Ram, an F250 and more guzzlers, but that was a requirement for work. Edit: I'm sure it would have been completely safe to park your truck near the targets and hike the road?

  • Robert Eller
    Robert Eller   4 months ago

    those roots will burn underground for days. im dissapionted in you friend.

  • Ken Fullman
    Ken Fullman   4 months ago

    My Eldest brother was visiting another brother in Australia. They had driven for a few hours in the outback when suddenly a hose on the radiator failed. They stopped immediately and as soon as they opened the bonnet, it was obvious what had happened. Now my elder brother was a car mechanic by trade so was soon able to patch up the hoses but then he turned to my brother and said, "Please tell me you have some spare water on board". My Ausie brother then says "Nope, guess we'll have to get looking for some"At this point my elder brother is in a bit of a panic, They're miles from the nearest road without a map, in the desert with next to no supplies (this was only going to be a quick day trip). But there, right beside them they found a 5 gallon Jerry Can full of water.

  • Barbara Taylor
    Barbara Taylor   4 months ago

    One of the things that I love about watching your videos not only are they telling us tips on what to do and what not to do when camping. But I absolutely love it when you tell stories on things it's happened to you while camping or stories about you and your brother

  • Jeanetta Norton
    Jeanetta Norton   4 months ago

    Just watched this video. You heard bigfoots children playing in the woods ‼️‼️😀😂😂😂❤️❤️. Lol. It's Spt. 13,2021. I'm watching several videos of several people. Your fan, the old lady from Indiana, USA.

  • Gwyneth Pocock
    Gwyneth Pocock   4 months ago

    Do you ever take your wife and or kids with you? I'd love to do it but I only ever go to safe campsites, but I'm old an not in he best of health, I take my five grandkids with me and we enjoy the outdoors. Yes, it's more sanitized than the USA, but I put the headlights on my kids and they love running around the campsite with headlights. They are allowed to roa free and play when the sun has gone down, and I know where they are like fireflies. What an adventure to be able to play in the dark? And I remember taking the family to the toilets to do their last business, and owain, who was eight at the time, had the torch. He kept shining it up in the sky and tripping over things in the grass. 'Put it on the floor Owain' we said and so he did. Autistic owain put the torch on the floor - and walked away. So literal.

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown   4 months ago

    Remembering that in your video adventures. Almost every time you experience the hooting of owls you have strange experiences from unknown wildlife. Those may not be "owls" You are hearing. Owl sounds and strange howling are quite often heard in Sasquach encounters. Just saying or may not be the case. interesting though.

  • Hasufin Heltain
    Hasufin Heltain   4 months ago

    I'd say the weirdest thing I've found out in the woods was an empty stroller. Just off the side of the trail, nothing else. Trail was a good mile or so from anything.

  • Alex Du Barry
    Alex Du Barry   4 months ago

    Just wondering if you're unsure of the days destination and something was to happen to you, how would anyone find you. I know you GPS on your phone presuming it could be located.

  • Mick Green
    Mick Green   4 months ago

    Great video Luke but me i wouldn't go camping on a trail like you for safety reasons asyou can get alot of druggies who have no sense of reason..🙂👍👍👍Mick.

    JCHEN   4 months ago

    Luke, it's not dinner, it's supper, dude!

  • Ryan Mc
    Ryan Mc   5 months ago

    51:13 woah slow down there buddy ;)

  • Brian Maxey
    Brian Maxey   5 months ago

    You couldn't cook a juicy steak on that Solo Stove??

  • Tara Michalsky
    Tara Michalsky   5 months ago

    hey luke, my name is Tara, i have been watching your channel for a bit now,awesome work.. i just want to let you know the part in this video where u said something about owls, those are not owls hun they are young bigfoot.. hope you had an amazing time

  • J THE V
    J THE V   6 months ago

    Weirdest thing? In 2002, on a walk through my local forest preserve district along the north branch of the Chicago River, I came across mallard ducks perching in an oak tree.

  • Calvin Monroe
    Calvin Monroe   6 months ago

    My spirit was lifted every time i hiked in colorado mountains after living my childhood in the southern plains of oklahoma

  • Calvin Monroe
    Calvin Monroe   6 months ago

    The fact that people are that careless and shoot state property signage means the are probably drunk and thats smells of disastrous possibility’s

  • Steven Delano
    Steven Delano   7 months ago

    In Texas you often see shot up signs. Oh the term is spent cartridge cases or pistol/rifle case. I'm a firearm nut. Lol. Even reload to save at the range soon to be carrying September is when we get constitution carry.

  • Coleman Trantham
    Coleman Trantham   7 months ago

    That White Rock Trail sign has been there for the last 20 years I have been stomping around up in there.

  • greg harring
    greg harring   7 months ago

    hey Luke! Really enjoying your channel. However, I wince every time you make that nasty coffee. LOL. Here's what I do, and it's super good: Peets ground coffee directly into your coffee cup. Add hot water. Stir. grounds settle to bottom pretty quickly. Enjoy some real coffee. Yum. I'm 57 and have just discovered hiking and you're helping me tremendously on gear choices. Great job man! and thanks

  • David Ritter
    David Ritter   8 months ago

    Which Fjall Raven anorak are you using in this video?