Bigfoot Expert Talks About Several Sasquatch Sightings | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 22 September 2020
  • The team meets Paul Bartholomew, a local Bigfoot expert. He tells them about a night in which three teenagers and two police officers saw a sasquatch near the road.

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  • Runtime : 8:25
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  • Michael Capporta
    Michael Capporta   3 days ago

    What sucks is that December they came back with one new show and every week it says new show but it's not that all reruns shows

  • Amber Roberts
    Amber Roberts   4 days ago

    Not true when people say they seen it it makes the news. Not only when cops see it.

  • spongebob
    spongebob   1 weeks ago

    Why does no one talks about the datsun 240z

  • urbanfox53
    urbanfox53   2 weeks ago

    Sorry guy's but from a logical point of view these things don't exist. A lot of attention has been focused on Bigfoot over the last 100 years and absolutely no concrete evidence has been produced, 90% imagination and 10% hoaxers, But it is entertaining and very funny. We blindly believe in many religions with no proof so who knows, but I am strictly in the non believer camp, it's fictional.

  • Suoma Lainen
    Suoma Lainen   3 weeks ago

    If there’s really some fucking big foots out there then why theres no bigfoot shit found

  • Steve 82
    Steve 82   3 weeks ago

    Until the remains of a sasquatch are located and dissected, there aren't any experts on the subject. If they exist, we know nothing about them.

  • AnyasCelticCreations AtEtsy

    I was scrolling, came across this, and said out loud, "That's what I want." I clicked so fast, I didn't even read the whole title. I just saw Bobo and knew it would be good. 👍

  • heli-man-2007
    heli-man-2007   1 months ago

    It’s really comical how everyone is an expert yet they have nothing have any of them got their own pictures or physical evidence no so that must make them experts of nothing.

  • vince allacrop
    vince allacrop   1 months ago

    I wonder to this Bigfoot expert's that they keep looking for the creature like almost night when " some of the witnesses have seen it daylight ".

  • fast02gt
    fast02gt   2 months ago

    How about that SSP 5.0 though 👌🏼

  • Dan Ds
    Dan Ds   2 months ago


  • slump entertainment
    slump entertainment   3 months ago

    This makes no sense they only go there for one night and leave stay there for like a month at least.

  • Mike Ellingsworth
    Mike Ellingsworth   3 months ago

    They saw a bigfoot hippie in going to wite a book on my fake encounter with bigfoot. The day bigfoot drove me to the hospital. The day was sunny hot 95 degrees outside. I was driving on Highway 56 going south to bigfoot Creek to see if I could locate a bigfoot. On my way I was only 50 miles away from bigfoot creek. When all of a sudden I had come upon a tree stump in the middle of the road I surveyed to the right and left I hit an ant and killed it squash. I gathered my thoughts of the terrifying incident. I couldn't believe i killed an ant. Again I gathered my thoughts and drove on to bigfoot creek. Arrived about 9:00pm. Stopped at a motel called yes, bigguy motel, motel room number 13 for the night of course. Woke up the next morning showered and noticed in the shower window on the other side of the window was a figure of something big. Could this be bigguy. Like a fool I waved at it and bigguy waved back. At that point I washed myself and dried my self off with bigguy logo was on the bath towel. Dressed and went outside to see if I could see bigguy looked to my left and right the ennis went to the motel office told the Manager what I had seen. He said you saw what. I said bgguy. He said your nuts. I said yes I am nuts. Apparently he didn't believe me the manager went on with his managers job. I hand him my motel key. He said keep the keys you will be back. I thought to myself why would this idiot manager allow me to keep the motel keys. Then I thought to myself, could this fool be gay. We will find out later. At any rate I jumped into my car and drove to my destination bigfoot creek.around 10:00 am. I knew I had to make camp. Pitched my tent rolled out bed roll on my cot and gathered wood for supper and to keep warm at night. The temperature can get down to 35 degrees. When I was chopping wood I cut my hand a deep gash. Bigguy was near by. He noticed when i put out a yell oooooooooooooooooooooooooooouh. So I happen to have a large band aid and a gallon of whiskey took a gulp of whiskey 105 proof of alcohol. Almost passed out luckily bigguy was standing by. Not far from me laughing at me stating you stupid goof, how stupid can you be. Well i picked up a log and thrust the log that weighed a ton. Threw the small log at bigguy and to my amazement he caught the log with one hand. And threw it back at me. Knocked me over on my butt. I fell back and hit a log fell to the ground with a thug. Again bigguy laughed even harder. Finally bigguy said can I drive you to the hospital? I sad sure. Do you have a driver's license? He pulled out his drivers license and said see. I said ok bigguy, so he drove me to the hospital. We were waiting to see a doctor after one day waiting. A doctor came out and said next the doctor examined my hand and said you have to have 50 stitches. He also said stay off your feet for three days. If you have complications come back to the hospital, he gave me meds to take for the pain and infection.bigguy drove me back to the camp sight. Bigguy walked off into the sun light.

  • Charlotte West
    Charlotte West   3 months ago

    Watch "David paulides-bigfoot-like creatures pictographs, dating back 1500 years.

  • Charlotte West
    Charlotte West   3 months ago

    U who do not believe in Bigfoot, and as an alien at that, is other aliens that look like a lizard with scales, another that looks like a praying mantis, so why not one that looks like a primate?But anyway, here is another one to see! Watch "David wilcock extraterrestrial battles have been raging for thousands of years"

  • Charlotte West
    Charlotte West   3 months ago

    Here is another one to see. It's the crazy ones that knows what's really going on and are right! there is talk about Bigfoot in it also. Watch "Jim Sparks, Linda Moulton Howe on the Grey's,implants and e.t projections"

  • Charlotte West
    Charlotte West   3 months ago

    This video is a perfect example of our reality is only a small bit of reality to the much bigger picture! We are not alone, but have several different types of alien visiting and staying on our planet! Watch "Simon parkes and Linda Moulton Howe talk reptilians, blonds and Grey's"

  • Sea Squatch RequiemOVA
    Sea Squatch RequiemOVA   3 months ago

    Its funny, they find a "Squatchy" place, and they say it has 100% bigfoot activity, but then the team just goes to another state and forgets about the hotspot. Why wouldn't they just stay in the "Squatchy" area?

  • prakash pardeshi
    prakash pardeshi   3 months ago

    I hope someone break into your house and damage your home and privacy the way you are doing to other living beings and creatures.

  • Deni D
    Deni D   3 months ago

    WITH TODAY'S tech they should be nail it in no time, but looks like they are making a MOVIE out of it . . .

  • Dan fizzy
    Dan fizzy   3 months ago

    The guy with the green cap looked so stiff and nervous it’s like he was the Bigfoot

  • Dravianpn02
    Dravianpn02   4 months ago

    A lot of the sasquatch "professionals" or "experts" are straight up embarrassing and downright cringey and stereotypical.

  • Sylvia Diaz
    Sylvia Diaz   4 months ago

    Were the deer go the bigfoot will hunt

  • Gavin Brando
    Gavin Brando   5 months ago

    Does anyone actually believe that in America, in all this time, no one has shot and killed a bigfoot yet? Its the USA. One would have been blasted by now ffs

  • AvengerII
    AvengerII   5 months ago

    I like the Jaboody Dubs of these episodes better...

  • Diórgenes Martins
    Diórgenes Martins   5 months ago

    In drawings or pictures of the bigfoot he never has apparent ears, in any description, why?

  • Joe M
    Joe M   6 months ago

    is it me or does this guy look dumb.

  • R P
    R P   6 months ago

    i came here after the nelk boys videos to see if there are real bigfoot experts LOLZ

  • Ben Kramer
    Ben Kramer   6 months ago

    Where the teenagers high? One time I smoked a blunt and saw a bear, turns out it was a stump