Abducted By ALIENS (UFO Encounters of the 4th Kind) | Full HD

  • Published on: 23 October 2021
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    Are we being taken by beings from outer space or another dimension? A troubling phenomenon has been occurring for centuries - countless individuals have very real memories of being taken secretly against their will by Alien entities, many being subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures.

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  • Runtime : 59:10
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  • M
    M   19 hours ago

    The safest way to let it out to the public is just let Biden know aliens do exist and he'll manage to tell the whole world but people will put it on his losing his mind as usual. The secret would be out in the open and people would still fight to not believe just because it's Biden that said it they'll say he is once more just talking nonsense.

  • Susie
    Susie   1 days ago

    The movie "Fire in the sky" based on a true story of people abducted,freaky their stories matched! These aliens were not good.

  • Dave Eve
    Dave Eve   1 days ago

    I have read people don’t really start to have memories until they are at least 3 years old.

  • Melissa Thompson
    Melissa Thompson   1 days ago

    Is there a 2.5 minute long silent space in the middle, or is there just something they don't want me to know?

  • Chris C
    Chris C   2 days ago

    That alien had his back when it came to the girl lol

  • rocco goldenera
    rocco goldenera   2 days ago

    somewhere in the universe alien watching this video and thinking of us oh🤔

  • Madeupbysamuel
    Madeupbysamuel   2 days ago

    Do you think aliens have ever watched YouTube and been like “those silly apes” lol

  • Stewart Pollard2020
    Stewart Pollard2020   2 days ago

    Saw one this morning wearing trainers blue Levi 501 jeans huge head huge eyes and wearing a kiss my quick ring m a alien white t shirt stinking of brute aftershave in portslade

  • Sylvia Cecil
    Sylvia Cecil   2 days ago

    Our image, meaning: God the Father/Son Jesus Christ/Holy Host: Biblical Trinity!! I have know to be wrong, keep in mind God is not the aothor of confusion.(If your not inclined to to believe in God, that is ok) check everything, just test it, do not just believe because someone says it is true. Yes: our Government is well aware of these beings.

  • Sylvia Cecil
    Sylvia Cecil   2 days ago

    What we are seeing, are demons, they are very real. I have run into things that can not be explained: demons, ghost, angle: other things I will not share at this time. ( No it all about me) Bible doesTalk about of this.

  • Rallia Asenova
    Rallia Asenova   3 days ago

    Aliens and humans together are doing medical experiments to people

  • Rallia Asenova
    Rallia Asenova   3 days ago

    Trust me the governments knows about aliens and not only and they are hiding it from us we just have no idea what the real world is I've seen a lot that can make u crazy not everyone can handle it it's really shocking things

  • Lorraine Thibodeau
    Lorraine Thibodeau   3 days ago

    How many hybrids are on earth today in 2022Not all. Abductions are friendly onesSome are brought back but not the same person they were before they were abducted

  • Steve Damien
    Steve Damien   3 days ago

    Funny they always come to humans that fear and don't care them,All Alien enthusiasts will always be ignored by them,,,lol

  • Omprakash Singh
    Omprakash Singh   4 days ago

    It is in year 2019 evening around 7 pm in summer , I saw two flying objects in sky from my 2nd Floor Terrace . It was still there for long . It was not a plane nor a drone but it kept still there . I called my father and both could see for another 10 mins , then it flew away . Why i say it was not drone as Drones keep moving and not just be still at one place for long . But afterwards it just flew away. Took some pictures through my mobile camera but were no clear . I still has it .

  • Maverick 7
    Maverick 7   4 days ago

    Have a feeling "President" Biden has been "abducted" and hasn't returned.........

  • Arnie Gonzalez
    Arnie Gonzalez   4 days ago

    Growing up in the outskirts of the sonora desert, i had to be around 6,or 7 years old we was very poor, our little house was made out of old wood and cardboard, holes in the ceilings, no electricity or water. One night i woke up, on a sitting position, paralyzed from head to toe, but i could see, my surrounds, saw myself floating in the air, not scared, could see that on top of the roof of the small shack we lived in was lit up, not with fire but with light of LED LIGHTS of existence now days, it looked brighter than daylight, i could olso see all my family members asleep on the floor, we had no beds, lined up, not one of them awake. But me. Last i went into a deep sleep, woke up next morning and told my brothers my experience but all laughed at me and told me i was imagining things, and making up dreams, but how could i bee imagining things mid 80s no electricity no tv, how could i bee making up stories. Later on in my teens getting to know my body more i started to notice scars all over my body, in triangular shapes, small holes in my body with flesh gone out of me, and sometimes with blister looking, flared up, or allergic reaction, on my right upper hip. Up to this date cant remember or recall memory of what really happened to me, only my wife and children and a few close friends know about my story. Thanks God im a Christian now, and im trying to put everything behind me, only God knows what really happend to me that night, until i was a teen. Good story, thanks.

  • Goose
    Goose   5 days ago

    Saw a red orb up close outside and it was and still is very hard to explain what I actually saw. It was there and hovered for a bit and was gone at a blink of an eye, I had flip phone then no pics

  • Paul Laubach
    Paul Laubach   5 days ago

    Please stop with the horrible computer graphics. This is part of the reason why the topic has so much stigma attached to it.

  • Max Power
    Max Power   5 days ago

    People who go willingly aren’t abducted. None of this rubbish makes sense.

  • joneser up in smoke
    joneser up in smoke   6 days ago

    Yea its real I live in Buffalo NY and I had so far 3 different experiences. One with light being 1 with what I'm guessing was the praying mantis beings and the felines I'm not gna get into all of it but yea man I'm as down to earth as they come and outside of those 3 ex.I have traveled well came to in this place where the beings looked just like us but wherever I was is so so beautiful. The floors were like digital screens or something their housing was inside of mountains the views were spectacular

  • PiZLe TwizzLer
    PiZLe TwizzLer   6 days ago

    I was woken from my sleep as a child at some still-hour of the night and was compelled to walk across a dark house to check the front door. My families' front-door was solid wood with a pane of glass in the top-half covered by a lace curtain. I remember weaving my way through the quiet house, but as I approached the front-door, I noticed a tall shadowy humanoid figure waiting outside and stopped-dead in my tracks. Then it spoke to me through the door in a deep gurgle, "Unlock the door. Let me inside.", but I couldn't hear it through my ears; rather I perceived it's voice through my chest and spine. The core of me could hear it talk, ya know? So, I remember saying "No!" back to the silhouette defiantly and then reaching-up to part the lace-curtain (to this day, I don't know why)... A face angrily stared back at me, but it was dark (almost shiny black) skinned, wrinkled, and hairless with a small nose, but that's all my 4yr old brain could process at the time. So after staring at each other for an unnaturally long time, I released the curtain and calmly returned to bed as though nothing peculiar happened... only to haunt me later in life.Something however tells me (intuition? insanity?) this is a lie or false conclusion to that night and something else happened that is being purposefully obfuscated. I've consulted with close family, friends but I think it's too scary for them to grasp or they're too polite to just call me a "loony" and move on, ya know? I've attempted self hypnosis and meditation to understand or remember more, but my intentions just seem to dead-end unnaturally. Never seen a professional hypnotherapist though, so who knows what's locked-away in my memory. I'd be a liar if I said it didn't bother me today, but I think I'm ready to know. Any advice? Anything similar happen to anyone else in the late-80's?

  • Richard Hart
    Richard Hart   6 days ago

    They do not need a treaty to abduct anybody. The Government is helpless regarding them. An individual thought pattern (Shadow Person) can do what they want with any human. Human's are helpless against the paranormal. The so-called God or Jesus do not exist as stated in the Bible, there are no Angels protecting humans. The validation is in the mere fact that this abuse goes on!!

    RICHARD CONNER   6 days ago

    Abductee Stan Romanek has picture,s of the biological robotic creature who was responsible for his abductions, & his hybrid daughter.

  • Grace Guzman
    Grace Guzman   6 days ago

    They should add subtitles in Spanish so that we could all understand better what is said in the report

  • B-mac Rap
    B-mac Rap   6 days ago

    If I had a night vision camera I would have the best alien videos in the world

  • Wendy Brum
    Wendy Brum   6 days ago

    For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. Mathew 24:37

  • Raymond J
    Raymond J   6 days ago

    I did see something hovering over my barn it was about 3000 feet n differant colors were going around it and no noise at all so i ran in to get my hunting rifle with a scope to see better as soon as it got up to my eye it went strait upso dam fast it was outta sight in just seconds scared the hell outta me i was never a beiliver what a crazy nite !

  • Talleymebanana
    Talleymebanana   1 weeks ago

    SO many of these alleged abduction incidents that happen to people in their bedrooms or while they're sleeping are easily explained by sleep paralysis or other common human sleep related phenomena. If aliens are sophisticated enough to get here, we're like ants to them. Why would they bother being all secretive about it? They would just take us like a scientist grabbing an ant from an anthill. I'll believe it when Bob from Accounting is abducted from his office cubicle in front of 30 witnesses.

  • johonass
    johonass   1 weeks ago

    This video is f gash. Poorly constructed, almost completely unbelievable. Go watch Joe Rogan instead

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor   1 weeks ago

    Can you imagine, that now, along with everything else, we (people), have to contemplate, (worry) - and ask the question,... R U A - "good which or A bad which"???

  • Cihat Erenoglu
    Cihat Erenoglu   1 weeks ago

    Imagine you‘re on a date and three aliens show up and say „na na this girl is no bueno“.

  • D J
    D J   1 weeks ago

    Loses sound at around 19:00