"Probing the Dark Universe" - A Lecture by Dr. Josh Frieman

  • Published on: 06 June 2016
  • In this one-hour public lecture Josh Frieman, director of the Dark Energy Survey, presents an overview of our current knowledge of the universe and describe new experiments and observatories. Over the last two decades cosmologists have made remarkable discoveries: Only 4 percent of our universe is made of ordinary matter - atoms, molecules, etc. The other 96 percent is dark, in forms unlike anything with which we are familiar. About 25 percent is dark matter, which holds galaxies and larger-scale structures together and may be a new elementary particle. And 70 percent is thought to be dark energy, an even more mysterious entity which speeds up the expansion of the universe. Josh Frieman is senior staff scientist at the Fermilab and Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics and member of the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago. The Dark Energy Survey is a collaboration of 300 scientists from 25 institutions on 3 continents, which built and uses a powerful 570-Megapixel camera on a telescope in Chile to carry out a 5-year survey of 300 million galaxies and thousands of supernovae to probe dark energy and the origin of cosmic acceleration.
  • Runtime : 1:45:22
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  • Skuddingo McWinters
    Skuddingo McWinters   1 days ago

    I fell asleep listening to this and dreamt I was a secret agent transporting an astrophysicist to a new telescope in Chile while an underground evil organization was trying to kidnap him and he was explaining vacuum energy along the way. Awesome dream, good job brain.

  • Abdi
    Abdi   2 days ago

    This is the dumbest comment section on YouTube.

  • Hands Of Light
    Hands Of Light   3 days ago

    If the universe is expanding that means God is making us bigger to get more out of the universe. That means he's adding in certain forms of matter. He could just be making more space until one day he will fill it with more matter so that he can get even more out of the universe. He can create space because of how much energy his realm is made out of. He can create smaller particles than us yet he's larger than us. Its because of the size of his realm that he's able to do this which is why only God can create certain things like space. thats why we don't understand them. God could most likely produce a universe that is smaller than us. Or bigger than us. He has enough energy to defuse particles into smaller forms than us. And his universe is made out of very very large particles or huge masses of a larger forms of matter. Or its alot smaller particles though larger structures.

  • Hands Of Light
    Hands Of Light   3 days ago

    Is the universe getting colder or hotter? If were getting hotter that means God is trying to release some of our energy. He's putting in getting back.

  • Hands Of Light
    Hands Of Light   3 days ago

    Stars die because they get too hot... They get too hot because someone magnetically confined them to make them burn brighter. Stars should die cold without an explosion in normal cases. Though they don't die when they go out cold. They turn into low pressure black holes. thats why I bet Stars have been disappearing because those are Stars that die naturally. Our star will explode if we magnetically confine it or if God magnetically confines it from outside the universe. Now Stars that explode turn into bigger higher pressure blackholes. Dangerous one's that can't be controlled as well... God is using this world to create energy i believe though it could be that someone in those systems learned how to magnetically confine plasma and tried doing it to their sun. There's probably millions of low pressure black holes that are very hard to find because they are colder than black holes that come from exploding Stars. Since they are colder they absorb light better and don't Emitt as much energy though they can still get very extreme in pressure because after awhile of absorbing all of that radiation they get a tiny bit hotter. There is no white hole lol. Someone made this universe intentionally to create more energy most likely. God's universe must be very intense in energy and it is probably always very hot there though since God is God he can exist within that realm because he's made up of the type of matter that, that universe consists of. He has alot of energy in that realm and the only way for something cold to exist is to use lazers to isolate atoms. He has a specific method for trapping the universe with lazers that I'm not going to get into.

  • Hands Of Light
    Hands Of Light   3 days ago

    Gravity is due to space entirely. Space is gravity. Dont be stupid people. Whoever created space is very smart. Space is a bose einstein condensate made of something smaller than a bozon probably or smaller than any particle we could create. There are different levels of space and in some regions of the universe it is colder than others.

  • zkeq
    zkeq   5 days ago

    I blackout to watching youtube wtf was I watching

  • Dan Watt
    Dan Watt   1 weeks ago

    Amazing that the audio guy or presenter has their cellphone powered up and close to the shit.

  • Umar Abdullah
    Umar Abdullah   1 weeks ago

    Subhan'Allah, how can an atheist deny that the Universe was Created by Allah? There are evident signs for those who ponder.

  • Truthful5
    Truthful5   1 weeks ago

    BIG BANG IN QURANthe whole heavenly universe and the earth were (all) joined together as one unit, and then We split them apart? And We originated (the life of) all the living organism (on earth) from water (Surah al-Anbiya Verse-30)SPACE EXPANSION INFO IN QURANAnd We built the heavenly universe with great might. And surely, We are expanding (this universe) more and more.( Surah Dhaariyat Verse-47)اSUN IS NOT ONLY ROTATING ABOUT ITS AXIS BUT IS ALSO MOVING FORWARD- QURANAnd the sun is constantly moving forward towards its appointed destination. It is a measure fixed by the Almighty, All-Knowing (Lord). )(Surah Yaseen Verse-38)

  • Sajin688
    Sajin688   1 weeks ago

    What if Dark Energy is very tiny black holes and the reason we can't see it is because no light can escape them to view them.

  • Francesco M
    Francesco M   1 weeks ago

    how comes scientist saw a galaxy 32 billions light years away and the universe is only 13 billions years old? like.. seriously? 19 billions years missing?

  • Super Ficial
    Super Ficial   1 weeks ago

    ººBlack holes were first introduced in a science-fiction novel back in the sixties, then it became a Walt Disney movie in 1979 (Of course it's going to be Walt Disney) and now we have actual photographic evidence of someone's imagination. Do they take us for fools ? Images from the dwarf planet Pluto actually has Pluto's face on it ? Yes, They do take us for fools.ºLies can only be explained with more lies. We went from matter and energy to anti-matter and anti-energy to dark matter and dark energy. We went from an infinite universe to an ever expanding universe to multiple universes. It took the Special Theory of Relativity to rationalize Relativity and it took Relativity to make any sense out of Gravity and it took Gravity to explain everything that science can't. ºAlbert Einstein invents nothing, discovers nothing, has no breakthroughs and proves no theories. And yet he wins two Nobel Peace Prizes for writing on chalkboards that only Sir Arthur Eddington and the 1% say that they can understand, everyone else is just too stupid.ºLiars don’t need advance knowledge, they don't need to be intelligent, they just need our blind obedient faith. An informed public would not do well for a free work force.

  • Tiger
    Tiger   1 weeks ago

    This video suddenly appears if you tilt your phone or try to browse other videos. Not creepy but someone wants to guide (or misguide) you.

  • Dee Neyugn
    Dee Neyugn   1 weeks ago

    Could it be dark matter is result of using imaginary number in your calculations?

  • WildEngineering
    WildEngineering   1 weeks ago

    at 1:19:00 the answer is complete shit. He could have said "the universe expanded faster than the speed of light" which was inflation.

  • Rose Hudson
    Rose Hudson   2 weeks ago

    why are comments full of morons who think everything is fake and government is hiding from us that we are in fact all gay?

  • DRSulik
    DRSulik   2 weeks ago

    How do you know dark matter is not electromagnetic fields?

  • DRSulik
    DRSulik   2 weeks ago

    How do you know the raisins are not shrinking?

  • Nonconcensusical
    Nonconcensusical   2 weeks ago

    Mass is in Counterspace. Matter is in Space. Mass attracts Matter. Equals Momentum. The Bullet Cluster Galaxy. Neutrons are Compressed Atoms.Atoms = Protons, Neutrinos (oscillating Inertial plains) Electrons. Rarefaction of Neutrons. #1 rule of the Universe = Compression ~ Rarefaction ~ Compression ~ Rarefaction ...Or, the Universe is imploding. Like, fractals from the Mandelbrot set.

  • Fortified Mentality
    Fortified Mentality   2 weeks ago

    Fell asleep while that first guy was waffling on. Was the lecture good?

  • Sebastian Tufigno
    Sebastian Tufigno   2 weeks ago

    Bus No. 69 get you there in a split of a second. LmfaoMy wife is more interested of how my neighbour manage to buy a new car then all this. She said it`s A BIT complicated and can`t argue about it. Lmfao

  • Ken Mallon
    Ken Mallon   2 weeks ago

    You open by saying the universe is 13.8 billion years old and then go on to say the furthest objects we can see are 30 billion light years away. Those must be some impatient photons to start their journey 16.2 billion years before the birth of the universe.

  • Vlad Snape
    Vlad Snape   2 weeks ago

    15:11 Scientists should stop using the term 'halo' when referring to dark matter - this word gives the wrong idea about the actual shape. It is not a 'halo' at all. Pick a better word please.

  • Jase
    Jase   2 weeks ago

    Thanks for telling us about when the flute players are on. Can't wait.

  • Vlad Vlaovich
    Vlad Vlaovich   2 weeks ago

    What's a dark universe: do you mean My home of non-time-like space?

  • 최윤식
    최윤식   3 weeks ago

    https://youtu.be/fvZmlnxyndA Black hole labyrinth solved 블랙홀 미궁 풀었다

  • JasonJason210
    JasonJason210   3 weeks ago

    Did we really need the Bernie Sanders joke? Lame.

  • Colin Maharaj
    Colin Maharaj   3 weeks ago

    19:40 Dec 14 1999. That's my birthday 😆 well. 1969. Just woke up here