Incredible Baby Sasquatch Sighting | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 15 September 2020
  • A couple claims to have witnessed a baby Sasquatch perched upon a tree on their farm in the Ozarks.

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  • Runtime : 8:45
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  • Donald Lamont
    Donald Lamont   2 weeks ago

    If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a Bigfoot surprise.

  • clark savage
    clark savage   4 weeks ago

    i never watch ur vids anymore / you never find anything

  • jolly roger
    jolly roger   1 months ago

    BS fools, "only one suspect, that's a Sasquatch"? These knuckleheads have been researching how long?

  • Figgie Figueroa
    Figgie Figueroa   1 months ago

    Bobo git something stuck in his mouth.You can not understand a word comes out that hillbilly mouth.

  • Joseph Feleppa
    Joseph Feleppa   1 months ago

    So in the beginning of this video they are describing what they saw to the BFRO team, and with any evidence or doing some investigating say they saw a baby bigfoot. LoL

  • Ed Wells
    Ed Wells   1 months ago

    Bigfoot, while only being 2% of the cryptid population, account for 95% of all media mentions.

  • Beatrix Jones
    Beatrix Jones   1 months ago

    We have big foot in Missouri. Our neighbor has a game camera with a junior big foot sitting down looking straight at the game camera. Crazy! 💯 legit.

  • Sharon W
    Sharon W   1 months ago

    Oh crap, another Bigfoot story. If the baby Sasquatch was sitting high in a tree why couldn't it have spotted the couple walking towards it and left the area before the couple even got close enough to see it? Just another BS story!

  • Whitelighting X2
    Whitelighting X2   1 months ago

    I seen a adolescent back in the late 90’s just within in miles of where you are talking about on table rock lake.I had 2 witnesses with me and it was daylight

  • Ty Goff
    Ty Goff   2 months ago

    Bears also climb trees, black bears are around 4 foot tall

  • Joe Morrow
    Joe Morrow   2 months ago

    One of the most entertaining episodes with results 👍👍

  • Josh Dewitt
    Josh Dewitt   2 months ago

    Finding Bigfoot: have a conclusion and use evidence to try and prove it. Real science: use evidence and come to a conclusion afterwards.

  • james thetruth
    james thetruth   3 months ago

    I saw one in a local park while eating beef jerky.

  • J Phillips
    J Phillips   3 months ago

    thank God for YouTube it took me 15 seconds to bounce through the video to the end where they find nothing!

  • princessprilly80
    princessprilly80   3 months ago

    Here is the question 2year old or a baby monkey or Bigfoot

  • Ed Boi
    Ed Boi   3 months ago

    8:18 great trump impression

  • solan417
    solan417   3 months ago

    Wait wait wait....Shoji ?!? The Real Shoji ???........very cool.

  • Arrow Nation
    Arrow Nation   3 months ago

    You know your brain can play tricks on you 😂 you know that right

    TIKTOK TRENDS   3 months ago

    Im going to be addicted in this thing expedition thingy i find myself im watching it the wholeday at even in night and another day it is really interesting😊

  • Just Jones
    Just Jones   4 months ago

    Baby Squatches look and behave exactly like baby Black Bears.Funny that eh? Edit:I love the way that Moneymaker 'knows' what Sasquatches think & do. How arrogant can a person be? He probably loves the smell of his own farts.

  • Tampa User
    Tampa User   4 months ago

    The little size comparisons are pointless waste of time. Or that is the point, gotta fill up that airtime. I wish they could come up with some fresh ideas. Producers, whadya say?

  • Casey Mizokami
    Casey Mizokami   4 months ago

    I wish I could block the animal planet bigfoot videos. Holy shit they sound stupid

  • Li Lo
    Li Lo   4 months ago

    Hahahha this is my home area how cool !!! There are Bigfoot here seriously

  • frodo swaggins
    frodo swaggins   4 months ago

    that bobo guy needs to have some backstory about how a bigfoot kicked his head during an encounter and thats why he talks like a guy who got kicked in the head by bigfoot. because that bobo guy totally sounds like bigfoot kicked him in the head. am i right?

  • Telling Thetruth
    Telling Thetruth   4 months ago

    If they found a magnum condom in woods they would say must be a sasquatch condom

  • Chicken Juice
    Chicken Juice   4 months ago

    6:27 this is how they try to attract a bigfoot.are you kidding me

  • Sami Supias
    Sami Supias   5 months ago

    Matt Moneymaker looks like a guy who likes to hang out in bars, a lot.

  • Dazzle You
    Dazzle You   5 months ago

    I believe in this one. By the way like to kick your but for making calls. One came right up to me for doing Bigfoot calls and stomped for 15 minutes in bushes where I sat trying to play dumb.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford   5 months ago

    the gayest fakest bigfoot researchers anywhere. this show is a joke

  • Robert Silva
    Robert Silva   5 months ago

    This show is a waste of time all they do is spin what a few hours at a location maybe two days at the most all they do is talk to eyewitnesses that's what a whole shows about is all they do is talk this show should be cancelled yes Bigfoot does exist how bad does this TV show want to find a Bigfoot for real they would have to spend six months out in the wilderness to collect DNA evidence and to find a Bigfoot that's what I did I spent six months out in the wilderness and I actually have evidence of a Bigfoot I actually have DNA evidence that proves that Bigfoot does exist pictures videos even number one samples urine sample number two sample even blood drops of a Bigfoot that proves that Bigfoot does exist the thief people never even prove Bigfoot exist these people would Never spend six months out in the woods if you want the proof let me know