One Liquid That Won't Bleach!

  • Published on: 06 October 2019
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    Today we're taking bleach and dye and seeing which one is stronger. Will dye change the color of bleach, or will bleach overpower and dissolve the color?

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  • Runtime : 11:51
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random   9 months ago

    Like this comment if you think we should bleach Nate's hair 😂

    DEATHRACER XD   3 weeks ago

    LOL i drink cranbery juice on a normal basis

  • Emma Deitch
    Emma Deitch   3 weeks ago

    What happens if you freeze dry or dehydrate bleach?

  • Jody May
    Jody May   3 weeks ago

    They made poison beer 6:38

  • Jonathan Vardon
    Jonathan Vardon   3 weeks ago

    What happens if you mix mercury/gallium with bleach?

  • DolphinLunaSol
    DolphinLunaSol   3 weeks ago

    Calli:in the next video we’re gonna bleach Nates hair! Nate:that’s not gonna happen! Haha haha 🤣 so glad that didn’t happen!

  • valt aio
    valt aio   3 weeks ago

    What will happen if you put cotton candy

  • Ellie Carter
    Ellie Carter   3 weeks ago

    1:23 - 1:26 at first, Me: HEACK YA WE SHOULD Nate: not happening. Me: Calli promised tho...😢

  • Emmy Norman
    Emmy Norman   3 weeks ago

    Is there a scientific reason I can’t think of for 11:20

  • Kevin Alg
    Kevin Alg   3 weeks ago

    On a fundamental level, bleach literally destroys the long molecules that create color. Blues are harder to bleach than others because this color molecule (chromophore) is longer. So when you say it's killing the color, it's literally destroying the color.

  • Glamco Umbra
    Glamco Umbra   3 weeks ago

    A few tips for fountain pen inks:- Blue is the easiest to clean (black is a close second)- Green is in the middle- Red is the hardest to clean- Watch out for the brand; they all have their own ink recipes and they all interact differently- Some inks (like Noodler's Bulletproof Ink and Platinum Carbon Black) are harder to clean than others (like Colorverse and Waterman ink)

  • Fire Pigeon UwU
    Fire Pigeon UwU   4 weeks ago

    I want to see someone bleach a sausage (hotdog). Please I don’t have access to bleach 😅

  • DML Fanatic
    DML Fanatic   1 months ago

    Question is though, will bleach bleach hair??

  • Kiara Mcnamara
    Kiara Mcnamara   1 months ago

    Can you bleach popcorn or any other type of food

  • play 2 slay
    play 2 slay   1 months ago

    When it comes to cranberry juice YOUR WEAK 🤣🤣

  • Daniel Orlic
    Daniel Orlic   1 months ago

    Callie: next video we are going to bleach nates hair.Nate: thats not gonna happenIn callies eyes you can tell that somehow she will bleach his hair

  • Kitten Smith
    Kitten Smith   1 months ago

    Is it just me or do they always try something when the other already did lol*calli takes drinks* * nate takes drink*

  • Kale Skates
    Kale Skates   1 months ago

    Can y’all clear up if u r together so many people wonder

  • A7MED_ UM41R
    A7MED_ UM41R   1 months ago

    0:46 when someone randomly looks at you.

  • Grace taylor
    Grace taylor   1 months ago

    Once my mum said she made normal jeans into those bleached ripped jeans So she said she cut and ripped them then wore them in a bath tub of diluted bleach I thought for years that she just had a bath of bleach instead of water

  • Grace taylor
    Grace taylor   1 months ago

    Once I heard someone say "You know when someone says something tastes horrible and you shouldn't taste it, and then you taste it"Callie:*tastes cranberry juice and coughs because it's sooo bad*Nate: now she's demonstrated how bad that is,.............I'm going to try it

  • Idk Sub to me
    Idk Sub to me   1 months ago

    Try dyeing idk plastic 💨 smoke glass fabric 📝 paper with weird stuff

  • nat suar
    nat suar   1 months ago

    People 100 years ago:Were going to invent time travel in 100 years.People 100 years later:LeTs TrY tO cOloR bLeAcH

  • bomba clat
    bomba clat   1 months ago

    Ngl kinda surprised Cali didn't say she wants to taste it

  • Christian Mendoza
    Christian Mendoza   1 months ago

    Hey I have that exact calligraphy art writing set! Its soo cool!!!

  • Shadow
    Shadow   1 months ago

    The paint that had the apple on it is what i useEdit: my friends and i roleplay and one of my firends' chararters (his name is flip flop or flop flip (depends on the clone) and flop drinks bleach and i just thought of him the whole video

  • A Vlog•Com
    A Vlog•Com   1 months ago

    Nate:That looks really neat. Then Cali:That’s pReTtY

  • Uzair Buksh
    Uzair Buksh   1 months ago

    Pls try melting deodorant sticks and make a huge one

  • Alisa Brewer
    Alisa Brewer   2 months ago

    It looks like pee 😂🤣🤣 🤣😂😂

  • Jayzer10
    Jayzer10   2 months ago

    i think the white balance is off in this video

  • Appel Liefie Audiobooks

    I think paint contains inorganic pigment whereas the other dyes are organic. Oxidation will only destroy organic dyes, not inorganic pigments.

  • Lyric Skyes
    Lyric Skyes   2 months ago

    I once poured bleach on a stain and it degraded the fabric and shredded it basically