I did an Oopsie in Minecraft - Part 21

  • Published on: 29 July 2019
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  • Runtime : 31:3


  • Jitendra Sinha
    Jitendra Sinha   5 hours ago

    Please talk in hindi because your 70% daily viewers is Indian

  • W. Alex Nam
    W. Alex Nam   15 hours ago

    회사의 규모마다 다르고 각 부서별로 필수로 써야하는 회식비가 있긴한데 한끼에 인당 25,000원이면 좋은 회사 다니나보지 뭐ㅎㅎ

  • Naji M
    Naji M   15 hours ago

    I hate that he killed the other bird

  • BananNals
    BananNals   3 days ago

    22:48 hu lives in a pinepel under the sea

  • Vectrex 2020
    Vectrex 2020   3 days ago

    12:20 is where he confesses to cheating. You can all thank me later.

  • Kuba Bednarczyku
    Kuba Bednarczyku   3 days ago

    That tree in the middle of his house has been there sińce the first episode

  • Liucija Petkevičiūtė

    other minecraft youtubers:beat the ender dragon,beat the wither,has netherite armor pewds: I K E A B I R D

  • C0c0nut Milk
    C0c0nut Milk   5 days ago

    Me who cried when he didn’t want ikea bird #1 : :(

  • TBNR greifer
    TBNR greifer   5 days ago

    Why doesn't he start breeding wolves and start a sven generation

  • My_Wallet
    My_Wallet   5 days ago

    PEWDIEPUE couldve just right clicked ikea bird with his hands and not go to the jungle but content

  • random GAMEZ
    random GAMEZ   6 days ago

    he missed a melon at 22:18 when he needed seeds

  • Yamikage VG
    Yamikage VG   1 weeks ago

    Imagine if he killed Dinner Bone with that accidental hit underwater lmao

  • a1den _ tayl0r
    a1den _ tayl0r   1 weeks ago

    Jorgen: deadWater sheep: deadBoat cow: deadDinner bone: missingBone jorgen: deadSven: aliveIKEA bird: aliveMushroom cow thing: deadJorgen 2 deadBernie: deadPee pee poo poo: aliveIKEA bird 2: alive

  • innie
    innie   1 weeks ago


  • Damary Mirabal
    Damary Mirabal   1 weeks ago

    I don’t like pipipupu, I like more a. Horses 😑😑😑☹️

  • Sylandia
    Sylandia   1 weeks ago

    Manz lost a ear on his headphones IT CAN CAUSE DAMAGE SIR

  • SlackesQT
    SlackesQT   1 weeks ago

    Can someone make a tutorial on how to build this pls

  • BubbleGumBonnie
    BubbleGumBonnie   1 weeks ago

    Pewds: They’re all living in harmony!proceeds to kill all the animals

  • Filip Stojanovski
    Filip Stojanovski   1 weeks ago

    pewdiepie: o if I had a horse that is just like yourghen when walking by the same horse as yourghen