creative vs inventive

  • Published on: 20 October 2020
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    I just talk about technology / inventions / gizmo / gadgets / innovations / whatever in this one. I think technology is cool. With all of the information we have we can learn to create whatever we want. I love watching youtube videos of new inventions and technology but I can't really participate in that world, only observe. I found out when I was young that I am much more creative than anything. I love being creative and pursuing art so I am happy, but still can't help but to be dazzled by the science world. I love thinking of invention ideas though. I often day dream invention ideas with absolute no regard to if it could actually work. It's just for fun and a good way for me to kill time/procrastinate.

    This video was made in kind of a sloppy way but honestly I think it might be my best I've made yet? Regarding jokes at least I feel I did pretty good. I have a problem where I ramble on when I tell stories in other videos, and I think I went the other direction in this video where I did less rambling and more funny honk honk. Hopefully It didn't come off as to directionless though. I showed some of my friends and they seemed to like it. hope everyone else does too :)

    This video was just prompted by day dreaming. It's more stream-of-consciousness rather than a big story. I kind of liked doing that because it gave me a little more wiggle room to be creative in a different way. I might try that out a bit more. just short goofy stuff. I hope you don't mind that it's shorter. I felt if I tried to make it longer it would just end up being rambling. Short and sweet is what I was trying to go for.

    I have another video I'm already working on that will come out really soon. I am pretty pumped about that. I am bad at upload schedule and uploading in quick succession is something I'm excited about.

    Stay safe ❤️ see you next video.

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  • Ice Cream Sandwich
    Ice Cream Sandwich   3 months ago

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  • Sunburst
    Sunburst   1 hours ago

    The depression powered car is genius! You drive it forward with current depression, slow down due to the car curing it, gaining it again due to the car slowing down, which then speeds up the car and the cycle repeats!

  • lonk bonk
    lonk bonk   3 hours ago

    guy: depression powered carme: wanna see me run to that rock? wanna see me do it again?

  • Jeremias Sanchez
    Jeremias Sanchez   14 hours ago

    normal people: ok this vid is funny people who whatch flamingo and saw the airplane part: DIE DIE DIE

  • Julian Mulley
    Julian Mulley   16 hours ago

    "Slowly gets sucked a 747 engine at max throttle"

  • ToasterCat
    ToasterCat   21 hours ago

    I’d honestly watch a full video of you animating peoples inventions

  • Kai Kwon Do
    Kai Kwon Do   23 hours ago

    The way he says ice-cream sandwich at 1:18 is very adorable UwU

  • Xeno Scum
    Xeno Scum   1 days ago

    Only this man can make a sponsorship part entertaining

    LUNAR PLAY   1 days ago

    Depression powdered car: existsMe:GAS GAS GAS

  • Alansar Trignot
    Alansar Trignot   1 days ago

    Can we have more of those things from the beginning? I loved those it’s hilarious

  • Eric Aase Olsen
    Eric Aase Olsen   1 days ago

    You walk into the workshop. Youre filled with determination

  • Jacq0
    Jacq0   1 days ago

    Maths: Ice Cream Sandwich: ABUENOS ADIOS [Win95 startup sound]

  • Adam Urban
    Adam Urban   1 days ago

    Modern artist be like: yeeee remember when did actually good panting so I made these 7 lines and, uhhh that's a horse give me 1 m dollars

  • sloth
    sloth   1 days ago

    i feel the exact same

  • Manson Chan
    Manson Chan   1 days ago

    sandwich saying garbage made me laugh lol

  • Pidialski
    Pidialski   1 days ago

    this is the first time a Youtuber actually successfully sold me something.

  • Crayze
    Crayze   1 days ago

    the controllers without drift xD

  • It’s Hxney
    It’s Hxney   2 days ago

    Bill nye dated my teacher but they did break up sadly

  • Ghoulz-FN
    Ghoulz-FN   2 days ago

    i almost choked on the michael reeves part

  • hell na
    hell na   3 days ago

    This guy making nord VPN adIs so true

  • simon chow
    simon chow   3 days ago

    Depression powered car HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Eric Wejman
    Eric Wejman   3 days ago

    0:05 “change da world. My final message. Goodbye”

  • Mugaka Murakumo
    Mugaka Murakumo   3 days ago

    Yo, I'd love to collaborate with Michael Reeves, Sexy Cyborg, and help design a real life [email protected] WORKABLE Gundam™️ (but not a Gundam™️) and the money power and brain power of Elon Musk. Real life. Military mecha. SUITS. Can you see it? C'mon Mr. Musk, let's make it happen 😍And I'm not talking about Kurata..

  • IVI R Cheese
    IVI R Cheese   3 days ago

    ice cream sandwich advertising an ad blocker lmao

  • Lone None
    Lone None   3 days ago

  • 74_ emu
    74_ emu   3 days ago

    You invented something and that is animation comedy