Super Smash Bros. Direct 4.8.2014

  • Published on: 08 April 2014
  • 01:14 Release Timing
    01:45 Technical Tidbit
    02:39 Differences Between Versions
    03:56 Nintendo 3DS Stages
    04:57 Wii U Stages
    07:57 Online Play
    08:38 Game Modes
    10:43 Enjoyable Online Multiplayer
    11:40 Global Smash Power
    13:00 Items
    14:26 Assist Trophies
    15:49 Pokémon
    17:20 Returning Fighters
    23:41 New Fighters
    30:20 Mysterious Special Moves
    31:12 Smash Run

    #SmashBros #Nintendo3DS #WiiU

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  • Runtime : 39:4
  • nintendo 2ds Super Smash Bros. (Video Game Series) Nintendo 3DS (Computer) smashbros Video Game (Industry) Nintendo (Organization) wii u Super Smash Bros. (Video Game) smash bros nintendo news Masahiro Sakurai Sakurai


  • Jed Head
    Jed Head   6 days ago

    Waluigi plush next to Sakura waluigi cinfirmed

  • Send Toes
    Send Toes   1 weeks ago

    This is the most iconic about modern smash this whole direct was amazing

  • Percy WONG
    Percy WONG   2 weeks ago

    wait until Bayonetta ruined the game

  • Sappling2p
    Sappling2p   3 weeks ago

    I’m so hyped for this direct! Think he’ll reveal the Mario remasters on switch?

  • Watch Dog
    Watch Dog   1 months ago

    11:51 2018 Sakurai: I'm going to pretend that didn't happen

  • Brad Anderson
    Brad Anderson   2 months ago

    Imagine The Nintendo Switchty U with Super Smash Bros. UltimU

  • DaleyReviews Channel
    DaleyReviews Channel   3 months ago

    Who’s here watching this in 2020 after Ultimate was released, and is getting Nostalgia from watching this?

  • Søul Central
    Søul Central   3 months ago


  • Villager
    Villager   3 months ago

    0:10Look look gary there i am

  • Smg4Fan587
    Smg4Fan587   3 months ago

    Wait little Mac is from Mike tysons punch out but no Mike Tyson trophy or spirit

  • kingfrozenghost
    kingfrozenghost   4 months ago

    I never seen the Smash 4 Direct, but seeing this now is kind of exciting! I need to get the DLC again.

  • Ales Mansay500
    Ales Mansay500   4 months ago

    14:30 😂Waluigi: one day I will be playable in smash,

  • Joshua Schneider
    Joshua Schneider   4 months ago

    15:04. the sad part is, this was as close as we got to Waluigi being in this game.

  • Supa Luigi Phan 64
    Supa Luigi Phan 64   4 months ago

    Why is Luigi's overalls a dark blue (if you select him he has Navy blue overalls) and his shoes are darker (if you select him he has light brown shoes like Mario) th the that's just strange !!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Antonego64
    Antonego64   4 months ago

    35:59 watch the upper left corner!

  • Carlos Villafuerte
    Carlos Villafuerte   4 months ago

    No one gonna talk about Waluigi in the background when he talks about assist trophy’s

  • M P
    M P   5 months ago


  • jordan simms
    jordan simms   5 months ago

    Man little Macs recovery looks worse in this game

  • Giro and Karin
    Giro and Karin   5 months ago

    I'm gonna be honest, I don't like how Zelda looked in Smash Bros Brawl and Smash for WiiU/3Ds.

  • dragonmb7
    dragonmb7   5 months ago

    6th year anniversary of this video!

  • Reubster
    Reubster   6 months ago

    Im getting recommended older directs but fast forward to now no direct in 6 months life’s great

  • FoxMcCloud3173
    FoxMcCloud3173   8 months ago

    Hearing someone other than the ultimate’s english sakurai voice is really weird now

  • Lottop
    Lottop   8 months ago

    i just came here for "Yes im still alive."

  • AceMechanical
    AceMechanical   8 months ago

    And now there's an equal amount of FE characters as original Mario characters in smash