This Reddit post got me teared up.. LWIAY #0092

  • Published on: 20 September 2019
  • reviewing lwiay for the first time
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  • Runtime : 22:21


  • Ritvik123
    Ritvik123   8 hours ago

    Pewds: "The tickle isnt appropriate"Me: " Okay seems fair"Pewds:" Then how about fingering?" You what?

  • SuperYoshi Films
    SuperYoshi Films   1 days ago

    If the ender Pearl's are testicles, then when u kill it, its balls drop

  • Cynder757
    Cynder757   3 days ago

    That message at the end and Felix's reaction to it made me so soft and cozySalem, hope you're doing well ♥

  • Loralei Null
    Loralei Null   5 days ago

    I loved his petty shameless plug for his chair, had me dieing 😂

  • kyu
    kyu   1 weeks ago

    6:02 its from my hero aademia

  • Adam Crabtree
    Adam Crabtree   2 weeks ago

    7:50 I was so uncomfortable yet i dont even know the man

  • Classified
    Classified   3 weeks ago

    2020 Quarantine, btw... to miss this LWAY intro.

  • noobTV
    noobTV   3 weeks ago

    If you have an iPhone 8 the brofist at its peak is the exact size of a real fist so you can brofist the brofist bro

  • Thomas Ardizzone
    Thomas Ardizzone   4 weeks ago


  • it'smezara!!
    it'smezara!!   4 weeks ago

    No matter how dope it is, you have to add the comma!!!

  • Tatheer Fatima
    Tatheer Fatima   1 months ago

    You mean poking because fingering is more inappropriate

  • волк
    волк   1 months ago

    6:03 Its an anime called “My Hero Academia” And its also the most popular manga in Japan right now.

  • Mr.chezturt
    Mr.chezturt   1 months ago

    STOP! Don’t touch me ,I’m Irish!

  • hutson vanderford
    hutson vanderford   1 months ago

    I wasnt here from the beginning. But I was here before 80mil

  • kwuziツ
    kwuziツ   1 months ago

    Felix: dies in gamegame was like father

  • Chiran Weerasekara
    Chiran Weerasekara   1 months ago

    the enderman theory would explain why they don't like you looking at their legs

  • I hate Banaynays
    I hate Banaynays   1 months ago

    Did anyone else think that the naruto sweater looked like swiper the Fox? XD

  • Random Kiddo
    Random Kiddo   1 months ago

    "Is that a tracing of One Punch Man? I'm very confuse"me: knowing that it's BoKu No Hero Academia and is OFFENDED