People Laughed at His House, Until They Went Inside...

  • Published on: 23 December 2019
  • People Laughed at His House, Until They Went Inside...

    Although most architects design homes that fit properly into the urban centres all around the world, there are a few who like to stand out. If you’ve ever had the urge to create your own hobbit hole or build a life-sized lego house, you’ll find inspiration in these unusual homes. These strange and unusual structures are memorable each in its own unique way. We have included only actual-built homes, not Photoshop creations, of which there are many fine examples sprinkled around on the web. Here's a look at some of the strangest and bizarre houses from around the world!!!
    15. World’s Smallest 1sq Meter House, Germany
    Not sure how this works but if you dislike humans, it’s the ideal home to own. Berlin-based architect, Van Bo Le-Mentzel, created “One-Sqm-House” probably the smallest house in the world! It’s a DIY wooden structure, which uses only one square meter of space and can be used as a dwelling place, mobile kiosk or even an extra room inside your apartment. Because of the flipping mechanism, it can be used both vertically or horizontally.

    The house consists of a wooden frame, slide window and a lockable door. Since it weighs only 40 kilos and has wheels, it can be moved around easily. This was inspired by his life as a refugee where he had no alternative but to live in social housing. Le-Mentzel decided to build a place only for himself. According to him, It’s the only square meter in the world where he can decide what direction the window looks in, what direction the door opens in, what neighbours he has.
    14.Rock house, Portugal
    Although in the photos this house looks like a massive rock, this house in Portugal actually has a door, a chimney and a window, and has become a huge tourist attraction. There are many other heavy and gigantic granite boulders in the village of Monsanto, which is why the residents chose to build houses around, between and under them long ago.

    13. Crocodile House, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
    Well, well, well, if getting swallowed by a humongous crocodile is a fear of yours then let me wow you by showing you this daring home in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Thiery Atta who was an apprentice of the artist Moussa Kalo who designed and built the house was gifted the home after the artist’s death.


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  • Wulf Claw
    Wulf Claw   1 months ago

    My house is similar to the Rock house-Portugal !W

  • Jackyblue67 Same
    Jackyblue67 Same   1 months ago

    He better hope nobody don't run off with his house now lol .

  • Ali S
    Ali S   2 months ago

    World Toilet Association.

  • Simon King
    Simon King   2 months ago

    One square foot meter house.One square M house.🤦‍♂️

  • ejuniper9
    ejuniper9   3 months ago

    HIS? There were many houses.

  • Mikaelin Hann
    Mikaelin Hann   3 months ago

    "the hobbit house" oml you they just created my dream house

  • Ttt Ttt
    Ttt Ttt   3 months ago

    " comprises of two stories..."Seriously?

  • David Letasi
    David Letasi   3 months ago

    I'm waiting for the shoe box house, oh wait how about a coffin house, that way you can keep it forever!

  • Mirko Bozic
    Mirko Bozic   3 months ago

    Souvenir poo and toilet museum would be a surprise anywhere but China.

  • Bun Service
    Bun Service   3 months ago

    Don,t juge by the book in there cover U.U

  • Jojo Spencer
    Jojo Spencer   4 months ago

    I saw it on the intro...previously on lost!...😊 was so addicted to that series ❤

  • The Wizard
    The Wizard   4 months ago

    7:34No ones going to mention the statue taking a dump ?

  • Dona Sejdiu
    Dona Sejdiu   5 months ago

    I would design the Flint Stones home,the bubble house and the house that was built for the family in Mexico the hobit house too👌🏻

  • J N
    J N   5 months ago

    Love the flintstones replica.

  • Caroline Brook
    Caroline Brook   5 months ago

    0.37 - One square foot metre house!?! hahahaha!