Simone Biles Nails The Uneven Bars | Summer Champions Series

  • Published on: 21 August 2018
  • Simone Biles makes the uneven bars look easy at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships as part of the Team USA Summer Champions Series presented by Xfinity.
  • Runtime : 2:2
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  • Tati sem Ana
    Tati sem Ana   2 weeks ago

    I think the pride of the coach is beautiful. Not for less, since she fills his ass with money kkkkk

  • Yiran Aref
    Yiran Aref   1 years ago

    The Biles is my fave gymnastics move of all time!

  • Margo Kafka
    Margo Kafka   1 years ago

    Is it just me or does she seem less genuinely happy? Like the pressure is getting to her?

  • kammy kay
    kammy kay   1 years ago

    Kmallory, It’s really sad that civility in discourse have diminished so greatly in our civilized society, that individuals far too often resort to name calling and put downs. It’s unfortunate you found my response “ignorant” thereby determined I was ignorant, I will work on that blind spot. However, I stand behind my response and yes, I did read comment correctly. Have a Blessed week.

  • Jake Bob
    Jake Bob   1 years ago

    Dismount Name: Fabrichnova

  • Felicia Y
    Felicia Y   1 years ago

    If she can point her toes more beautifully, it would be gorgeous

  • Os W
    Os W   1 years ago

    Gabby dugles is cuter

  • ALLAN c
    ALLAN c   1 years ago


  • Koolaid Man
    Koolaid Man   1 years ago

    Her coach is hot. Or whoever that guy is in the red shirt. HOT.

  • Michael Elliott
    Michael Elliott   1 years ago

    Hey, love me some Simone B. ;) Do it young lady. Although, I'm a Nike guy myself. Brunch anyone? :)

  • elaine p
    elaine p   1 years ago

    Run out of air just watching her. How is she able to still walk and smile after ALL THAT ❤

  • Twice ForLice
    Twice ForLice   1 years ago

    Everything was so quick, smooth,l and she made it looked easily and hat landing was awesome!! Her dismount was too! I’d give this a 10.00

  • Jay6459
    Jay6459   1 years ago

    So nice to watch Biles without hearing those annoying commentators running their mouths. Thanks for posting this "quiet" version.

  • kmallory100
    kmallory100   1 years ago

    She is so talented and pretty but I'm wondering why she insists on wearing a phony pony?

  • Yes
    Yes   1 years ago

    How old is she???

  • Candela Bustos
    Candela Bustos   1 years ago

    Simone..sos lo mas grande que hay... maravillosa!!!

  • Haley Nicole
    Haley Nicole   1 years ago

    I think Simone is Amazon the only thing that i think she should work on is her feet. Her point isn’t very good but everything else is amazing

  • Luis Zamora
    Luis Zamora   1 years ago

    That dismount is fantastic! I’ve never seen it before. That should be named after her.

  • James Frew
    James Frew   1 years ago

    She doesn’t have the best form on bars but those are some big tricks. She does a Dawes 1.5 pirouette and a double in dismount. Last American gymnast to do that successfully on an international level was Amy Chow in the 90s.

  • makeupbycarlcapellan
    makeupbycarlcapellan   1 years ago

    Knowing how hardworking Simone is, i would love to see her soldier on to Tokyo :-)

  • Noah
    Noah   1 years ago

    We love unfair coaching

  • Andrei Buendia
    Andrei Buendia   1 years ago

    At worlds, would Simone get a deduction for Laurent saying "up" during the dismount?