BFB/TPOT Memes #19

  • Published on: 15 January 2021
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    Creator of bfb (aka jacknjellify) :

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  • Runtime : 14:32
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  • Fourtle
    Fourtle   3 months ago

    Discord :​ plz share the video i had to reupload it

  • geremy
    geremy   2 days ago

    The old-time things Bing Bing

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E   5 days ago

    1:44 teachers be like :

  • J bird
    J bird   1 weeks ago

    0:42 p o t a t o

  • OuO
    OuO   1 weeks ago

    Jack is a liar he didn't released tpot

  • Fuyavepachy
    Fuyavepachy   1 weeks ago

    no matter what, BFB, TPOT, IDFB, BFDIA,and BFDI will always be the best object shows!

  • Magnifico Nicky A
    Magnifico Nicky A   2 weeks ago

    13:08 my brother: I think you should stop projecting the blame on to me (even tho it's really he's fault) My mom and dad:

  • Pagahs
    Pagahs   2 weeks ago

    The POV your British is offensiv to my country

  • Bryanna :3
    Bryanna :3   2 weeks ago

    Marker falling off of a cliff is a meme now

  • The Santalones
    The Santalones   3 weeks ago

    Wait, at 13:44, why is Fanny in his own category in this goddamn meme?