BFDI 6: Power of Three

  • Published on: 01 June 2010
  • You know those multivitamin commercials where they say that everything's getting smaller? Well, so are the teams... temporarily. Not everyone gets their desired team!
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  • Runtime : 10:54
  • battle for dream island bfdi cartoon total drama tdi tda tdwt competition teams


  • Kyle Wills
    Kyle Wills   2 days ago

    Fun Fact: TV is technically an original to BFDI because they debuted in this episode

  • Igor Janev
    Igor Janev   3 days ago


  • Zackwithn
    Zackwithn   6 days ago

    Four: (sees the title)Four: intense laugh

  • Forky and Bros
    Forky and Bros   1 weeks ago

    3:54 Announcer: Snowball is Grouped with Rocky.Snowball: Oh Great, That’s Helpful. He Doesn’t Even Have Arms!Announcer:......and Golfball.Snowball: Noooooooooooooo—Announcer: Don’t They Make a Great Team?Snowball: oooooooooooooooooooo! Huh?

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer   1 weeks ago

    I W A N T T O C R Y N O W . I R E A L L Y D O . ~ The Announcer

  • Michael Long
    Michael Long   1 weeks ago


  • CircleO 1
    CircleO 1   1 weeks ago

    1:55Let’s break it downHere’s what the announcer said:“The factorial of the difference of the square of the number of spatial dimensions in this universe and one more than the smallest perfect number.”Here’s what it looks like with mathematical terms:(((The number of spatial dimensions in the universe)^2)-(The smallest perfect number+1))!The universe has three spatial dimensions. Three squared is nine. The smallest perfect number is six, and 6+1 is seven. Let’s simplify the equation more:(9-7)!9-7 is two, and two factorial is two. Therefore, The announcer was right; what he said does, indeed, equal two.

  • Мария Сенина

    4:31 go Egyptian proposed whipping c hop Ethiopia Phuong fifty gAgony batik Estelle could show Tito Hoi this whip crop

  • Nikki Hidalgo
    Nikki Hidalgo   1 weeks ago

    if the contestants actually went home firey would go to a volcano or something and Leafy would go to. A tree

  • iris hawk
    iris hawk   1 weeks ago

    Me when my only sibling I liked died: 4:02Me and the bois when somebody says gaming is bad: 10:38