Girl Experiences Six Sasquatch Sightings! | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 25 March 2021
  • The team is back to Louisiana to investigate the testimony of a girl that might have seen a Bigfoot over six times while walking her dog.

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  • Runtime : 8:50
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  • JohnieDSM
    JohnieDSM   1 days ago

    Im wondering if everyone forgot how to use phone's camera :D only dirt pictures like taken in mid 60's :D

  • THE_secular_conservative

    No bones. No definitive pictures or videos.The breeding population would have to be too large to go unnoticeable. No bigfoot.

  • Nick Morgan
    Nick Morgan   1 days ago

    Hahahaa we left our skeptic behind, so you're all safe

  • Jay Sartori
    Jay Sartori   3 days ago

    I still say a good Bigfoot is a dead one because science can finally identify them as a species! Till we prove that they exist one way or another we should shoot them!

  • Ghost
    Ghost   4 days ago

    Every episode is the same. 1. WHAT? Someone might’ve seen/heard something 2. Let’s go talk and take a look3. Never find anything 4. Give the show an ironic namerepeat

  • Amber Roberts
    Amber Roberts   4 days ago

    Girl must watch Todd standings lol ya I see it all the time

  • Yung Lion
    Yung Lion   6 days ago

    That lil girl better watch out. She needs a shotgun goin outside. They grab women

  • Lionel Baker
    Lionel Baker   1 weeks ago

    Sasquatches are predominantly, but not exclusively nocturnal. They are inqusitive by nature, and it may be that this one feels fairly comfortable with the girl. She should strap a GoPro to her chest every time she walks that path now. That would be revealing.

  • Tom Nekuda
    Tom Nekuda   1 weeks ago

    Personally, I think the "Sasquatch" is the inbred child of some first-cousin Southerners that escaped from its parents basement.

  • gaurav jadhav
    gaurav jadhav   1 weeks ago

    I Think its a hybrid of Gorilla And Bear MAde by mad scientist

  • Jim Hendrix
    Jim Hendrix   1 weeks ago

    i saw a capybara once in Quebec Canada, far from their habitat and still till this day a lot of people don't believe me!!!

  • jim Crag
    jim Crag   1 weeks ago

    The finding bigfoot team couldn't find their arses after a fart.

  • Baz _123
    Baz _123   1 weeks ago

    @0:18 what's Bernie Eccelston doing there

  • paul sawczyc
    paul sawczyc   1 weeks ago

    Maybe young girls are not a threat and more approachable.

  • preston thomas
    preston thomas   2 weeks ago

    7 ‘ feet is little what we saw coming from Eastern university in eastern Washington it stood over 18’ feet tall it was Gray and white black face reddish orange eyes and IT was MASSIVE HUGE !!! their are really no trees to hide behind in this part of WA STATE hundreds of thousands of acres no trees.

  • Pat Stokes
    Pat Stokes   2 weeks ago

    Well he's a know it all, isn't he.

  • JoJo Mafia
    JoJo Mafia   2 weeks ago

    Bigfoot’s real! No one has to convince me. I’ve had several experiences myself and even family with me have seen them while out 4 wheeling and fishing. 👍Edit: I believe that girl too! I swear the Bigfoot’s know who’s good to animals like her and will actually come close in daytime. I had the very same experiences as Victoria and during daylight. Animals are not always fearful of them either. I’ve seen one by a bunch of ducks, deer, and stray cats. 👍The animals were almost like they were used to it where I live. Didn’t give off a predator vibe either.

  • colderbeer
    colderbeer   2 weeks ago

    For well over 80 years mankind has the tech to kill whales, sharks, alligators, lions, hogs, bears, and many more animals. Yet isn't it so amazing that over the past 80 years not a single person who has seen a Bigfoot has captured or killed one? And this includes all of the heavily funded teams of experts who have gone into the forests for weeks and weeks at a time. Do you believers and story tellers even realize how goofy and loony you sound when you start telling your fairy tales?

  • JimmyJams
    JimmyJams   2 weeks ago

    I can't stand the use of the word squatch.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith   3 weeks ago

    I'm honestly after watching this not buying Victoria's story at all, think its bullocks. To be honest I do suspect that Bigfoots could exist in our world, but her story isn't to me adding up. I think she is lying for the fame and attention, but thats my opinion. However, for the guy who set up the research group. That one could and I think might be genuine encounter as he was not expecting it and it just happened. Think his is more likely real, actually happened. Just my opinion. 😀👍

  • Alex Ashworth
    Alex Ashworth   3 weeks ago

    These guys are not good at this at all. Lack of research and overall moral.

  • mimi mimi
    mimi mimi   3 weeks ago

    Night vision camera on teen girls house

  • aaron klean
    aaron klean   3 weeks ago

    That is a good size pine, I would hide behind it. Plus she is a female, if she walks it often does she see it when she is on her period. Male dogs will react to a female at this time, maybe a Sasquatch would do the same. Small female and none dangerous dog, would get a different result than a male.

  • Niner Gang
    Niner Gang   3 weeks ago

    1:39 is the face I make when she say she went to sleep at 7:30pm yesterday 🤣💯

  • J White74
    J White74   3 weeks ago

    I'm sorry but 1:37 has me DYIN😂🤣😂🤣

  • Mr Digit
    Mr Digit   3 weeks ago

    well, ive never seen a bigfoot over many years of hunting, but if i did, unless it was menacing me i surely wouldnt shoot it, around these parts if you arent gonna eat it, we dont shoot it,.......unless its maybe a poisonous snake or a coyote.i have found weird kills of small deer in the woods that were puzzling, and other things too, but never have seen to the folks on the video, they know if they are lying or not, and that makes it theirs to deal with.if there are bigfoots, lets hope they like hog meat........

  • Johnny Bickle
    Johnny Bickle   3 weeks ago

    That man may have saved himself a murder conviction. Sounds like a hunter in a Gillie suit to me....

  • Niall Bourke
    Niall Bourke   4 weeks ago

    ''No one would dedicate their life to a lie, they would say it and then get on with their life' untrue people keep it up for ever, it's been proven.

  • Len Ledwidge
    Len Ledwidge   4 weeks ago

    Give these witnesses and the four researchers a lie detector test to see who is bull shitting who.

  • PARIS Ballard
    PARIS Ballard   4 weeks ago

    Probably King Kong,he loves Blondes 👱‍♀️

  • Faith Ersland
    Faith Ersland   1 months ago

    It’s got to be a blast and frightening all at once

  • Jonathan Maglieri
    Jonathan Maglieri   1 months ago

    These guys have no idea what they are talking about. There have been many reports of BF following females and children around out of a sense of curiosity. There have been many reports of this behavior. Primates in zoos have been observed observing children and women and trying to interact with them. They probably do not find them threatening and are just curious. With these dudes' reactions, I would never share any experience with them, because they obviously only want to hear what they want to hear, and they will accuse anyone who tells them a different series of events of being liars. So much for "You can talk to us about it. We won't laugh at you."

  • Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor   1 months ago

    My nose is twitching it senses bull shit🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tevis Fredericks
    Tevis Fredericks   1 months ago

    It's called comfortability. She's not a threat. Many many years ago. I use to go camping 🏕 upstate NY, Monticello. The old camp ground was called lazy G. I use to leave food, snacks, etc and more. Until 1 night I decided to not leave food. 2 bulky squatches tried to put there hand through the window of my back room trailer. Than they moved to the front deck and shook the trailer. Crazy thing. You can still see the hand prints on my trailer till this day but they ran off when me and my uncle flipped the front deck lights on. We saw them run into the woods. How I knew it was 2 squatches. They was huge, running at a speed that wasn't human like. Also the moons light 🌙 was bright and ironically in the same path the squatches ran. So we did see clearly and know it was 2 huge squatches

  • Realist
    Realist   1 months ago

    I've heard many sightings very similar to Victoria's...