It Came at Night - Violent Mountain Winds Wild Camp

  • Published on: 09 April 2020
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    Luke is back with another Escaping the Virus Adventure just in time as trailheads, parks and forest areas are closing.

    In this adventure, Luke experiences some of the strongest winds yet along with some incredibly beautiful mountain landscapes!

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  • Runtime : 1:8:15
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  • TheTonyMellonChannel
    TheTonyMellonChannel   1 years ago

    Hi there, Luke. Tony from Italy. I'm spending my time at home, since the lockdown.. But i'm glad that you're here with your videos, so i'm not complain too much. Life is good, man. Life is good.

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson   3 days ago

    Take Care Buddy that did turn into some serious wind , Onetigres Tent another winner for sure.

  • Mark Armesto
    Mark Armesto   3 weeks ago

    Luke, I watch all of your videos as they come up. I trust your evaluations and recommendations. What chest ack are you wearing?

  • Jerry D.
    Jerry D.   1 months ago

    Let's see....Self isolation basically since 2010 when I lost my son. This Covid is impacting my life like others....It took my ex, the boys mother eight months ago,more isolation.That story with the birds you found was touching and heartfelt, the tears proved it.I've been trying to get back into backpacking, I'm 62 and hope has left meagainJust wishing for a chance to come withinoneselfplease. (If you can't already tell, I've lost what little hope ( and sanity) I have left, long time viewer, don't show it in the "like" column or the comments but I do get the philosophy of the show and Luke's spirit and endeavor to give the best out there. Thank you and peace and good tidings from the Conejo.)

  • Michael Horn
    Michael Horn   2 months ago

    The most important thing to remember about rocks in a creek is that they are very slick, especially with vibram soles on your boots. I've gotten wet more than once crossing a creek on rocks

  • Daetyme
    Daetyme   3 months ago

    No one signed in, do bad guys sign in? Nope. I sure hope that you carry a personal locator beacon, you did say there was a murder in that other area.

  • Patricia Reid
    Patricia Reid   3 months ago

    I have been stocking up on supplies since the pandemic began. If we go into lockdown, I will be ready.

  • shorea27
    shorea27   3 months ago

    I can barely finish a movie on netflix and yet I'm glued to all 68 minutes of your video.

  • James Singer
    James Singer   3 months ago

    Welp. When I got to that part about you shaking the little kids hand and breaking out your hand sanitizer like someones great aunty. I immediately disliked the video and unsubscribed... Sucks because I am fittin to buy a tent this weekend but I refuse to support total stupidity... The rest of you people, what lockdowns are you talking about??? i think ya'll are just drama queens or maybe you just live in a communist country but I never got a single day off work and corona virus didn't really impact my life for the bad at all. I actually wish it'd come back so the traffic goes back down on my commute. Anyway if you people feel that you were "locked down" in the United States of America. Perhaps you should move away from the hell hole city you live in. They do build houses outside the city you know...

  • Sheila C.
    Sheila C.   3 months ago

    Hey Luke, love watching your and Susie's videos. Hey if that money still had the serial number on it, it is legal tender and can be spent, taken to the bank for a new one. I'm stuck in the city on the top floor of an apartment building and I am going outdoors vicariously through y'all... Stay safe and be careful out there!!!

  • DD
    DD   3 months ago

    You're the coolest trekker online! Really enjoy your treks and company. I am watching this a year later, but during the pandemic I researched and found many preventives and cures for the virus which powers that be put out of people's reach or knowledge. Some were effective since I used them on myself and family members who were infected. I am not from the US or Europe.

  • Jill Cooper
    Jill Cooper   3 months ago

    I offered free babysitting to single moms. I also put together care packages for sick neighbors and friends. I also made bread and gave it to elderly neighbors when the stores ran out of bread. We were put on the earth together to see each other through.

  • Hooch
    Hooch   3 months ago

    Do you need a permit for any of the locations you camp at?

  • Chris Tran
    Chris Tran   4 months ago

    Don't be a libtard, be a man and shake hands without fear.

  • peter
    peter   4 months ago


  • Seamus McBride
    Seamus McBride   4 months ago

    a crumpled up half of a one dollar bill? Sounds like toilet paper to me....

  • arseymcpherson
    arseymcpherson   4 months ago

    Hopefully you got a hat for that pale irish Skin after this one.

  • Abby Arnold
    Abby Arnold   4 months ago

    Do not use hand sanitizer .The virus will remain between the hand and liquid .

  • Linda Riley
    Linda Riley   4 months ago

    Just stay at home pay bill, to store far as i go .have goodtime . NLR Arkansas

  • Raising 3 Boys
    Raising 3 Boys   4 months ago

    40:00 I have been able to work with no restrictions and actually spent a ton of time with family. Probably one of the few out there that was positively affected by this pandemic. Only negative was visitation restrictions with my 99 year old grandmother. Poor lady.😕

  • Ellli white
    Ellli white   4 months ago

    What boots or sneakers have you found to be the most comfortable to wear while hiking and how well do they protect and support your feet?

  • Ellli white
    Ellli white   4 months ago

    What kind of pack is that little pouch you carry in the front

  • Cailin
    Cailin   4 months ago

    Water is very deceiving .. rocks that look like a fine stepping stone can be slick as hell, or just collapse under you. There was like an ankle deep river edge in West Virginia that was knocking grown men on their asses. Be careful out there 😬

  • Paula Cooley
    Paula Cooley   4 months ago

    2020 was a very hard year I was in my house for a year and 3 months, do to not begin able to wear a mask...

  • Katherine Morgan
    Katherine Morgan   5 months ago

    God you crack me up, you unzip your pouch to get the hand sanitizer , wipe your hands only to grab the infected zipper lol No wonder this germ spreads like crazy lol

  • RunAwayGuy7
    RunAwayGuy7   5 months ago

    I know that I'm late to answering your question, but last year when the pandemic started my father and I got out our bikes and went to the local trail and started biking around an hour a day. After a while we were able to bike around 20 ish miles every other day. It was really nice to get exercise. Other than that I worked on my school work, and watched youtube. I also played video games.

  • Sir Knight
    Sir Knight   5 months ago

    So is that S&W, M&P or Springfield?

  • Chester Ogilvie
    Chester Ogilvie   5 months ago

    Be looking forward to the grommet jar come next April

  • LSD Locks
    LSD Locks   5 months ago

    Since lockdown? Fighting corrupt politicians and big pharma...

  • Gary Goldstein
    Gary Goldstein   5 months ago

    Hand Sanitizer is not recomended against a virus. In order to clean one's hands you must use soap and develop a rich suds to lift the virus from the surface of the skin and then water to rinse away the contamination. Hand Sanitizers evaporate and leave contaminates on the surface of the skin. Then you eat with those hands and eventually you wonder why you test positive and pass your germs to others before you know it. It is like sitting in a boat away from shore while taking on water and decide to use a drill to drive holes into the bottom of that boat...why would you do that? let the water out. The analogy is rediculous but so is using Hand Sanitizers that do not lift or rinse away the surface contamination.

  • BIG Stick
    BIG Stick   5 months ago

    Thats why i bring ear plugs.. Been in some crazy whipping winds and you can't sleep with all that snapping going on.

  • HellEuphoria
    HellEuphoria   5 months ago

    Love the tent, anyone have any ideas on which he's using? I'd like to see his review on it too, if he did one

  • SKVP Photo
    SKVP Photo   5 months ago

    Sleeping like that will never work in Texas. Wake up next to Jake the Snake.

  • Kathy George
    Kathy George   5 months ago

    This popped up a "year later". So weird to hear about states shutting down. I hope all here are healthy. I am a nurse practitioner who works er and dialysis. So I did a ton of overtime this past year. I still wear goggles and a mask for entire shifts, am thankful I am vaccinated. Ive seen everything from mild to fatal cases of covid. I really wish it was over, but its not. We are better at treatment but people still die from it. Love the trip