Bfb elimination order, but their COLORS decide their votes. [P1]

  • Published on: 03 October 2020
  • Bfb episodes 1-10, next part will come out mid-late october!

    have a good day :)

    (Music is evolekaf, [fake love], from Yoylecake Michael)

    (all characters in video belong to Michael and Cary, or JacknJellify, i do not wish to take credit for any characters seen, this video is only for entertainment)

    no copyright infringement intented

    no rascism intented this was just made for fun pls dont attack me

    wrong color at 4:57
  • Runtime : 5:55


  • VedicNebula
    VedicNebula   4 months ago

    let me know if theres any mistakes,this took a long time and i mostly worked on it at night so

  • Emelita Manansala
    Emelita Manansala   1 weeks ago

    I love how you used avocado as an example, avocado is my favorite, im sad he didnt debut :(

  • Nicholas Tran
    Nicholas Tran   1 weeks ago

    Mistake this is on words kinda and math nothing with color

  • robin smith
    robin smith   1 weeks ago

    Rocky is eliminated bomby is eliminated pen is eliminated leafy is eliminated cake is eliminated blocky is eliminated bell is eliminated David is eliminated

  • Jess Chio
    Jess Chio   1 weeks ago

    David and Rocky are kinda sketchy.

    XxSPICES xX   1 weeks ago

    Me when pen gets eliminated : Well f-

  • DunBun
    DunBun   1 weeks ago

    1:00Match: Look, Pence-Pence, I'm safe!Pencil: Yeah! Too bad about Fanny though.Except pencil is right.

  • Not_Estains
    Not_Estains   1 weeks ago

    alternate title: "BFB but it's racist"

  • Lilith Austin
    Lilith Austin   2 weeks ago


  • one sus boi
    one sus boi   2 weeks ago

    And David is eliminated with 999,999 votes!

  • Allison Brewer
    Allison Brewer   2 weeks ago

    What if you take ice cube and it’s up for illumination twice does ice cube get the same amount of votes

  • Card
    Card   2 weeks ago

    Wow people hate Rocky ;-;

  • Team Oofers
    Team Oofers   2 weeks ago

    i cant believe the code for rocky is actually 99999 :-:

  • Floppa
    Floppa   2 weeks ago

    BFb 2Rocky’s votes: ITS OVER 9THOUSAND!!

  • AnimAlex
    AnimAlex   2 weeks ago

    1:34 Rocky get nearly a million votes! What the fu-

  • Hlpfl Alms
    Hlpfl Alms   2 weeks ago

    Uhh woody was dyed orange so his votes would be different because orange woody and regular woody are different colors

  • kaleoprime619
    kaleoprime619   2 weeks ago

    Imagine rocky acutaly got eliminated with 999999 votes

  • PSPauloPlayz
    PSPauloPlayz   2 weeks ago

    that was just sad for rockyEdit: And david too

  • Nightmare Gaming
    Nightmare Gaming   2 weeks ago

    Me nocking my head on the wall when leafy was eliminated