1V1 AGAINST 16 Year Old Mikey Williams!! (INTENSE)

  • Published on: 15 September 2020
  • Stream on ALL platforms here: https://li.sten.to/LNTIB3F
  • Runtime : 11:24
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  • Tivo Kenevil
    Tivo Kenevil   2 hours ago

    For min I thought black Julian Newman was playing lol 😂

  • Trill & Lito
    Trill & Lito   4 hours ago

    He ain’t even put the score on the screen lmao

  • Curtt Globvl
    Curtt Globvl   5 hours ago

    nigga said I’ll shoot whenever I feel like it lmaoo young nigga a g

  • Yoyo gaming
    Yoyo gaming   5 hours ago

    you better watch tee tee from him🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexander Choi
    Alexander Choi   16 hours ago

    Intense 1v1 Mikey ain’t even playing defence and he be toying on offence

  • Hoffman ibrahim
    Hoffman ibrahim   21 hours ago

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  • Dj AK
    Dj AK   1 days ago

    Ddg pulled up to the 619 to get killed on the court 😂. That’s how daygo cats cut boii

  • Ashya Petty
    Ashya Petty   1 days ago

    he deleted the videos of him and Germany girl🤦🏽‍♀️he’s a dummy bruh.

  • Belvi Haiti
    Belvi Haiti   1 days ago

    I am crying for how he destroyed DDG right now😂😂😂He wasn't even trying that hard

  • lindell monigan
    lindell monigan   1 days ago

    This dude is garbage why are u even wasting your time dam lol bad he just trying to get his likes up on YouTube he a scrub

  • Jolly Jr.
    Jolly Jr.   1 days ago

    Maybe he thought the music success would carry on

  • Cpj
    Cpj   1 days ago

    This was by far not intense

  • Viali RS
    Viali RS   1 days ago

    DDG your trash at basketball.. dont ever go challenge anyone no more..cause all you do is shoot😂 man trash bruh

  • 還在想
    還在想   1 days ago

    INTENSE? he didn't even try lol

  • Dremt Raflores
    Dremt Raflores   1 days ago

    What the fuck was that's not even intense bro??🤣🤣

  • Johannah Morrison
    Johannah Morrison   1 days ago

    Mikey was like let me go ahead and run this game real quick he looked like he didn’t even wanna run the game dead ass... DDG trash then he was like u should have let me get the ball first like boy take that ass whooping like the Man U was bragging to be when u step in the court💯🤙

  • TaJan'e
    TaJan'e   1 days ago

    See I like this no bad talking just playing. Cool, calm, and collected

  • 817chuy On insta
    817chuy On insta   1 days ago

    Is it just me or is the camera man shakin tf outta that camera💀😂

  • Marvin G
    Marvin G   1 days ago

    This nigga Mikey coolin like he playin against his baby cousin while DDG playin like it’s a rl nba match

  • Sebastien Brunache
    Sebastien Brunache   1 days ago

    The other dude was not even trying and DDG was trying to much lol

  • lulEdaP
    lulEdaP   1 days ago

    I remember when dgg used to post 3 blogs a day.... them was the days