REANIMATED MAP - BFB 15: The Four Is Lava

  • Published on: 01 March 2020
  • Oh my gosh! What's Four going to get up to this time? And what's that coming out of his mouth? Ew... Anyway, let's see who can survive the next epic M.A.P in Battle For BFDI!

    Join Firey,Leafy.Flower,Puffball,Bell,Blocky and all the rest of your remaining pals as they venture to get to a common goal-and maybe try to prevent each other from doing the same

    Thank You For Watching This M.A.P And Thank You To The Animators!

    BFB 15:

    Second Channel:
  • Runtime : 15:47


  • riley andre
    riley andre   1 weeks ago

    battle for dream island again 8:85 It looks like the Last look like some of the episodes

  • kaleblox
    kaleblox   1 weeks ago

    This Is Not Fake But Still It's Normal

  • gael gonzalez
    gael gonzalez   1 months ago

    13:12 nedlee & spongy:are we safe 4:NO nedlee & spongy:¡¿but why?! 4:YOU BOTH MISSING SOMEONE

  • Vania Barbosa
    Vania Barbosa   1 months ago

    Sim meu coração confia demais em vc não viu o

  • MashieMator
    MashieMator   1 months ago

    I love how he changes the thumbnail so much

  • Pingu2-BS
    Pingu2-BS   2 months ago

    10:02 I red it, TROC stands for:TheRaceOfChildren

  • Sahibdeep Khehra
    Sahibdeep Khehra   2 months ago

    Transcript (also captions): there there excuse me but Dora is llama

  • L L
    L L   2 months ago

    “7:51” I died

  • Soha
    Soha   2 months ago

    leafy's EyelasHeS

  • Iris Paras
    Iris Paras   2 months ago

    0:22 WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ICE CUBE!!!!??????

  • 2021 BEEG SMG4
    2021 BEEG SMG4   2 months ago

    13:12 whoever made this is very GOOD drawing bfb

  • 2021 BEEG SMG4
    2021 BEEG SMG4   2 months ago

    5:15 what the ****. Why Does Saw Look Like That

  • Cammi :3
    Cammi :3   2 months ago

    13:37 un used voice that got deleted :0

  • cenna gaming
    cenna gaming   2 months ago