Harry Styles Talks 2020 Tour, The Little Mermaid And Watermelon Sugar 🍉 | FULL INTERVIEW | Capital

  • Published on: 31 October 2019
  • Harry Styles rang Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp to discuss his brand new bop, 'Lights Up', and how he looked so shiny in the music video. The hitmaker also spoke about the possibility of a tour next year, being cast (and then not) in The Little Mermaid, his double-duties on Saturday Night Live, and whatever 'Watermelon Sugar' is...

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  • Runtime : 4:49
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  • Elena Manuritta
    Elena Manuritta   2 days ago

    why is no one talking about the way he says “number” at 0:07 ??? he sounds so american😭😭😭😭

  • mira
    mira   3 days ago

    his face when the guy said eric😂😂😂

  • Ema Leon
    Ema Leon   4 days ago


  • vaishali thakur
    vaishali thakur   6 days ago

    I wish i had a boyfriend with this kind of voiceeee🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

  • Asees Kaur
    Asees Kaur   1 weeks ago

    Imagine Harry playing role of prince Eric and u are little mermaid!

  • Angelynn Eberly
    Angelynn Eberly   1 weeks ago

    I think wotahmelon sugar is about Harry bringing awareness to the amount of sugar in watermelon because there’s quite a large amount of it and the sugar is about the equivalent amount to the amount and strawberries and he really talks about how tempting- it is to eat watermelon especially on a summer evening because it’s so hot outside. I have finally figured that out Finallly

  • Havisha Ail
    Havisha Ail   2 weeks ago


  • pubsubs
    pubsubs   3 weeks ago

    did he stutter? yes yes he did

  • lily _kr
    lily _kr   3 weeks ago

    0:37 omg i died the way he looked and bit his lip

  • Lauren Pearson
    Lauren Pearson   3 weeks ago

    Omg I wanna get a purple bath robe like Harry has

  • Riya Pachauri
    Riya Pachauri   3 weeks ago

    The common words he says in almost all the interviews- "um, you know".

  • Any BA
    Any BA   4 weeks ago

    When he said I wanna be touring next year and realized he hadn't announced the tour yet 😂 he just went like "maybeh" I don't know...

  • Angad Bajwa
    Angad Bajwa   4 weeks ago

    Is noones gonna talk about how Harry is wearing the earphones in only one ear.And I think these are those earphones he was wearing when he was mobbed.(everyone was talking about the fact that he does not have airpods)

  • Anna M
    Anna M   4 weeks ago

    Omg imagine being the number he accidentally called tho. “Hello- HARRY STYLES?!?”“Sorry wrong number, my bad”“NO WAIT DONT HANG UP-“Then you’d have his number. THE Harry Styles

  • L M
    L M   1 months ago

    0:03 he said it like he did in one direction 🥺

  • L M
    L M   1 months ago

    1:40 his cheeky smile🥺

  • L M
    L M   1 months ago

    we could of had prince harry🥺

  • L M
    L M   1 months ago

    he looks like he’s just woke up it’s so cute

  • R. a.y.a.n
    R. a.y.a.n   1 months ago

    If I ever woke up this hot I would never stop taking photos ...

  • jarah layton
    jarah layton   1 months ago

    hehe we know what watermelon sugar is abt now...

  • It’s real
    It’s real   1 months ago

    WHaT DoEs WaTeRmeLon SuGaR meannnnnn?

  • Katie Miller
    Katie Miller   1 months ago

    watermelon sugar means harry’s first number one on the billboard top 100 🥺

  • Soha Ishaq
    Soha Ishaq   1 months ago

    i kinda wanted harry to play prince ericlike if you agree

  • pinky peack
    pinky peack   1 months ago

    How he talks about people is just amazing 😍❤️

  • Marta Pérez
    Marta Pérez   1 months ago

    Harry: says the word DIRECTIONMe: crying but NOT in a cool way

  • Sophia Betesh
    Sophia Betesh   1 months ago

    I really want roman to do his Harry impression in front of Harry