The Impostor Life - Among us Animation

  • Published on: 11 September 2020
  • Not a meme, but something I spent way too much time on. Inspired by all the among us animations and comics on the subreddit.
  • Runtime : 4:21
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  • Sethica
    Sethica   4 months ago

    SEQUEL IS HERE for 2M views everyone! I’m starting work on a sequel now.Here’s the trailer for the sequel:

  • Luke Grabowsky • 15 years ago

    Im nearly 13 but this actually made an impact on my child hood because now I think of among us differently and have the best sleeps

  • RvBrine
    RvBrine   1 weeks ago

    Wow the players looks like ringing amazing

  • Piotr YT
    Piotr YT   1 weeks ago

    1:24 charles and henry lol crawling trough the vents

  • draken cab
    draken cab   1 weeks ago

    What are the songs used in the video called?

  • Jaysen377
    Jaysen377   1 weeks ago

    The undertale noice gives me determination

  • Karlo Concepcion
    Karlo Concepcion   2 weeks ago

    Yellow and green there best friend and BFF and love cupcakes

  • Alan Garibay
    Alan Garibay   2 weeks ago

    I had to cry at the end and when they were talking 😢😢

  • LifeOfATotalNoob
    LifeOfATotalNoob   3 weeks ago

    1:56White disconnected3:35White is backMe: Care to explain White?

  • Umair Qurayshi
    Umair Qurayshi   3 weeks ago

    Poor Pink, they were only jumping playing a video game.

  • Limecoco
    Limecoco   3 weeks ago

    Lime honestly reminds me of myself. He shows that he is happy but there are some feeling still in there that are not happiness. It is sadness.

  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy   3 weeks ago

    1:25 Henry & Charles crawling through the vents

  • Hot Pockets141
    Hot Pockets141   3 weeks ago

    When they are sad their face looks like a shield.

  • annie
    annie   3 weeks ago

    im gonna go commit deseased akane brb

  • Lime :D
    Lime :D   3 weeks ago

    Why am I so depressed lolAnd also while I was depresssed.Yellow was probably like: 👁👄👁

  • Nevaan's World
    Nevaan's World   4 weeks ago

    So cute when lime and yellow are freinds and the cupcake with bff

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy   4 weeks ago

    Hooooo charle y henry 1:26 yo ya era fan de henry

  • Spider World
    Spider World   4 weeks ago

    Which is more sad, valiant hero in Henry stickmin or the end of this video

  • Nihah 18
    Nihah 18   1 months ago


  • Seiicted
    Seiicted   1 months ago

    :Fun Fact if u say fun fact Everyone Will read ur message