Super Bowl LI: Patriots vs. Falcons Mic'd Up | NFL Films | Sound FX

  • Published on: 09 February 2017
  • Relive one of the best Super Bowls of all time from a whole new perspective, with mic'd up Falcons and Patriots players & coaches, plus new angles from NFL Films cameras.

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  • Runtime : 33:23
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  • HanieSeob
    HanieSeob   4 hours ago

    Bradys face when Edelman jumped on him 😂 Seriously I hope they make this a movie.. THE BEST GAME EVER.

  • HanieSeob
    HanieSeob   5 hours ago

    I am expecting Mahomes to perform lile this because they even consider him as a baby Goat...

  • All Things Life
    All Things Life   1 days ago

    "I'm saying though they never seen anything like this"Tom Brady "hold my beer"

  • Y C
    Y C   1 days ago

    Big mistake to not include the score graphics as they do in all other similar videos. Without that reference, longer videos like these suffer.

  • Sean R
    Sean R   3 days ago

    Brady is my favorite.

  • Panam Bhan
    Panam Bhan   3 days ago

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  • Chris Colum
    Chris Colum   4 days ago

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  • CallMe Bank
    CallMe Bank   5 days ago

    If 23 would have picked that at 26:40 that was game over I rember watching this I wanted falcons to win Julio deserved one

  • OddKicks
    OddKicks   5 days ago

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  • marlon detorres
    marlon detorres   6 days ago

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  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller   6 days ago

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  • taylor dziczek
    taylor dziczek   1 weeks ago

    That’s what Atlanta gets by celebrating in the 3rd quarter like they won. The owner bringing all the celebrities down to the field like they already won the game. Lol.

  • ChubbyNarwhals
    ChubbyNarwhals   1 weeks ago

    this is the 3rd time watching always rewatch around this time its just to good not to

  • John Beatty
    John Beatty   1 weeks ago

    I want to know what kickers go through like the psychology they have to go through with so much pressure that makes up for barely even playing lol

  • Blake Williams
    Blake Williams   1 weeks ago

    NE #3 (kicker) F’d up big time twice in a row! Would have been devastating if they didn’t come back!

  • Pau Malonzo
    Pau Malonzo   1 weeks ago

    15:39 " know when you are watching a film, and you hold the slowmo, that is what it looks like..." funny? now who's watching that slowmo?...tsk!

  • Zack Tomczak
    Zack Tomczak   1 weeks ago

    It's a bird... it's a plane.. it's a.....🐐

  • Gunslinger
    Gunslinger   1 weeks ago

    This has to be one of his favorites

    MEME THIS   1 weeks ago

    One of the best games from the pats, blood pumping the whole time.

    MEME THIS   1 weeks ago

    21:56That is the only reason they won, he changed it from “if” to “when”.

  • Bekah Ripley
    Bekah Ripley   1 weeks ago

    no he din't no that he will lose in football🏈

  • hayley monique
    hayley monique   1 weeks ago

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  • Nathaniel Perry II
    Nathaniel Perry II   1 weeks ago

    Tom Brady showed more effort on his pick-6 than Cam Newton did om his fumble im the super bowl

  • julius deloach
    julius deloach   1 weeks ago

    4 years later brady wins his 7th super bowl and falcons have yet to reach a divisional game let alone wild card julio jones had a monster year that season and after injury he hasn't been the same

  • Sheepy Panda
    Sheepy Panda   1 weeks ago

    26:13 the Falcons hear the bell toll and they knew it was over for them. Project G.O.A.T has been activated and Brady has has arrived.

  • Nathan Franzeim
    Nathan Franzeim   1 weeks ago

    Anyone catch Brady’s face at 23:56, even though he knows that catch put the falcons in range for a field goal to ice the game he can’t help but take a second take with a slight smile in awe. Cool to see greatness recognize greatness.

  • 41kils
    41kils   1 weeks ago

    liked seeing Brady pick up his running back after he fumbled. the goat doing even the little things for his teammates

  • Ronald Rowe
    Ronald Rowe   1 weeks ago

    The most devastating come from behind Super Bowl in history ,, i

  • Mila Buzina
    Mila Buzina   1 weeks ago

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  • Cnl _fire
    Cnl _fire   1 weeks ago

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  • YahBoiHammy
    YahBoiHammy   1 weeks ago

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    YahBoiHammy   1 weeks ago

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