Isiah Thomas gets booed by the First Take crowd for his Bulls-Pistons take

  • Published on: 13 February 2020
  • Scottie Pippen reacts:
    Stephen A. Smith, Isiah Thomas and Max Kellerman’s conversation about Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokoumpo turns into a Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons debate.
    #FirstTake #NBA

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  • Runtime : 7:7
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  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong   15 hours ago

    MAX won the argument right there 5:44IT concedes

  • James Bill
    James Bill   1 days ago

    Lebrun the best bruh, all the hooplah and hate. King James.

  • jose mauras
    jose mauras   2 days ago

    Smh I would of booed him too, if I lose and I shake your hand, when I win you better shake my hand! He’s telling the truth on that one but he lie about one thing! It was not him by himself, he had Denis Roadman on his team. So don’t sit up there and say it was you alone, no it was not!

  • Tez Jackson
    Tez Jackson   2 days ago

    I mean hey when you play football games or basketball games especially if u beat a good team sometimes those guys pride is hurt or it’s time to turn over a new leaf just like Boston did to Detroit than here comes the Bulls

  • Jd Copulos
    Jd Copulos   2 days ago

    max jinxed us with this "if the season were to end today he would be..." it did thx

  • Yizzle Kizzle
    Yizzle Kizzle   2 days ago

    How did Isaiah make it out of Chi-Town without getting shot? lol... oh, wait, he has spent time in Detroit. lol...

  • CHiEf Thumbs of Thunder

    Giannis haves to win rings. Probably the most dominant thus far in this generation, and best this year. But best player In the WORLD? i gotta see titles of dunk contest, olympian gold medalist, 2 3peats back to back rings winner, etc lol. But he's one of my todays favs of Ballers.

  • Zakku Seppuku
    Zakku Seppuku   5 days ago

    It doesn't matter if your the best player in the league. If your team doesn't step up on the big stage, you will never win a championship. MJ, Shaq, LeBron, Curry, Hakeem the Dream, Kobe, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki. All those guys would not have any titles if it was just them being the only player stepping up

  • J.P Sportzz
    J.P Sportzz   6 days ago

    This is just like the “why are you booin me I’m right” video!

  • Keaun Thomas
    Keaun Thomas   1 weeks ago

    Sorry Max but you can't just say the first time Jordan played with another all star and have a valid argument bc that all star turned into one of the greatest players of all time.

  • Word
    Word   1 weeks ago

    He was playing against a young Jordan and Pippen. Once the Bulls matured and improved over time they swept the Pistons and went 7 games the year before (Bulls probably could’ve won the series). And the Pistons were loaded with talent: Zeke(Isaiah Thomas), Dennis Rodman, Joe Dumars, John Salley, etc. So I think Isaiah is wrong here.

  • The Golden Boy
    The Golden Boy   1 weeks ago

    0:33 you can’t call a best player in the world when they get done? Really Lebron’s fans media keep trying to put Lebron as the best player in 2009 2010 2011 but he didn’t win Giannis is great but Kahwi and Lebron for me if KD comes back healthy those 3 Max is right Giannis not yet best player but the way he explains it is wrong

  • Mr X
    Mr X   2 weeks ago

    He just said max your wrong but where are you right lol

  • the first chump 13
    the first chump 13   2 weeks ago

    Yeah the reason Pistons stopped Jordan is cuz it was before Pippen and they made the whole team shove Jordan before he could liftoff

  • aiden burrows
    aiden burrows   3 weeks ago

    Love this segment Zeke speaking truth and the Hillman College hat in the back its a different world.

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart   4 weeks ago

    Isaiah still hated Bulls .. coz they sweep them badly

  • Lightdion
    Lightdion   1 months ago

    Chile Zeke don't give AF he said what he said and have receipts to show for it. Love both him and MJ but yeah Zeke told no lies.

  • John Jacobs
    John Jacobs   1 months ago

    I like how all those Chicago FANS still salty. BAD BOYS FOR LIFE.

  • E BO
    E BO   1 months ago

    Don’t worship Jordan get booed lol.

  • Bruh Wtf
    Bruh Wtf   1 months ago

    Most disrespected legend in the game, and this guy went back to back and won Finals MVP, but every millennial is on the Jordan hype train. He told no lies, Bad Boy Pistons had a winning record against the Bulls.

  • Balakrishnan Swaminathan

    Mj fans are supposed to boo, as Isaiah was practically saying, he was better than mj, when the pistons went against the Bulls, as mj had Pippen who eventually became a top 50 player, while he never had a top 50 player, even though he had all stars

  • washburn11000
    washburn11000   1 months ago

    Nobody in the comments are even talking bout the title of the video lol...including me haha

  • washburn11000
    washburn11000   1 months ago

    Oh man, the LeBron fanboys be heated lmao 😡

  • Carlito Brigante
    Carlito Brigante   1 months ago

    If it was a top 100 list isiah wouldnt have been standing alone at that ceremony

  • Mirza Kovacevic
    Mirza Kovacevic   1 months ago

    Detroit thought they had a dynasty brewing. As soon as Michael got help, he ended that. The greatest there ever was and the greatest there ever will be: Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

  • Daving Irvid
    Daving Irvid   1 months ago

    I love Isiah, i hate jordan. Isiah shines light, and jordan became ugly as years passed. This tells all, for me.