Rust Remover Showdown. Will Evapo-Rust prevail?

  • Published on: 16 July 2018
  • Several tests in this video demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of various store brand rust removal products (CLR, Krud Kutter, Evap-Rust, Loctite Naval Jelly), Muriatic Acid, as well as other options such as using vinegar or Coca Cola. More product details at the very bottom of the description. Which one works the best? After conducting the tests, I like Krud Cutter the best. However, other products, such as Evapo-Rust proved to be very effective as well. Loctite Naval Jelly would be my pick for a flat metal surface. I am not sponsored and I do not receive funding from any product manufacturer. I conduct independent testing. Finally, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. This allows me to decline all sponsorship opportunities and remain unbiased, since I have nothing to sell nor do I have a corporate sponsor to please. Thanks again!

    I am not affiliated, nor do I profit in any way, from the sales of products purchased on Amazon. Information provided for extra details on specific products tested. Thank you!


    Krud Kutter:

    Loctite Naval Jelly:

  • Runtime : 12:26
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  • Derek B
    Derek B   13 hours ago

    How did that wrench turn out after the year?

  • Jessi Louis
    Jessi Louis   22 hours ago

    muriatic acid just has too many hazards involved with its use.

  • John Goodwyn
    John Goodwyn   1 days ago

    Hey PF have you ever done chain lube or wax for bike and motorcycle chains ? Thanks J.B

  • GNEsmond
    GNEsmond   2 days ago

    You should try rust removers that are made for cars body and wheels. Like carpro iron x. Its expensive and it smells like death. But it works really good.

  • jsteifel
    jsteifel   2 days ago

    interesting, I've had really good results with vinegar, but because it leaves the metal very rough, I stopped using it. I use evapo rust and it does a very good job. But it needs to be brushed when done. Muritatic acid , and vinegar both leave the metal rough, removing good metal, and also lead to hydrogen embrittlement. So if you use them, short times are best, then neutralize with an alkaline solution, then clear water, and finally oil or wd40... my two cents, as I did not find your test showing the benefits of evapo rust as I have found it.

  • Judah Matthews
    Judah Matthews   3 days ago

    Great video!“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal." - Matthew 6:19-20

  • Phil Indeblanc
    Phil Indeblanc   5 days ago

    Where do you get such great prices for the items? 32oz Evapo is no less than $10-14, or 128oz for $20. Where do you find it for under $8? :-)Great video, would have been interesting to see which is safe on chrome areas. Was looking to remove some rust off of a bicycle and its parts. I'm gonna pass on the Muratic!!:-)

  • Kamal Hans
    Kamal Hans   5 days ago

    Thanks. Did you test rust convertors?

  • Aaron Krul
    Aaron Krul   5 days ago

    Vinegar works great for rusty drill bits,. However, you can't let them sit more than a couple hours at a time or it'll take the the finish off. Wiping with a rag every few hours works great.

  • Kevin
    Kevin   1 weeks ago

    That muriatic acid is some mean stuff. I use it. A word of caution, store the bottle outside the shop, it will actually corrode metal and electrical items if stored indoors in close proximity as the fumes permeate the bottle.

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall   1 weeks ago

    I want to try that naval jelly on the frame of my truck. It looks like it will cling to it long enough to get a good amount of rust off...then I can paint everything.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott   1 weeks ago

    The Loctite is a rust converter that changes the rust to an inactive oxide layer. The HCl acid removed rust but is difficult to neutralise. Anything left behind will eat into the metal.

  • Flyboy BC
    Flyboy BC   1 weeks ago

    Evapo-Rust is safest for you and your metal. It works great if you give it enough time. Krud Cutter and acid both work faster but they attack the metal as well as the rust where Evapo-Rust does NOT. Evapo-Rust is used on vintage firearms, watches etc where you DON'T want to lose any metal at all. Scrub the surface a few times during the 24 hours and it would have gotten it all. Oh and you can REUSE Evapo-Rust so its cheaper than you indicate. Don't throw it away just bottle it and reuse it until it stops working, only then do you have to get more out of the original bottle.

  • JustMe
    JustMe   1 weeks ago

    It appears that some of the products convert the rust to black oxide, which is nothing more than, "controlled rust".

  • Meth Methanoid
    Meth Methanoid   1 weeks ago

    WHERE IS THE FOLLOWUP? It's been more than a year so how is that wrench now?

  • William Ambrogio
    William Ambrogio   1 weeks ago

    The best and fastest way to remove rust that I've used, is 1st use Miuriatic Acid till All the rust is gone, then neutralize everything with braking soda, it will start to rust immediately as it is bare steel, 2nd use Phosphoric Acid 1 part acid 3 parts water, in spray bottle spray it soaking wet, Don't let it dry !! Or it will leave a powdery coat that has to come off or you can't paint over it. KEEP it wet for about 7 minutes then rinse everything, dry it with a hair dryer on hi. Then primer and paint. GREAT VIDEO Thanks William Orange county

  • William Ambrogio
    William Ambrogio   1 weeks ago

    About 40 years ago I had a body shop at that time I use CLR, it was mostly Phosphoric acid then, I used,it in a spray bottle on rusty chrome bumpers, etc. And it worked really well. GREAT VIDEO Thanks William Orange county, ca.

  • Simon Čopar
    Simon Čopar   1 weeks ago

    Would it help speed up the process or even change the order of effectiveness with agitation (stirring or ultrasonication)? It seems that saturation of the boundary layer could prevent fresh product to get there and do its job, especially with chelation.

  • David Vasquez
    David Vasquez   1 weeks ago

    Hey guys, my dad recently gave me a truck but it looks rusted at the bottom where the axel and drive shaft are. I've thought about lifting my truck up and using a rust remover to clean it. Is this safe? And if it is, what chemical should I use?

  • Dirk Dickens
    Dirk Dickens   1 weeks ago

    Citric acid is amazing and it's like 2 quid a box.

  • asdew aasdefe
    asdew aasdefe   1 weeks ago

    Where arw those bolts from? I think 1 of them fell from my bmw e46 m3

  • Jackson Daniels
    Jackson Daniels   1 weeks ago

    When I was in the Navy I would use this stuff called Vactan on the submarines rusted exterior surfaces like retractable cleats. It would literally eat the rust away and prime the metal for painting.

  • J.C. Kohle
    J.C. Kohle   1 weeks ago

    CLR does not work well.I have been aware for many years . Muriatic acid is aggressive alright , the effect was interesting , but for rated bolts I am thinking short exposure with a water rinse or that krud cutter or loctite product in case the damage is deeper than visible ? I wonder if the penetration is like dipping a biscuit in coffee ? Bastard rust . Oxidisation of steel destroys sucha lot of effort and equipment . very hard to prevent also.

  • Kevin Ford
    Kevin Ford   1 weeks ago

    If you have time on your side, best rust remover I've ever seen, use molasses diluted 10 - 1 in a bucketPut rusty bits in and leave for 2 weeks. Voila, totally rust free. No chemicals and totally harmless to environment and does not eat the metal. Cheap too !!!I was flabbergasted with the results. Try it and see 👀the result 😁😁😁👍👍👍

  • Robert N
    Robert N   2 weeks ago

    Have you ever heard of Metal Rescue? Used it to restore a 1952 floor drill press, was quite astonished. The cast head was painted gold, no damage to paint, rust gone.

  • Akram Rabah
    Akram Rabah   2 weeks ago

    Please, can you do one on LED LIGHTS

  • Popcan Videos
    Popcan Videos   2 weeks ago

    Vinegar with Salt. About a 1/4 cup salt per liter of vinegar. Makes hydrochloric acid I think if I remember high school chemistry correctly

  • shlurp 86
    shlurp 86   2 weeks ago

    he should’ve tried kerosene

  • Sang Phachit
    Sang Phachit   2 weeks ago

    Will krudd kutter work on chrome surfaces? Is it safe for chrome?