• Published on: 20 September 2019
  • OMG ... here we go again! A Contour device that makes life simple and will rock your world!
    xo's ~ Tati
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    $90 LIPSTICK WTF? | First Impressions


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    Contour Tool $20 (available at Riley Rose)

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  • Blanca Calderon
    Blanca Calderon   3 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks contouring is not necessary? She looks younger and more beautiful without it.

  • steph B
    steph B   3 months ago

    Lol I like the bronzer

  • RikkuRafiki7292
    RikkuRafiki7292   5 months ago

    That lipstick video was the first video I ever saw from Tati. Never looked back

  • Holo Holowood
    Holo Holowood   5 months ago

    I bet she’s wearing Poet on her eyes! She looks gorgeous as always!

  • Ari K
    Ari K   6 months ago

    Tati is the GOAT.

  • lune cru
    lune cru   6 months ago

    Uuuuuh, I looove your eye look 😍

  • Nakita Raulerson
    Nakita Raulerson   6 months ago

    A buttery flaky crust 😂😂😂😂That’s been an inside joke between my husband and I for 3 years 😂😂😂

  • Ale 01
    Ale 01   6 months ago

    I would never spend money on that. your face is your own guide. it is way overpriced

  • Miep Chiese
    Miep Chiese   7 months ago

    She’s so prettybut the contour.......girl

  • calloway04
    calloway04   7 months ago

    I don’t understand how YOU get in so much trouble for using music or different parts of another video clip or whatever it may be IF I see A LOT of other YouTubers do it ALL THE TIME!!! So confusing!!! I MISS hearing u sing 🎤 🎶 just sucks!!! XOXO 😘

  • Nettie Rose
    Nettie Rose   7 months ago

    That looks so unnatural. 🤦🏼‍♀️ hard pass.

  • Sophie W
    Sophie W   7 months ago

    I think you look nice either way ☺

  • Sexy Skeksis
    Sexy Skeksis   7 months ago

    Help!!! Best product and shade for contouring porcelain/pale skin?!

  • Melissa Woodward
    Melissa Woodward   7 months ago

    Your gorgeous either way, but I prefer no contour! But you do what makes you happy Tati!

  • Danielandmelissa Sly
    Danielandmelissa Sly   8 months ago

    Tati check my product I sent you an email with my invention @theslylash ® it does something like this but is primarily for curling your eyelashes.And for the inventor of this Is amazing that someone follow her dreams and create something, doesn't matter if not everyone needs it or want to spend the money in buying this makeup tool, I congratulate her for pursuing her idea and make it happen because that take lots of time and money I know it because I have done it myself.

  • Lisa Barnhart
    Lisa Barnhart   8 months ago

    I have been backing off of caffeine lately as well. The struggle is too real. That 2 o'clock crash is very, very real.

  • Alexa Mandes
    Alexa Mandes   8 months ago

    I love when you can tell the exact moment she gets her thumbnail from

  • GraceFan94
    GraceFan94   8 months ago

    My face is so round from steroids, I can’t find my cheek bones or jaw line! So yes...this tool would seem helpful in making my face a bit less moon-shaped. If only I had 20 bucks to spare...

  • Kim Vail
    Kim Vail   8 months ago

    I like your idea of a piece of paper rather than spending $20.

  • Heatherlicious 82
    Heatherlicious 82   8 months ago

    You have a perfect facial structure either way! Good genes!

  • Tan Lan
    Tan Lan   8 months ago

    $20 for bit of plastic? The packaging probably cost just as much to create.

  • Southern Belle27
    Southern Belle27   8 months ago

    You can get this on eBay for .99 cents plus free shipping 😊

  • Randy Suggs
    Randy Suggs   8 months ago

    I think you do an awesome job. Keep it coming.

  • Vanessa Smalls
    Vanessa Smalls   8 months ago

    wow tati looks like she just came from hawaii .. and was laying in the sun like 24/7. hahah bronzed goddess 🤭😍

  • Kx Motionless
    Kx Motionless   8 months ago

    "Different and innovative" that should be no more than 10 bucks. I've gotten the same product from with for less than $3

  • Laur S
    Laur S   8 months ago

    Lol it’s £1.49 on eBay exactly same should of got that

  • Lorettamarie G
    Lorettamarie G   8 months ago

    20 bucks for a piece of Chinese plastic. could have used a cut out piece of cardboard.... muhaha

  • Shannon
    Shannon   8 months ago

    “What do you guys think?”I think Tati looks as beautiful as ever

  • DaniHGirl
    DaniHGirl   8 months ago

    I actually thought the bronzer made your face look wider 🤔

  • Nivara
    Nivara   8 months ago

    Lol its ok Tati, I think we all have trouble on not enough caffeine. I did get very strong I Love Lucy, vitameatavegamin, vibes from this intro though 😂

  • Chelsey IlVento
    Chelsey IlVento   8 months ago

    I think this product is stupid, I like your contour better when you freehand it, it looks more natural! but I also don't like as heavy of a bronzed look as you do so maybe that's why!