Colin Cowherd reacts to Dallas' Week 1 loss to Rams, talks Tom Brady's Bucs debut | NFL | THE HERD

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
  • The NFL is finally back and Colin Cowherd reacts to the Week 1 performances from Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys and Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hear why Colin believes the Cowboys are at the exact level he expected them to be, plus hear what he thought of Brady's Bucs debut.

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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

    Colin Cowherd reacts to Dallas' Week 1 loss to Rams, talks Tom Brady's Bucs debut | NFL | THE HERD

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
  • Runtime : 9:3
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  • Thomas Urech
    Thomas Urech   1 weeks ago

    Dallas’ offense demolishes (most) bad teams but crumples under any pressure. They averaged 17 points in losses last year but 37 in wins, so their offense looks good on paper. They beat one 9-7 playoff team and one 9-7 non-playoff team. They are like Oklahoma. Obliterate cupcake big 12 teams (with an annual upset) but crumple under any sort of resistance

  • David Krumme
    David Krumme   1 weeks ago

    It isnt that andy dalton is a better qb than dak but Hopefully they dont pay dak and use dalton untill they get a franchise guy. Overpaying for dak will cause them to lose alot of future qbs.

  • Jordan Tromberg
    Jordan Tromberg   1 weeks ago

    Lost me at “top 3 Offensive line”Dak was under pressure nearly every pass, threw the ball well despite it. Made a big throw when it mattered most and it didn’t count. Zeke also had to evade defenders in the hole almost every run. The OL got worked by LAR. Stop the “top OL” nonsense.

  • Bill Powley
    Bill Powley   1 weeks ago

    I know and it sucks. Kick the field goal. Mcarthy just figured out what he had. Same old Cowboys. Its early but not seeing anything different

  • ADA for the win
    ADA for the win   1 weeks ago

    blm is a terrorist organizationnlf is a racist organizationTHE SILENT MAJORITY'S RESPONSE TO THIS WILL BE DEAFENING, BOYCOT THE NFL

  • GP Muenchow
    GP Muenchow   1 weeks ago

    I'm a Cowboys fan ....But also a realistic person . McCarthy was out coached......the secondary and defensive back field are mediocre.....and just got worse because of injuries...They are in trouble again.....same song and dance

  • Big Los
    Big Los   1 weeks ago

    Colin I'm a die hard Cowboys fan and you are so right.

  • Edwin Kubena
    Edwin Kubena   1 weeks ago

    Truth is Dak is average sometimes good sometimes below average and score reflects

  • Carol Christiansen
    Carol Christiansen   1 weeks ago

    I will wait and see if Mike can do anything with this mediocre team.

  • Carol Christiansen
    Carol Christiansen   1 weeks ago

    The key words Pretty Good. We have and have had a pretty good QB. Let’s see if there is more than a couple of games improvement?

  • Ruben Rojas
    Ruben Rojas   1 weeks ago

    Hey Colin Your always going to find excuses for Tom Brady, just accept it that Belichick was the Brains and not Tom Brady, look at the rookies this year like the qb in Cincinnati he doesn’t know the offense and no preseason practice and he did pretty well. Tom needs to learn the offense that’s true, but they aren’t going to do well this year my friend.. the nfc is loaded, Green Bay, the Saints, Seattle & Washington is probably going to get better than the Bucs this season.

  • Henry Bostick
    Henry Bostick   1 weeks ago

    It was a field goal block coward colonic.... LMAO

  • Al Gonzalez
    Al Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    Top 3 offensive line? Bwahahahahaha...come on man!

  • RedLeo3000
    RedLeo3000   1 weeks ago

    I’m 50 years old , have 3 daughters , none of them dance around a pole , I’m a winning Dad !!!

  • Frankie Kenneth
    Frankie Kenneth   1 weeks ago

    I stopped listening after he said top three offensive line. He’s uneducated or informed about this team. Probably read a five year old scouting report. Lazy

  • Jovanny N
    Jovanny N   1 weeks ago

    Let's be honest here, Daks gotta go

  • Dr. Lockdown
    Dr. Lockdown   1 weeks ago

    Bro I knew hecka people that said bucs winning and winning division

  • Joe Castro
    Joe Castro   1 weeks ago

    Jerry jones should of gone after Tom brady.

  • Mark Jefferson
    Mark Jefferson   1 weeks ago

    😂 I personally thought Tampa would win. Especially opening drive.I feel like they're all hype no heart.

  • The Man
    The Man   1 weeks ago

    Dallas needs to let Dalton play and see what he can do with a lot of talent around him which is something he has Never had

  • Sherman loving life
    Sherman loving life   1 weeks ago

    Are you serious offense line suck. They line got man handle bye O'donnell sorry for typo :( , The fact is you are wrong a Lot of the time go back and watch your own shows..... first game. cannot wait when you eat your words, owe you will trust me ,you will.. Dak is great..

  • C R
    C R   1 weeks ago

    Great take on the Boys. This is why they can let Dak walk. Not going to win in the end.

  • Dalton Pool
    Dalton Pool   1 weeks ago

    This man needs to shut up and go suck off sam darnold

  • Collin Billy
    Collin Billy   1 weeks ago

    Colin your dis shoveled, you look likeNick Nolte. Your one of those guys who cannot pull off a pink shirt. Pause. Your delusional. It’s time for you to retire. I’m sure they’ll let you call patriot games? If you get bored in the summer you can be Tom Brady’s caddie? Modern football has long passed you up. It’s time for you to go Nick Nolte... smh

  • alex042687
    alex042687   1 weeks ago

    Cowboys are the NFCs loveable losers haha. Delusional cowboy fans think they are Superbowl bound. It's just fun to watch.

  • MrAdmvp
    MrAdmvp   1 weeks ago

    Haha jesus what a low bar Colin has for parenthood

  • John Adams
    John Adams   1 weeks ago

    Dallas? In the words of Bill Parcels "You are what your record says you are".