BFB 26: The Hidden Contestant

  • Published on: 06 November 2020
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  • Runtime : 18:18
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  • DMC
    DMC   9 hours ago

    This Challenge To Kill💀 Blue Man

  • Jobs Tolentino
    Jobs Tolentino   1 days ago

    Profily is blue, His accent is like a boy and he acts like a boy. So believe it or not, I say profily is a male.

  • lazy pickle
    lazy pickle   1 days ago

    7:45 when the four loses their nerves :)

  • Marcos Felacio
    Marcos Felacio   2 days ago

    Nooo Woody dont go before you go remember your de best

  • Ultra
    Ultra   2 days ago

    I miss woodey he was one of my favorite contestants

  • CarsonPlayz
    CarsonPlayz   2 days ago

    Flower: CARROT CAKE! Bubble: YOYLECAKE!

  • Korel Sturgis
    Korel Sturgis   3 days ago

    10:16 so that's what profily was a profile I see now

  • Saira Akram
    Saira Akram   3 days ago

    B is the first one it's going to work out

  • C T
    C T   3 days ago

    A GELA