A Brief History of Quantum Mechanics - with Sean Carroll

  • Published on: 06 February 2020
  • The mysterious world of quantum mechanics has mystified scientists for decades. But this mind-bending theory is the best explanation of reality that we have.

    Sean’s book "Something Deeply Hidden" is available now - https://geni.us/jrBLV

    Watch the Q&A: https://youtu.be/Jv5FYrOthvE

    Whether it’s Schrödinger's cat or the many worlds interpretation, the ideas quantum mechanics throws up about the reality we live in can seem incredibly strange and daunting.

    In this talk, Sean walks you through the history of quantum discoveries, from Einstein and Bohr to the present day, guiding you through the most intriguing subject in science and explaining his own favourite theories along the way.

    Sean M Carroll is a theoretical physicist, specialising in quantum mechanics, gravitation, cosmology, statistical mechanics, and foundations of physics, with occasional dabblings elsewhere. His official titles are Research Professor of Physics at Caltech and Research Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, writer Jennifer Ouellette.

    This talk was filmed in the Ri on 22 January 2020.

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  • Runtime : 56:11
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  • wulphstein
    wulphstein   11 hours ago

    This is just science fiction sparkle, not real physics.🎇✨🎊

  • Wardell Lindsay
    Wardell Lindsay   1 days ago

    Space is not Empty, Space is ElectroMagnetism!Copyright 2021 Wardell LindsayPlanck's Constance h=2WbC/3XPPlanck's Constant is 2 constants!Magnetic Quantum W=Wb/2PElectric Quantum L=4C/3X=25e/3Universe Aether z=W/Lz=Wb/2P÷4C/3X =375 Wb/Cz=375 OhmThe Space is the environment!The environment is active not passive! The Universe Space is Active!

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve   1 days ago

    The most intuitive way to explain how or why a particle like a photon (or electron, etc) might behave as an uncertain location particle while also like a polarizable axial or helical wave ''packet'', given that everything in the universe from electrons to solar systems are in orbit with something else pulling them into polarizable axial or helical apparent waves depending on the orientation of their orbits as they travel thru space, and given that we know we’re in a sea of undetectable dark matter but don’t know where it’s disbursed, is that they’re in orbit with an undetectable dark matter particle pulling them into polarizable axial or helical apparent waves as they travel where the speed of their orbit determines the wavelength and the diameter is the amplitude which would explain the double slit, uncertainty, etc. No?

  • Robis9267
    Robis9267   2 days ago

    He is not a very likeable character

  • Joseph Traficanti
    Joseph Traficanti   3 days ago

    Sean does a wonderful avoidance of the minefield of the idea that time travel and many worlds concepts could have a linkage.Wait 20 years for some development there.Today, look to Dr Leonard Susskind for:Is this a holographic world.

  • Joseph Traficanti
    Joseph Traficanti   3 days ago

    What Sean is describing about the wave particle duality of the electron has a similar property with the neutron.If a Neutron is in a nucleus of an atom it is very stable and does not disintegrate.But.A free neutron is not so stable. If I recall the Feynman diagram correctly the neutron breaks apart into a proton, an electron, and a photon.Keep in mind that that the protons are themselves made up of quarks and gluons. Also neutrons are a tad bit heavier than protons. This accounts for the electron and photon separating from the proton when the neutron breaks up.So what about the straight lines we saw in Sean's picture? The gluons are speeding around in the neutron keeping the down and up quarks together. There is probably a conservation law for momentum or spin that accounts for the straight lines. Hope it gives some clarity.

  • Ron Card
    Ron Card   4 days ago

    I wonder if the western world already figuered all this out in silence

  • ChrisWhitt66*
    ChrisWhitt66*   6 days ago

    Firstly I want to say how brilliant Mr Carroll is at presenting the mind boggling topic of Quantum physics. He’s excellent and very engaging. And I’m slowly starting to get a basic grasp of quantum physics. I find the whole quantum world with its various theories absolutely fascinating and it’s quite magical in some ways. And I don’t mean that in any supernatural way but anyway yes it’s all quite magical and surreal yet it’s what everything is at the most fundamental level. I Iove these RI talks / lectures. Thanks.

  • silmar andrade
    silmar andrade   6 days ago

    Perfect lecture! Besides, his engligh is so clear that I could understand more than 90%! Thank you for sharing!

  • avprogrammering
    avprogrammering   6 days ago

    Quantum mechanics is kabbalah, that is why its so hard to understand. Science never came free from religion; millennialism, etc. Francis Bacon, freemasonry, the birth of modern science. Kabbalists.

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore   1 weeks ago

    I have a guess I thing those are left overs from rested state of older point in universes life cycle. The same matter + added matter from outside the universe always enters at very beginning of spacetime. So the same matter going to exist at different points

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel   1 weeks ago

    I'm addicted to quantum mechanics studies man😧

  • Steven Meiklejohn
    Steven Meiklejohn   1 weeks ago

    That was just terrific. Entertaining, informative and understandable to the layman.

  • Rayagoldendropofsun
    Rayagoldendropofsun   2 weeks ago

    Why do objects becomes hot when continously strike by Sunlight Photons ?It's because it becomes a part of it, and did not pass through as he claims !If the Photons were passing through the mirror, as he said, objects here on Earth would never entertain a rising temperature .Photons do not pass through anything, including glass, it simply becomes a part of it by following the process of Energy Transformation, and within the human body it becomes Vitamin D, says the Doc's. Photons are the only Energy which is compatible with every other Energy on Planet Earth.

  • Jacob van Dijk
    Jacob van Dijk   2 weeks ago

    WARNING: The limitations of QM: 1. It doesn't treat time and space the same way and therefore violates Special Relativity; 2. It can't explain the creation and destruction of particles; 3. It only deals with massive particles. That's why we needed Quantum Field Theory.

  • F Utube
    F Utube   2 weeks ago

    In reality all electrons spin in the same direction, it’s just that some are upside down.In terms of quantizing gravity, if the strong force can get stronger as the distance increases (rubber band, gluons), why can’t gravity get weaker at the quantum scale? It obviously does otherwise everything would turn into a blackhole.

  • MGI Account
    MGI Account   2 weeks ago

    Schrodinger equation shows we are one giving the human thought the ability to decide and observe. We decide before we look. Not I decide - all decide. The outcome is the overriding decision of all for the service of survival

  • Timothy
    Timothy   2 weeks ago

    The two slot experiment. You start with a wave of patterns on the backdrop. When you try to view the phenomenon, you add a frequency, which gravitizes the photon and gives it mass giving a particle pattern. Gravity is interwoven frequencies holding and traveling to points in space. Fluid motion of frequencies that synchronize into force and matter. Frequencies pull photons and curve it around mass. Space is a force that is in everything, because everything is made from space. Frequencies combine and separate depending on the intensity. Frequencies give all things higher mass or lower mass depending upon intensity and compatability.

  • Robert Kemper
    Robert Kemper   2 weeks ago

    My issue with multiverse hypotheses is the violation of the conservation of energy. I have trouble enough with wondering about the origin of a single universe. Another question I have involves the past light cones in the newly created universe.

  • Layla Mon
    Layla Mon   3 weeks ago

    I can't help but feel ashamed of so many scientists for telling their students to stop asking questions when one of the most important things in science is to ask questions

  • Jan Willem v.d. Gronden

    It is amazing how again and again he is able to shine this light of knowledge and understanding on a subject so complex, yet through his knowledge and ability to compartmentalize pieces of information, giving the audience a sense of understanding of something otherwise well beyond it's reach! Amazing.

  • André Quites
    André Quites   3 weeks ago

    Anyone knows if there is subtitles in other languages (I am particularly interested in portuguese and spanish), or at least in english? It's too good not to be understood by native speakers of other languages.

  • Malavoy L
    Malavoy L   3 weeks ago

    Susskind made the same comment about Relativity in his preface to "the theoretical minimum". There is nothing 'classical' about Relativity. It is 'Modern' physics, just as is quantum mechanics. Perhaps a better way of stating it would be Relativity is an 'analogue' or 'continuous' theory and quantum mechanics is a 'discrete' theory. And leave the term 'classical' for actual classical physics.

  • tec54
    tec54   3 weeks ago

    I've always thought that Schrodinger's Cat was a really bad example because the cat is able to observe its own state.

  • Nosy Nose
    Nosy Nose   4 weeks ago

    Maybe somebody somewhere understands this - but I doubt it. Even if someone does understand it no one, so far, knows how to explain it well enough to teach it. I think the reason for that is because it may simply be incomprehensible - it cannot be understood by human brains. Maybe it cannot be comprehended by any brain in the universe save god; just consider how long the greatest minds have been trying but failing. Even Einstein was baffled by it. But perhaps physicists are psychologically incapable of admitting that it cannot be comprehended in any way that humans experience "comprehension." Maybe the next "Einstein" will enlighten all.

  • Silhouette87
    Silhouette87   4 weeks ago

    This puts me in a super position of understanding and coping.

  • K Lindberg
    K Lindberg   1 months ago

    I see and hear some Billy Crystal.

  • Lúd
    Lúd   1 months ago

    Please don't fool use in using fake audio of audience. It's VERY apparent that there isn't anybody in that room.

  • Philip Wagner
    Philip Wagner   1 months ago

    How does looking at it have any effect on it?

  • Chris
    Chris   1 months ago

    Physics is funny ... like in humorous.

  • Rahul A.G
    Rahul A.G   1 months ago

    Is this speech injuries to the dream of a student who intends to take physics?

  • ioannis I Mansola
    ioannis I Mansola   1 months ago

    Hope one day scientists will regret this way of thinking that tries to impose to everyone what they do not understand themselves

  • edgeeffect
    edgeeffect   1 months ago

    Anyone who owns a cat will know that they really ARE in a superposition of awake and asleep at any point in time.

  • Vector Shift
    Vector Shift   1 months ago

    The people who do understand it don't go around selling books and claiming that they just created another universe.